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  1. Its one of life's small mysteries, the French have never eaten, sold or grown, parsnips, even in the North. They don't know what they are missing! I am able to harvest a few peapods a day for eating raw at the moment, I can't save them up into a big enough batch to cook, I'm too impatient. I will do this again, plant in late autumn, in a raised bed, on a patio, to keep the mice out.
  2. Daphne


    Good job I'd just finished mine....that's really gross. Poor hen, it reminds us not to underestimate the debilitating effect a worm burden must have on a bird. Its interesting/odd though as you say, I wonder if Lewis will see this and have any comment.
  3. I had to persuade my Mum to keep her small bedding geraniums in for a bit longer, its not worth the risk. Its very weird weather. I heard Bunny Guinness say that although trees might have bloomed well and been pollinated, they may not set any/much fruit as its just too cold.
  4. I will say that injectable tylan acts far quicker than tylan in water, but I don't know if thats appropriate in this case.
  5. Our cat refuses to go outside if its raining.....
  6. Ah, that explains it. I have a friend who positively likes going to the tip, whilst I positively hate it, I associate them with queues and bad tempers. You must have an encyclopedic memory to remember what goes where, not to mention a massive assortment of transportation containers!
  7. I never seem to have the same Spring as the UK and after a series of poor, cool and wet Springs, this year is a cracker. After a very warm, sunny and dry March, we have had the 'typical' April, all showers and changeable, but mild. Hence everything in the garden is absolutely lovely and bursting with life. The hillsides are also remarkable, after the terrible forest fires of a few years ago. We always get purple heather and a bit of yellow broom in March/April, but this year the broom has gone mad, interspersed with gorse, with all the extra light and lack of competition I expect. It is q
  8. That's a bit odd, Beantree, I'm not a potato expert so can't comment very usefully. No doubt you have thought about same variety/supplier but also is there anything different in your compost/fertiliser/soil regime? Sorry its a bit vague. I have seen small dark leaves on spuds, but only on ones mistakenly left in the ground which grew again the following season, with about one potato per plant on it, so I think you do the right thing to pull them up and start again. I used to nurse things along, but given the amount of effort and water we all put into our veg, I now am much more cavalier.
  9. A blow torch?! You've got me all interested now, when do your UK and French plants fruit? Local ones are in the shops here Jan-Mar.
  10. Not that I have given this much thought, but given they fruit so early, I am guessing the blossom is also very early? If so, then I guess it is very prone to wind damage, rain damage, frost damage, you name it damage....?! As you aren't keen on the fruit it probably doesn't matter too much, but its still annoying, as its very satisfying to produce your own, and you must be in a better part of the country to suceed with borderline fruit, than many. If you were super-keen, is there anywhere more sheltered you could move it to, like in the lee of a handy garage or outbuilding which you could t
  11. I have a feeling, but check it out, that you might need a male and a female. Although I am also dredging up a memory that maybe there are newer self-fertile varieties?
  12. I didn't know that either, thanks for the tip. We are eating broad beans now, regularly, along with rocket and beetroot leaves. A few strawberries (very few) are forming from the tiny runners I was given, which is a result as I can't quite believe the plants were big enough and they took an age to take any sort of hold. I ate a carrot missed from last years harvest - horrible, very watery. The big mature fig tree is on its way out, a friend said they are suffering from something in Italian called black tip disease, and thats basically what happens, Branches die back from the tip, an
  13. I think by far your best bet is to deal with the neighbours, not try to deal with the chickens as they are not rational, logical, consistent beings (its OK, I realise what you may be going to say about the neighbours!) Its also not fair that you should have to spend money to keep the birds out. Just imagine the chicken were dogs, none of us would put up with that. In your situation, I imagine most of us would have increasingly stern words with the neighbours, and resort to the council/by laws and solicitor's letters as necessary. Just so you know, its neither difficult nor expensive to kee
  14. Sobering update, Beantree. I managed to upset myself this morning by reading about ex-pats in Greece who can't get a jab, even if they have been there for years, because they don't have a social security number and the 2 things are associated. We don't have one either, but OH reassured me by saying our system is different and we do have a medical number as registered with local doctor. I had an invite to go back to my language class next week, which I will do as we are a small group and good at social distancing. I get to practise my French, attempting to translate from Portugeuse, as one
  15. That's really good news Beantree, we are still stuck in a fog, waiting to hear announcements which change one week to the next. I think nearly 2m people have been vaccinated, which is about 20% of the population, a mix of over 80s and key workers, which is good, but obviously we are dependent on vaccine stocks being available for the wider population and that seems to be the thing that changes. We don't have an online system, 'somebody' contacts you by text apparently, but until it happens I can't help worrying we might be left off some list or other. Anyway, I do feel lucky to be living a

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