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  1. Daphne

    Diarrhoea and paralysis, could it be Marek's?

    Well I don't think its Mareks, it usually presents at a younger age and generally you would notice wing/leg paralysis rather than staggering. Watery poo can be a sign of many things, including dehydration, and the staggering could be a direct consequence of this and/or an inability to absorb/lack of nutrition. Rather than speculate I think a trip to the vet is a good idea. In terms of your cleaning regime, it sounds fine, although I would swap the Poultry Shield for something like VirkonS which is a more powerful disinfectant. I used to use PS for my routine clean, but VS for a deep clean every now and again, particularly between batches of chicken.
  2. Daphne

    Newly Registered & wanted to say hello!

    Hi Neil - well that looks good enough to live in for humans, let alone chooks! Welcome to the forum, I am sure you will find lots of help and good ideas. I no longer have any chicken as I live abroad, however, I like to keep in touch with people on here, and sometimes offer my tuppence on welfare/breeding. I am pretty sure there are threads somewhere on housing, so you should be able to find some help and ideas there. My first thought on looking at your set up is that a fox could easily scale any one of the sides, including the back fence, so your new plan of a WIR or secure low level run is essential. I would also say do not underestimate the fox, they are opportunist and regularly take fowl in broad daylight, in fact, even if you are out in the garden at the same time in my experience, so take all the precautions you can, which I'm sure you will having lost some girls already, its a horrible feeling and many of us have suffered it. But the trick is to learn, and not make the same mistakes again, so I wish you all the luck in the world with your next batch, and your housing plans. Just for info, my own set up was a mixture of eglus/cubes and wooden houses, each with their own secure low level runs. I used the Omlet runs for the eglus, and would highly recommend them if you don't have any back problems (they are low) and bespoke ones made from wood and weldmesh for the cube (I sat mine on the ground) and wooden houses. I bought some from local suppliers and had some made. Then each house/run would sit inside an electric fencing pen, and the poultry would FR, although less so after the fox attack! I had a large rural garden and would regularly move the housing and runs around to fresh pasture. However, I can really see the benefit of a WIR and would probably go that route in the future, for ease, especially in a smaller space. As far as breeds go, the world is your oyster. You could choose hybrids which lay very well but have a shorter productive period, or pure breeds which lay less often but can go on for longer. I have no experience with rescue birds, but others can advise you. My strong instinct has always been to keep what you enjoy looking at!
  3. Daphne

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Yesterday I was stalked by a snake, plenty wrong with that! I have also discovered 2 sets of annoying pests. Some small beetles have decimated my hollyhocks, the leaves are like lace. And some small slugs (red on one side) have eaten a lily, I am doubly furious as I only have one of these plants and normally there is no sign of slug life here. Grrr. On the plus side, I got an email yesterday titled 'Baby Sussex', my first thought was chicken, not royalty!
  4. Daphne

    Boy's Day in Japan

    This is super-apt, given what's happened today!
  5. Daphne

    Meet Lilo

    I love the big spot on her rump!
  6. Daphne

    France stuff + questions

    Thanks PL - who knew food could look like that! I have an ex-pro chef staying at the moment, when inspired I think I am going to make him some interesting looking nibbles. We are having enough trouble eating our chocolate easter rabbits in a responsible way, I caught guest eating my OH's rabbit's ears at lunchtime, then rearranging the foil so it looked like the ears were still in there!
  7. Daphne

    Phillip has gone to Heaven!

    Well I assumed he had popped off, given the headline, so I am pleased he is still with us! I'm not surprised you feel sad, they might be small birds, but they are packed with personality. What colour is Philip?
  8. Daphne

    France stuff + questions

    I may appropriate this next time I have too much cider! What lovely phrases, I have never heard of anything connecting apples and fainting before, but having seen how a couple of pints of scrumpy can fell even the most hardened person, I can see how its very appropriate! My favourite French saying is also to do with food 'Ses carrottes sont cuits' (probably spelt wrongly), literally meaning 'his carrots are cooked', or 'he's had it'. I always thought you said 'Bonsoir' once it was dark, and 'Bon apres midi' in the afternoon. Here they say the equivalent of 'Good day' in the morning, 'Good later' in the afternoon and early evening, and 'Good night' once it is properly dark. I don't know what that cheese will be, brie is normally round and I don't think its from Nord Pas de Calais. Its probably the local variation, lets hope its jolly tasty! I do like those strawberry pictures, all very cheery. My Japanese friend left some very odd bits of plastic which you use to cut out shapes from bread (squashy sliced bread I should think), there are letters and there is a template for an apple or something. I can't really imagine when you would be wanting to do this!
  9. Daphne

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    I have just seen the beginning (or end) of the rainbow.....no sign of pot of gold however!
  10. Daphne

    Notre Dame

    I can't tell you how sad I feel, ND is part of my personal past, as well as part of the general memory. The rose window was one of those sights I will never forget, going back to when I was young and impressionable.
  11. Daphne

    Hen or Cockerel ?

    Well I'd say the one with a white chest is a boy, the one at the back in the 2nd photo is a girl, and I'm not sure about the one in the first photo, comb says boy but hopefulness says wait and see.
  12. Daphne

    What have you all been making...part two...

    WOW😀 Can you all see me - I am the one lying down prostrate on the floor in respect! I am not very practical, but I hope I am good at being the audience! I think you are all an amazing and very talented bunch. PL - that is such beautiful coloured wool that I'm sure the end result will be beautiful, you never know it might become an heirloom, passed down the generations, appearing one day on Antiques Roadshow! MT - everything looks perfect to me, and I love the colours and design, the hat looks super stylish, and very beautifully modelled! Plum - you obviously are very clever and very creative, able to turn your hand to anything it seems, you could be a one woman craft fair all on your own! AJM - I haven't seen monochrome crochet alongside colours, its really arresting, it makes you stop and think. You have been very insightful using it for the Breast Cancer blanket, and I hope it raises plenty of awareness and money. Rachel - you are so good, I am presuming you work professionally, you must have oodles of patience! Soapdragon, I have a Portugeuse friend who makes natural beauty products. She is keen to make things which 'help' rather than 'beautify', but so far she hasn't made soap. She has just bought a very tiny tumbledown place, about 5 miles from me, with the express aim of collecting her raw materials from our local area, things like calendula, lavender, and various other plants I have never heard of, and making them in what she calls her laboratory which at the moment doesn't have a roof, and barely has walls. I will ask her if she will consider soap; I think a girl should always spoil herself with her soap! I love everything that I have seen over the previous 4 pages, but if pushed, my absolute favourite, is the giant mosiac. Its so striking, and the amount of work involved is colossal. CT - I seriously could see that in a museum, let alone an art gallery. What happened to it and was there a story behind the design?
  13. Daphne

    Seasonal Thoughts

    I think they are aubretia, gut feel, looks like aubretia leaf, so the prize of a fantasy chocolate of your choice goes to Valkyrie! I also remember clambering about on Stonehenge, and like you, its a memory I cherish, its so organised now and costs £18 per person to visit. We have taken 2 sets of American family there in the past 12 months, the pull of the stones goes very deep, they both specially requested the trip.
  14. Daphne

    Seasonal Thoughts

    I've never heard of a Hem, although one of my oldest friends is a Devonian, and she has always talked about grockles. The A303 can be a right pain can't it, although not as bad as in the good old days, when you had to get up at 4am to avoid Honiton or some such when going on hols. And I don't think I will ever tire of seeing Stonehenge and travelling across Salisbury Plain which I love. PL - can you get a photo of the leaf, I don't like to be defeated by something I'm sure we can ID between us! We have had a super dry and warm March, which is not really good news as far as fire hazards are concerned, but we already have lots of butterflies (can't 100% recall seeing a brimstone, but have had swallowtails) and swifts dipping down to drink water. In the garden I have jasmine, lilac, and citrus trees all just in bloom with very heady scent, plus the first roses, irises, hundreds of calendula and in your face screaming purple mesembryanthemum. I saw a bit of GWorld last week and Monty's garden was all the cool greens and unfurling leaves and frothy spring blooms and it really brought home the difference, I feel I am on to summer flowers already, but that is what happens here. Everything tries to get its blossoming done quickly before the real heat comes and kills off lots of top growth. So Spring is supercharged and quick, Summer goes on in a very lazy way for a long time, autumn is usually glorious, and winter is pants because its often wet which brings the temperature down, with too much low cloud and general grey, although when we do have a good day its fantastic. Consequently my experience of the seasons has changed radically and although I used to like Spring best with its promise of new life everywhere, now I am a big fan of Autumn as we have blue skies, warmth, plenty of harvest and not much of the dreariness I associate with November; a month which is summed up for me by the image of a dripping bare branch!
  15. Daphne

    Seasonal Thoughts

    Valkyrie - that was a truly lovely post; I so get how in tune you are with Nature, and that will be why you have moved to Somerset/Devon and taken on 4 acres! Thank you. Although I do need to ask, what is a Hem? I don't think that is a violet, PL, its too blue, it looks like some sort of primula although instinctively that doesn't feel right either. Here in Portugal I had a dwarf violet self seed last year, but far more excitingly, in Normandy a few weeks ago, not only were the purple violets in bloom, they also had white ones, which I had never seen before. They are a delicate and wondrous flower I think. I must also go and smell the wind; nothing I have ever thought to do. About fritilleries - I don't know much about them, but the best ones I have seen are in Oxfordshire, grown in land next to the Thames. So, I assume you need a lot of moisture, plus whatever Oxfordshire soil is made up of!