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  1. sending PMs

    That's great, thanks both, especially that graphic, very helpful indeed CT! I have succeeded in my mission and sent a PM.
  2. sending PMs

    Hi guys, could you tell me if its possible/how to, send PMs please? I expect its obvious, but I can't see how to do it, many thanks
  3. Herefordshire here we come!

    Now, that's my kind of view! Absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations Valkyrie!
  4. How many Large Breed Speckled Sussex / Orpington

    I used to keep 6 Large orps in a cube, including a cockeral. I wouldn't have any more. Also mine had free range access, so if you only have a run that is another serious consideration, although orps are better at being than many other breeds. In my experience Sussex are more active and need more space outside. I used to keep them as well, but not in a cube, but if I did then I would probably have 8 as an absolute max.
  5. The Weather Thread #9

    Its 17 here, tho it doesn't feel that warm
  6. New Layout & Forum Software

    I am sorry to hear that, but I totally understand your frustration which is close to my own feeling. I am not clear why it is thought we need a separate new section for cats, and another for dogs, but crafts and the self sufficiency bit, both long standing and both with a small but solid core of support, have been junked. Does it save time for Omlet? Money?
  7. So how is the season so far?

    I am not just posting because I have something to say about the garden We have had a warm and sunny week after a cold spell. It's horrendously dry, normally we hear the stream rushing past, but it's silent, and reservoirs are seriously low. Rain is forecast next week, fingers crossed. We are watering our new Autumn purchases (2 almonds, 2 oranges, a loquat and a persimmon) and the carrot and beetroot seeds which have just gone in, but the rest of it will have to fend for itself. I will plant toms later and probably peppers, but unless we have a deluge, that might be it, I am so worried about watering. My broad beans are coming on a treat, excellent germination rates, and most are now in flower. Next year I am going to try an Autumn sowing of peas and French beans as well, the idea being I can pick before the searing heAt comes. There is a lot of bee activity which is encouraging. I can see the bright pink of the first peach buds (ahead of the almond, probably because the peach is established). The open to the elements compost heap is doing better than the other one.. The inside is actually wet and composting, although slowly. However, given I am turbo charging beds with guano and various other goodies, I going to keep it till the Autumn. We are still using a branch off a bay tree, picked about 3 years ago, to provide our bay leaves it's still sweet and lovely in pork stews and the like.
  8. New Layout & Forum Software

    I have only just engaged with this properly, when I saw the locked sections I thought they were still being worked on. I strongly agree with the majority view, the forum has become a lot less user friendly by condensing so many sections. I also tend to click search new posts which is OK up to a point, but there are certain topics where you want to scroll back and add to it over a long period. For example, several of us are contributing over several years to a gardening thread, assuming this has merged into the Nesting Box, I dread to think how many posts are ahead of it. I am sure this is true of many other topics. Like Lewis has said, the chicken clinic is a key feature. It's a reference section as much as an emergency section. And as most people have said - if it ain't broke, why fix it? Added to which you have not bothered to ask us, the actual users, as opposed to the 'new users' you mention (although there seem to be very few of these) what we think/need. Logically I do not accept that limiting the number of topics, particularly unrelated subjects, makes a forum easier to use. Given Omlet have not engaged with one of the first rules of marketing, which is to know your customer, I am forced to conclude that actually we don't count for much. If you think of it, the forum only exists because of the goodness of Omlet, and perhaps it is no longer an effective route to market, so these are the first steps in rationalising it.
  9. Winter Olympics 2018

    I will keep a lookout my best Xmas pressie this year was from my Mum, a big multicoloured woolly hat with pompon and matching fingerless sleeve glove things. I wouldn't normally rave about clothing bought by my Mum, but it goes to show the instinct for wrapping up offspring against the cold never goes away I can't believe what happened to Elise Christie again! But wasn't our gold/bronze skeleton exciting! The men's mass start 15km biathlon was also nail biting, photo finish just like 4 years ago. Amazing skills on display by everyone
  10. Chicken Food Storage

    Galvanised bin, perfectly OK outdoors
  11. Winter Olympics 2018

    I am trying to watch it, but life keeps getting in the way I like snowboard stuff too, and speedskating (but not the long ones), and the sliding events, but my other fave is biathlon. OH had a go at the shooting bit in the summer at the Olympic venue at Whistler. He scored a perfect 5/5 on his first ever go and now considers himself a shoe in for the UK team PS He can do cross country skiing as long as a)there is no scary downhilling and b)there is a hot sauna at the end of it! 1
  12. So how is the season so far?

    Thanks SJP I have a bed of light soil which I was planning to use for the carrots, so hurrah. I have a pile of 'compost' (it wouldn't pass muster in the UK, its too dry here most of the time to make it well, not to mention the lack of worms, but I have left one pile out in the winter rain and one pile is under a tarp, I am going to compare results shortly) and I will follow your advice and use it as mulch, which means its lack of disintegration will be less important.
  13. Elderly cat woes

    I'm sorry Olly, I always enjoyed hearing about Claudette Take your time, things might well look different at some point in the future. I know what you mean about vets, our old city group were money grabbing so you were never sure whether treatments were in the cat's best interest, our current UK rural vets are wonderful.
  14. So how is the season so far?

    I have bought some carrot seed to sow next week, a fast growing variety for an early crop before its too hot is the plan. I could have bought 25kg of seed potatoes for 15 euro but we'll never get through them! It will be interesting to see if my fertilisation with guano makes any difference to the cropping. Having paid more attention in the agricultural merchants, and putting 2 & 2 together, I can see that lots of people plough/mattock their large plots and fling slow release fertiliser in, there seem to be half a dozen different blends of NPK. I am still not sure if this is for fruit/olive trees and vines, or if it helps the veg, but I am treading a middle path with some liquid feed, some tomato fertiliser and some slow release stuff.
  15. Paws for thought!

    when it was on the radio news, the announcer prefaced it by saying 'and here's something else for all cat owners to worry about' and ended it by saying 'stop looking at your cats and pay attention to the business news!'