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  1. Brilliant news, just goes to show....Power To The People!! Tessa
  2. We used to do french knitting using an old cotton reel with nails banged into it, I used to make yards and yards of 'rope' then sew it together in circles. Tessa
  3. Sorry Poet, I'm with 'two sheds' on these Tessa
  4. I thought the use of live animals in circuses had been banned? Anyway I wouldn't go, I totally disapprove of using animals like bears for entertainment. Bears should be doing bear like things in the wild, not kept in a cage and taken out to 'perform' makes me very cross Tessa
  5. Poet you could make Lesley's posh nut roast, it uses breadcrumbs and is totally yum, I make it again last night Tessa
  6. Oh I would love to have a set up like this, a great thread am getting quite excited about them hatching, I hope it all goes smoothly. Tessa
  7. Not really sure Caroline, I just assumed that they would slow down as they got older. If you ever run out of pellets again I can always let you have some:) Tessa
  8. Weird, mine are only laying sporadically too. I used to get 14 eggs a week guaranteed, now I'm lucky if I get 7. I guess they are slowing down now they are 2 years old Time to add to the flock methinks Tessa
  9. DH had chicken pox really badly when he was in his late twenties. He scratched and has some scarring, so 'don't scratch'!! My eldest son had chicken pox when he was about 9 I can clearly remember being up with him all night, doing lego, because he couldn't sleep for the itchiness. Hope you feel better soon, and enjoy your break from work. TEssa
  10. Hmmm judging by the totally inaccurate weather forecasts this year by the Met Office, I will believe it when I see it Would be nice though Tessa
  11. Oh Rhapsody I'm so very sorry to hear this. I often think about Edgie and wonder how she is getting on. She had a wonderful year of freedom with you. ((Hugs)) to you. Tessa
  12. I've only used the bog standard grey cat litter. The urine clumps and it is quite easy to remove with a trowel. I've always had collars for my cats, I think it makes it quite clear that the cat has an owner. I wouldn't use the tube type identity things, if somebody unscrewed the tube and took the paper out and then the cat ran off she wouldn't be identifiable any more. I use a small disc with just our phone number on it, never put the cat's name on it. Tabitha probably wont like the collar at first, but they soon get used to it, if the collar has a small bell on it, it makes it easy to hear where the cat is in the garden, also makes it more difficult for the cat to catch wild birds. I agree that dry food is much easier to use than wet food, Google has dry food available at all times. Morning and evening she gets a very small amount of pouch food just for the moisture content really, although I see her drinking all the time. Tessa
  13. Sounds as though you have been through a month of cat hell You tried your best and it wasn't meant to be. Try not to feel bad, I am sure the cats will find a home without a resident cat, and at least you can get back to 'normal' Tessa
  14. Ooh a new dog I am sure they will get on great together once they get used to each other and settle down. Any chance of a pic of new dog? TEssa
  15. There has been talk on the news of people who maybe live alone setting up a network of friends/relatives who could get drugs, medications etc., if you were confined at home should you catch the lurgy. I'm pretty sure if this does become a pandemic then face masks would be available free in many places. Apparently the last pandemic in this country was in 1968 and I can't even remember it happening, although 30,000 people died. I do however remember the Asian flu pandemic in the 1950's. Keep calm and carry on seems the only sensible way to go at the moment. Tessa
  16. I couldn't sleep last night and ended up watching a repeat of a programme called 'Hospital' which was about a hospital which specialised in treating very obese young people. The final resort, when all else failed, was to fit a gastric band. One young mother who was 28st had opted for the gastric band op and while she was undergoing the operation her entire extended, also very obese, family turned up to wait for her. While they were waiting they were all tucking into to a 'snack' of MacDonalds burgers and chips, these were also fed to a very young baby, maybe 11 months Without being judgmental I don't think this is about 'cruelty' to children I think it is just sheer ignorance. Quite how these people can think this is ok behaviour after all the publicity on the telly lately about eating 'real' food is beyond me
  17. Have a few birthdays coming up so went shopping for birthday cards.....found this Tessa
  18. I have seen several Brimstone butterflies in the garden, haven't seen a Red Admiral for ages though. Tessa
  19. Net curtains are just about my biggest hate along with uPVC windows One of the many reasons we bought this house is because it is not overlooked at all, we face directly on to a road, no houses opposite us. We have big long curtains in our living room, but we never pull them. The rest of the house at the front has matching blinds. I think my hatred of them is something to do with my childhood, soooo respectable, and all those twitching net curtains Tessa
  20. My Annie went broody last year for 10 weeks I tried dunking her putting a baseball in the nest box etc., I started to get really worried about her, as she wasn't eating or drinking much. I found a guinea pig cage in a charity shop, turned it upside down clipped on a feeder and drinker and put her in it inside the WIR on four bricks. Stayed in it for 48 hours and I let her out and she had forgotten all about being broody It really does work, at the first sign of broodiness I get the cage out Tessa
  21. It's not so much the look of the wee, it's the smell. If you eat asparagus then your wee smells of .......asparagus Tessa
  22. I don't know whether you remember Bear, a dog at the rescue centre where we got Polly from. Bear was terribly abused in Afghanistan where he was to be used as a fighting dog, he was rescued and brought back to the UK and put in the Mayhew rescue centre. I have been keeping an eye on the site and I am pleased to announce that Bear now has a lovely new home Tessa
  23. Yes, I have an Ikea kitchen, DH who is a handy man put it all together, with very little cursing and swearing It's about 8 years old now and the beech worktops could do with being sanded and oiled, but it's lasted well, and still looks good. I like that you can choose your own style of handles. Tessa
  24. I had to learn Excel for my last job A friend of mine said she regarded it as a mathmatical playground I just found it a nightmare, my brain finds mathmatical things really difficult. Anyway I tried books, then I found a DVD in the library which made learning it much much easier. Maybe you could look in the library and see if they have something? Good luck. Tessa
  25. I have also just acquired a new collie pup, she is 20 weeks old. She just wants to play with everyone and every thing She is very interested in my chickens and runs up and down outside the wire netting when they are freeranging. To be honest I don't think I will let the dog meet the chickens until the dog is a lot older and less daft. Tessa

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