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  1. Its a lovely idea PL, and I think this could be a very useful thread. I don't have direct experience but when my Dad had radiotherapy and chemo, his sense of taste was completely off, and so food was no longer a pleasure. I also get the caution around smells from anything and personally I'd steer clear unless there is something you know she likes or feels like she wants to explore. I like the practical ideas about scarves and shawls and I might think about things to make the bedroom, or wherever your sister is relaxing/recuperating/sleeping, into as calming and welcoming a space as possible. Flowers if she likes them, always make you think somebody is thinking about you, not for the scent, but the colour and cheer. Does she have comfortable earphones if she likes to listen to music/radio, or would a TV help? I know this might sound idiotic, but I think I'd value a really good pillow(s) for sleep and sitting up in bed, and nice bedlinen if I didn't already have it, because that makes me feel good, assuming there is somebody around to do the chores. Also I have a selection of lightweight and heavyweight blankets and throws for the winter, on the sofa. I know my Dad felt the cold a lot, and took to wearing a sleeveless gilet a lot, so he had a few of those, or perhaps a poncho, I like the feeling of being cocooned. I'm sure a card/letter/photos or regular email bulletin might cheer her up as well. Bedsocks? I'm sure the knowledge that you are taking time to think about her and do some nice things for her, will be worth its weight in gold.
  2. Yes, 2 boys to the right. The issue I have with the girls is that I am not sure of the comb development of one of them. The trouble is that combs can develop a bit later as a giveaway, so whilst we think we know when we have boys from an early age, the girls can challenge us a bit more!
  3. I can lend you our cat. I have lost count of his lizard prey, he has now started on the geckos, although yesterday he didn't notice one that he was literally sitting on (it was hiding between a bench and a wall, with the cat sat above it on the bench). Enjoy your spuds!
  4. 3 weeks is quite young and the photos aren't 100% clear (I understand why!) but deffo 1 boy, and probably 2 girls. Then there is almost definitely one more boy and probably another girl, but I can't quite decide if I am looking at the same chick each time. Overall, your assumption is probably correct. Maybe take another picture when they are a bit older. They are lovely, lucky you!
  5. Lovely photo of the chicks, they look like models, all haughty and proud!
  6. My goodness, I have never seen so much electric fencing! I think they will be fine, assuming the run is weldmesh. In fact, I am sure its all OK, but are you 100% sure you can get into the WIR?!
  7. Reminds me of our sadly missed postie. Lovely!
  8. Great Cauli Christian! You all seem to be doing very well. What does a cucamelon taste like/what do you do with it? I have had my first tomato, and eaten the best apricot (one each!) and the best peach (one each!) that I have had all year. The other peach tree gave us a few more, but we are still battling aphids on that one. The dying fig tree has also given a few semi-edible figs already, its the amount of rain we've had I think. Other than that everything is over and I am basically waiting on the toms to ripen, I am still finding self sown potatoes, and I have a mystery plant which I think is going to turn out to be some sort of squash. I have let it ramble over the dying mint under the peach tree. Can anybody tell me the correct time to sow cabbage seed? They are from a cabbage which was edible throughout the Spring.
  9. I think the French aren't the only people staggered by the beach fiasco. You do wonder what goes on in people's minds, where can the pleasure be in being crammed on a filthy, noisy and dangerous beach, with few/if any toilets or refreshment places, after a hot and annoying journey after you fail to find a car park? However, I do think there is a certain amount of devil-may-care after the Dominic Cummings case, many people are thinking that they are fed up of obeying the rules and having to experience awful life-affecting traumas in isolation, if some people don't seem to have to, despite the potential cost to themselves, their families and friends, and total strangers.
  10. Anybody else tried bacon & egg flavour crisps from Lidl? They really do taste of bacon and eggs!
  11. That looks amazing! You will have to excuse my ignorance, but are you sitting around semi clothed when you are using a foot onsen? I can't quite imagine it as I have only used a European sort of foot spa thing in a bigger spa, so people were either nude, or in a towel, or in a costume. Having sedum on a sloping ground should work a treat, I was imagining it all on one level, but your idea is much better. I'd still dig in grit or stones or something if your ground isn't free draining. If you find the sedum are rotting off another thing you could do is layer gravel over the earth, then plant into the gravel so it protects the 'leaves' (I'm not sure if they are called leaves really as they are those sort of fleshy pockets!) from sitting on wet ground.
  12. I have never used it for ground cover or seen it used as such, but I think as long as you can give it very good drainage it will grow OK, as sedums need good drainage to avoid rotting off in the wet seasons. However, walking on it may damage the leaves I would have thought as they are succulent? Perhaps give it a try on a small scale? A friend here is making an onsen, its taking an age (like years). He has lived in Japan and is converting part of the ground level of his house into one, but literally it is involving excavation, the exposure of ancient stone walls, and is being done by hand as and when he has time and money. His living accommodation is at the first floor, so its not in the way of his day to day life. He has such grand plans, but I am not sure I am going to live to see it!
  13. Smallholder pellets are excellent and small in size, its what I always used to use for both my pretty small poland bantams and my very large orpington LF. On the OP I think the all the advice on here is well meant and is based on our long collective experiences. Many of us do not buy our chicken food on the cost factor, we buy what we consider to be a decent food, and Garvo is one of these. However, chicken will pick out what they like best and if not regulated, they will just eat that. Whilst they may well survive, I doubt they will thrive as well as they would on a balanced food, whether it is in pellet or mash form, at least not if you want eggs from them. However, its a free world, so give it a whirl and see how you get on, if it works for you and your birds, then that's a result! I have to say, though, that this thread prompted me to have a look at the ingredients of alfamix (1055, not sure if there is a range of different blends or something), and I see dried lobster is one of them. Although chickens are omnivores, I wouldn't really like to meet the one who has worked out how to get into a lobster in the wild!
  14. Seconded, the world needs the good guys, thanks DM.
  15. Yum! They do look good and super healthy as well. I have discovered another companion planting which is to plant rocket beneath toms, as the leaves shade the rocket (given everything here is prone to bolting in the heat). You could also grow lettuce beneath the toms.

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