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  1. I've not come across that one for Mr HFW - excellent!
  2. I love parkin, OH says it was always around on Bonfire Night in Yorkshire, he has very fond memories of it. I can't buy black treacle over here, but I can buy cane molasses which is kind of similar (less black and more sweet, so not brilliant, but it'll have to do) so I make Anzac biscuits which aren't really the same as parkin at all, although there is something similar in the flavour, and I can get them to go chewy. They involve oats rather than oatmeal - which I also can't buy - and OH loves them, so they go down well as a vague approximation to the real thing! The other win is that they are a doddle to make. As its beginning to turn cooler my thoughts are turning to the kitchen again, over the summer we hardly cooked at all unless it involved the barbecue or the minimum amount of time at the stove, even pasta was too much of a stretch some days. The oven became a receptacle putting things in out of the way of the cat or any stray flies! However, yesterday OH made a lovely veggie lasagne with all sorts of veg which are ripe now and today I am doing a chicken/rice dish, which is a good way of using up leftovers (and hiding tomatoes, which are currently making an appearance at every meal). I suppose the other thing we are all doing is processing stuff from the harvest. The one thing I want to get hold of are pickling onions!
  3. You do right to be supremely vigilant Beantree. We have just had the biggest fire of the year here in Portugal and it started about 0.5km as the crow flies (or about 1km on foot, its all up and down) from our house. We are all safe and sound, by grace of the wind direction and the firefighters defending our hamlet, but it was horrible, and touch and go for a while. It has been horrendous for many others as the fire spread so fast, by embers on the wind as well as at ground level, and got stronger all the time, it has just consumed forest for miles, apparently 60km. Its been 'in resolution' for 24 hours but still 500 fire crew and 200 vehicles and some planes up. No loss of life, although some injuries, some serious including our postie (the fire service is largely a volunteer one, like in France). So, we are also praying for rain. It should arrive today, but then it was forecast for Monday and didn't. The fire started Sun afternoon, on another long hot and gusty afternoon. The consensus is arson, both unofficially (ie us because we can see the place it is meant to have started and nobody goes there, ever, and there was no lightning etc to have started it naturally) and officially.
  4. I'll look forward to hearing what you get, LF orps are just my favourites of all time, and I do miss them!
  5. 401 cases yesterday here, which is the highest in about 2 months. I am flying back to UK next week - anxiously watching Grant Schapps and fingers X! OH is a keen cyclist, but even he is flummoxed as to why the Tour de France is going ahead. It can't be safe, for anybody, but particularly the crowds watching.
  6. I would just put him in a cardboard box, just a tiny bit bigger than him, with a bit of bedding. Cut some holes on either side for carrying and a range of small holes up high for air/ventilation (before the bird is in there obviously!) I would transport him the whole way like that so no faffing, or disturbance, opportunity for escape and you don't mind handing over the box! I used to do it regularly. A big orp in a big wine box, a smaller sussex in whatever I could get from the supermarket. I put a seatbelt around the box on the back seat, but I have also put boxes in the boot before now, without the parcel shelf. Enough air is obviously paramount, but honestly, most birds are not bothered at all, the dark quietens them down.
  7. To all of you in the UK, a Q please - if you wanted to go out for a coffee, could you just turn up at a cafe or do you have to book a table? Also, if you wanted lunch in a cafe (not a pub), would you have to book that?
  8. I kept large fowl orps for many years, although I don't any more. Assuming you are talking about LF then Mullethunter is right, the Go Up is really too small for 3, and she is also right about the run size, unless they will have some chance to range. Although orps do stand confinement better than many breeds, I wouldn't keep 3 full-time in that space. I can think of 2 solutions - get 2 birds (I started off with 2 hens in a classic, it worked a treat) or try 3 buff orp bantams!
  9. Thanks for that Patricia, my Mum was asking so I will take a look for her. I see I had a typo, I meant to say can you use egg white to fine wine, where you add it at some point to try to improve it. It is possible I am getting mixed up with consomme!
  10. Lets hope its just because she's a new layer, it would be a disaster otherwise, unless you are a fan of meringue! Or can you just egg white to fine wine, I can't remember. Anyway, yes it is good news on Portugal, I just have to chat it through with my Mum now. I am pretty certain if I don't take advantage to travel now, I may not see her till 2021. The figures for France, however are bad. I like the fact you have more detailed knowledge than the rest of us, it must be a bit comforting because you feel better informed, we just get the headline numbers about France and a bit about various cities entering lockdown. I spoke to friends in NZ this morning and they are on the South Island where there are no cases. But they cancelled a trip last week to the North Island, just in case, after the Auckland outbreak even though they were flying to Wellington and heading South. They take it so seriously, which is good, obviously.
  11. Well yes, on the face of it, he is definitely a boy and she is most probably a girl. However, one thing that sometimes trips one up is slow comb development. I know I referred to her as a girl in the other post, but looking closely, the only other thing that might be slightly doubtful is her slow tail development, but that could be down to her illness. What variety are they? Others might have more direct experience of the breed, or are they cross breeds?
  12. A girlie with her eyes wide open - looking good! Well done on acting so swiftly, you really did make the difference.
  13. Great news, I didn't know about the tin foil trick, I must remember that!
  14. You could also wet some chick crumb/pellets/mash in water and try feeding her a tiny bit from your finger. It will be a way of getting a bit of moisture into her as well as some food. Little and often. It may not work, but give it a whirl.
  15. Indeed, they are very vulnerable, so give her another dose, and then we will all keep ours fingers very firmly crossed for you. Well done on being so determined in getting her the meds she needs, time is of the essence, you did a great job. Good Luck to you both.

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