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  1. Thats a real logistical feat - will you have to go and buy them do you think or will they be sent out? I wonder if that is in store for more countries. Our state of emergency has been extended to 17th April, but the chief medic has said she thinks this will go on till end of May, not sure if she means lockdown or till the infection curve is levellng off.
  2. I am with your OH on furlough, everyone is talking about it. I thought it was an Americanism. Patricia - Chili?
  3. OMG - just had another encounter with a small snake in the house. This time it was definitely a ladder snake. Aaaah! I was coming out of the bathroom and there it was having a look into our bedroom. I yelled for OH who came up the stairs armed with a broom. A bit of rushing past the snake whilst it was distracted to open various doors, and then OH was able to sweep it down the hallway and out. Now OH has gone to see if he can buy some expanding foam at the hardware shop if it is open, for an emergency repair. I thought I'd blocked up the hole in the wall where a new flue has been installed, which is where we think it is getting in, but obviously not well enough. Over the years I have had many encounters with snakes, often involving stairs. It is 100% true that they do climb! The only good thing about this is that a)the cat was asleep and b)we weren't in bed asleep! If I don't post tomorrow you'd better come and check up!
  4. PL - thank you so much, that skiiing video was brilliantđŸ˜€ I am going to pass it on to my skydiving videomaking nephew as inspiration. I'm not surprised you are feeling down in the dumps, and I know exactly what you mean about somehow its better in the rain, you couldn't be doing anything much anyway. I really hope your son keeps well, goodness knows this is all appalling and the worst could happen to anyone. I really don't think you are being over cautious at all, better safe than sorry and all that. I am also sure that you providing your son with a safe warm environment where he doesn't have to think about domestic stuff, and giving him treats and family love and companionship is the best thing you can do for him. When all this is over, and it will be over, all of us should get on and do whatever it is we haven't been able to do for the past month. Life is too short to mess about with. PS Anybody who dresses up to be at home, is not anybody I am likely to know!
  5. Hi Christian, bad news on the furlough, what a rotten way to find out. However, every cloud has a silver lining, so they say! Patricia - not exactly one of life's essentials, but you could try sowing melon seed, I did it once (by accident) it was in the compost bin, but it did work. Also avocado for the fun of it though you probably won't get a fruit, but something to entice a grandchild with? My late FIL once tied a tin of tomatoes on an ailing tomato plant being grown by his SIL! Pineapple top? Would a courgette work I wonder. Orange/lemon/other citrus though they might not bear either. Cape gooseberry - I know this works as friends do it, though you may need some heat. Is it too late for garlic? If you get any ginger with a knobbly 'eye' that will work as I do it, in pots, in sun. Sorry this isn't the most practical list, I am struggling to think of seedy veg that are about now.
  6. No, we'll end up like CT's video! Friends here acquired 4 hybrids this week and have already been rewarded, 3 eggs on the first day. I will be claiming my chicken expert fee (I gave advice on the housing build and what they need to look after them) soon! My niece in Australia has bought some hatching eggs today. It seems wrong time of year to be doing it over there, but I guess we need to take our pleasures where we can. She has 6 light sussex, 6 buff orps and a couple of silkies. She is so excited about the BOs, but nowhere near as excited as her Aunt!
  7. That sounds pretty serious DM, I know the news and the PM are hammering home the message people shouldn't go out this weekend even though its going to be good weather, not travel at Easter. Obviously I understand why,but it must be hard if you live in a flat and/or with children. My mother drove her car yesterday for 20 minutes, without getting out, as she is worried about the battery, not having been out for several weeks now. She was a bit worried about meeting a policeman, but it didn't happen, fortunately. Yesterday the Govt here extended the state of emergency. This morning we have had a car come round, for the 2nd time, with a loudhailer telling everyone to stay indoors and giving out the emergeny number if you suspect you have CV. We are now no longer to leave our council area, which isn't a problem, unless we get fined for something by the police as the revenue office is in the next council along!
  8. I'm glad you are back hopefully safe and sound, Beantree. Well done you on managing to shop for a whole month, I'm not sure how easy I would find that, we are going weekly, and that is bad enough. A bit of a scare, DM, our internet went off in the middle of the night a few days ago and I suddenly realised just how awful life would be, right now, without it. I hope its a temporary thing for you. We are planning to mop on Thursday (which shows you how often it happens, it has to be planned) as we are going shopping and the floor can dry. We had to let the cat out today, he was driving us and himself insane, being shut up. Its like a cross between a toddler that you can't plonk in front of Peppa Pig, and a teenager that thinks up naughty things to do. In his case, at different times, he has upset his water bowls and soaked the floor, grabbed the toilet roll and shredded it, destroyed part of his cat bed and left the evidence strewn all over the place, and scratched and bitten us! He has been out for 2 hours, got soaked through, come in, eaten and is now asleep on a chair!
  9. Yes, despite all the time in the world, it never seems to be the right time to actually start cleaning!
  10. Aren't dwarf bean seeds a funny shape! They look like scrummy sweets, like tic-tacs! I sowed some direct a few days ago, first time, I thought they might be OK as not as hungry as runners, which nobody grows here, but not sure they'll ripen fast enough before the severe heat. I think neighbour sowed them in Aug/Sept last year to ripen through the warm autumn. Double sweet peas - you'll have enough blooms to cheer yourself and somebody else MT, which has to be worth it right now!
  11. And I understand you can't easily buy parsnips in France, so a double win! Good news on the toms and age, about half of mine have germinated. I have brought them in as a cold snap is forecast from tomorrow. Yesterday a friend emailed me photos of old seeds she has found in her shed. The labels have disintegrated in water, but the seeds are safe and unopened in the foil packet. I failed in my ID, but I could give her a list of what they weren't, according to what I have in my seed tins!
  12. Poor boy! and poor you! We are in the same boat, the day before yesterday our young cat was nowhere to be seen, then heard miaowing pathetically under a bush, I brought him in, salivating and being sick. Calld the vet (luckily its her only day in the surgery in the morning) and took him in. She said he had a swollen tongue and she thought he'd eaten a processionary caterpillar. We know there are lots of them, but they aren't in a 300m radius of our house. Anyway, she squirted saline and ABs into him and we have to wash his mouth out every 3-4 hours, give him ABs twice a day and squirt something else down his throat. This has to go on for a week. Its already very noisy in here, he hates it. Yesterday we think we discovered what he had actually done as he pounced on a small bee on the window. Stupid cat, will he never learn! I hope Red recovers quickly. I am so thankful vets are still open.
  13. I would definitely do it, I know some people are struggling to find foods, so to my mind its quite seriously a good idea.
  14. Chocolate eggs in time for Easter! Lovely photo of lovely birds!
  15. PL - about your parents, that is amazing. I can empathise, OH's sister did not speak to her mother for 20 years. I respect you. Now, tell me about these pictures. What is going on? No 1 is somewhat disturbing with what looks like a dead Light Sussex. No 2 looks like Edward Hopper, I am impressed. No 3 - I had the bizarre experience today of kneeling in a new veg patch, planting toms and pea seeds. Then a military fighter flew over with 2 very clearly visible missiles. Given we live in the middle of nowhere, but we do still have air traffic (civil, military and fire fighting), but not recently except military, I am slightly concerned.

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