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  1. I think its also a good idea, if you can manage it, to site the door away from the direction of the prevailing winds. However, I know its not always possible and I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.
  2. Well I will keep my fingers firmly crossed for her, it sounds positive and she'll obviously be getting top notch care! After I posted about the kitten he came in with a hurt leg, whimpering, and unable to weight bear. It wasn't broken, and no sign of anything sticking in or out of his leg or paw, so we bundled him up in his bed and waited several hours till the vet was open in the evening. By then he had woken up, and although rather stiff, he could put his weight on it gingerly, so I suspect a sprain or strain or something, he has been climbing trees, perhaps he landed awkwardly. This morning he was much better, and today we kept him in until he went absolutely bananas late this afternoon, culminating in jumping off a window sill with no ill effects, so he was allowed out. I have had words with him to be more careful, but of course, being a Portuguese kitty, perhaps he doesn't understand!
  3. You can get dark green Hammerite, its good stuff as you put it on straight over rust if you can't get back to bare metal. As DM says, under normal circs you wouldn't expect much rusting, there is some after say 6 years use, but minimal. Maybe it was in store in very long grass or something?
  4. Lovely photos! I hope she pulls through OK without too many dramas. We have had a rescued kitten for a few months now and he was only allowed out this week after various jabs, its all a bit heart in mouth time as he has already encountered the only other cat for miles around, next door's elderly dog, got stuck in the woodshed on tonnes of stacked wood (visions of squished kitty), tried to eat an aloe vera (well he won't do that again!) and then tried to climb it, and generally had us on tenterhooks. It been a great reminder of how lovely it is to have animals again and the bond with a dog must be so much stronger.
  5. Today I have road tested an e-bike. This means a) I am getting old b) I am quite tired c) I am getting old! We have recently acquired satellite TV which is full of nonsense and football. However, there is a channel which has a lot of programmes about Japan on it, and I am finding it incredibly restful and very interesting. One day we may get to see it for ourselves!
  6. I fear we might need a few more clues, I'm not sure what we're trying to describe or conjure up a feeling for. However, if The Nest Box is a clue, then how about The Roost?
  7. My favourite country for the snow and the after-snow cake! I hope you have a great time, I find being out in the snow very refreshing, a bit like being in the sea, all your focus is on staying alive and/or being exhilarated, rather than worrying about day to day stuff. Its very 'in the moment'!
  8. Yes, its awful beyond belief. After a while you can't really comprehend the sheer scale of the destruction, and the danger to all forms of life is terrible. Many people will suffer some form of 'PTSD' so to speak a long time after we have forgotten all about it. Apparently you can see the smoke haze from New Zealand, which is about 1000km from Sydney. We had fireworks here too, a 'selection box' let off at midnight, the village gathered outside the hall to watch them for the minute or so they lasted, with very little fanfare, no big singing or dancing, then everyone went back inside and resumed drinking/eating/playing cards or Trivial Pursuit. It was all very local!
  9. Happy New Year to you all! My brother in Australia has already wished me a Happy New Decade, I feel the new beginnings bring us together and make the world smaller, although I know for some people a look back to 2019 is not a happy one. Rather unexpectedly I will be spending New Year with a Japanese lady amongst a bunch of Portugeuse people, but luckily for me she speaks excellent English, there is no way I would be able to communicate in Japanese, so respect to you PL! Apparently we will be standing in the freezing cold but in front of a huge bonfire, with a drink of fizzy wine, and eating 12 raisins, which represent the 12 months, but I am not sure why we are eating the raisins, presumably health, wealth and happiness for the forthcoming year. I understand in Japan you eat a soya bean for each year of your age on your birthday (?), which might get tricky about now!
  10. How exciting, where are you going? (Just want to make sure you aren't on a dry slope in the UK, but that you are going to get cold and wet and invigorated in real snow!) Its a tough conundrum for you, the original question, I think I would definitely say its not fair on you to give up seeing the world, or even a small bit of it, but I do know a lot is at stake. Very good friends of mine have explored things which are important to them on opposite sides of the world in the past 12 months. As it happens its all worked out fine, although they did have a strong and 30 year plus relationship to start with which meant they knew each other pretty well, but it was still a massive step into the unknown for them and who knows what might have happened. You'll work it out, I am sure, but in the meantime, you go and have yourself a very merry skiing break!
  11. I suffer from migraines brought on by menopause, and have been having them for 7 years now. I am beginning to wonder if I will ever be free of them. However, I don't get problems with my eyes, are you seeing stars or an aura or something? I suffered in silence for a couple of years, not realising what it was, but eventually I started being physically sick and the odd faint, so I had to see the doc who quickly confirmed it was hormonal. Now I take very strong tablets, and they do work, but its still not pleasant as I feel slightly peculiar and have to take to my bed for a few hours, waking up as a new person. I think I would see your doctor to check it out to see exactly what it is, because you might save yourself unnecessary angst and/or pain.
  12. Well done! I have put a few things into auction before, and just sat back and collected the cheque at home, with no excitements at all, but nothing of any value. Although the first time I did it was a house clearance for a relative and the auctioneer told me to put a broken Worcester pot into the auction (literally in about 4 pieces) and it fetched £200, I was amazed! Its great to know you can put the money towards something necessary/useful, its sounds as though it was a really timely sale and a great 'swap'.
  13. Sorry, I have been a bit slow on the uptake, congratulations! Last year I became a great aunt, which makes me feel about 100! We have found 3 dead salamanders on the road past our house. Its all the more surprising as we really don't get much traffic, maybe 20 vehicles a day tops. In fact the next hamlet is only 1 km away and our neighbour opposite memorably said 'Oh I haven't been there for years' which still makes us chortle.
  14. You two have had exciting Sunday mornings; I've just read about the supersonic jets, so keep us posted Beantree! It is Restoration of Independence Day here today, but all that is happening at the moment is yet more rain!

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