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  1. Welcome from me too, your set up looks great, and what a treat to see such a lovely garden under a big blue sky. My brother and family live in Victoria, we are hoping to get over there next year if we all manage to get a dose of the vaccine. Anyway, what are those lovely structures in the background, that look like fruit cages with enclosed bottoms and curved ends? Did you make them or buy them?
  2. We are enjoying a fabulous fortnight. On Thursday it was so hot I had to wear shorts and T shirt, about 24 I think, but really warm feeling, all of the air was positively balmy. We have been olive picking on and off over the last week, and today it was crisp and bright sun. It couldn't have been more lovely, in a quiet valley, next to a rushing stream. I know I have said it before, but autumn in this part of Portugal is usually the best season of the year, in my view, normally November is my least favourite month but here it is a pleasure with huge blue skies, sun and warmth without the scorchio temperatures.
  3. I will keep my fingers crossed for you that he makes a full and speedy recovery. Its what cockerels are meant to do, protect the flock, although I have to say the only time I experienced a fox attack, I lost 4 large orpington hens but not the cockerel. We found him running down the garden to our house, making a racket, as if to say 'come and save me'! I'd take the opportunity to do something to the wall to discourage further visits. And carry on spoiling and monitoring Pippin, obviously, he definitely is a keeper!
  4. Very interesting and informative, Thank you Beantree. From what I can see we also have Cou-Nu, or something very similar, here in Portugal. As you say, they do cope well with the heat. Friends have some, and have hatched a couple (both boys). The adult cockerel seems to be OK with my friend and her daughters, but it isn't keen on her husband. The chicks are lively, so I think they will grow up to be a bit boisterous as well. Hers are brown (darker than yours and not as attractive), but I didn't notice the leg colour, I must take a look next time. They have a massive area to FR in, and their pen is also large, with high fencing, just like yours. The eggs are a medium size as well.
  5. Boy, all boy, I'm afraid. And not fully grown. When he finds his voice he will be noisy, and yes, there is a very good chance they will fight. You might get away with it over the winter/until he matures, but the Spring will be unpleasant unless you are very lucky.
  6. On a lighter note, we watched the car odometer click over to 100,000km this afternoon. I felt about 12 for noticing/shrieking.
  7. Yes its making me anxious. I feel sure my Mum is going to be on her own for Xmas Day, and although she has spent her life saying she doesn't care about Xmas, it makes me feel very bad. So many memories are bound up in family christmas traditions aren't they?
  8. Same thing here. There was another high level Govt meeting yesterday and the outcomes include an 11pm curfew! Although as of next weekend there is going to be a 1pm curfew, in certain areas (not ours). The numbers are creeping up, and our 'county' has very high numbers now, from a very low base, although our district (council) is still relatively low, but increasing every day. I go to language lessons once a week and the teacher is a teacher with 4 school age daughters. She has all the local news, which is handy to know. Portugal has the lowest number of intensive care beds in Europe, so I read, and we are not full yet, but it is clear we need to be doing more. We let things get out of control over the summer, particularly in Lisbon/Porto. We have one more trip planned for tomorrow to the big city, for inner tubes would you believe, for OH (to be fair, he loves cycling and is out several times a week) and some more clothes for me (I have discovered the merits of a dress over leggings to keep warm, its not for fashion reasons!) plus a large casserole pot as I managed to ruin ours (now we have a freezer I am into batch cooking), plus a mouse (no legs) as I have 2 and neither work properly which isn't ideal for work purposes.
  9. oh yes, I forgot about them, I wear them all the time under gloves, they do help a lot.
  10. This may not be any use as you probably have to use your fingers, but skiing thermal mittens are excellent. Skiing gloves are available, but they are so thick that they might not be any use. A friend of mine told me mittens were better than gloves for keeping you warm as your hand was all in the same place, there weren't all the fingers of the glove separately exposed to the elements. Not sure if that is true or not.
  11. I think there is going to be a lot more of this, populations are restive. BJ & man in charge of NHS were at pains yesterday in their press conference to try to impress upon everyone the current pressures on beds/care and how we must stop it getting worse or the NHS won't be able to cope. But I think, for a variety of reasons, people are more fed up than they were in the Spring, and it will be very hard to get everyone back to obedience. Portugal strikes me as more 'obedient' but even so the numbers are beginning to get out of hand. We now have a high rate of cases per 100,000 than the UK, although our testing system has always been better and I strongly suspect there are a lot more hidden cases in UK than here, so I am not sure its a true reflection, We are about to go into a state of emergency, so there will be more restrictions very soon, at the moment we can eat/drink out for example, although cafes are closing through cases occuring, even around us in a very rural/sp*****ly populated area, but I guess cafes are hubs, and that's why.
  12. Don't fret on the shutting up time, your timings are perfectly normal for keepers who wish to have their own life run on their own timings! Birds don't need food or water overnight either. However, I would think about a closeable run, for safety as I assume there will be time when nobody is at home. I am totally with you on the FR thing, that is how I used to keep my flock. However, I did have a covered run which kept them dry, and which I could shut up for safety if necessary.
  13. Happy Wedding Day to your daughter Valkyrie! I feel sorry for your son though, that's a real shame. Its certainly a very weird world, but I am trying to just go with the flow. My OH gets very irate, but I have been through that once with another political thing recently, and I am now trying to practise a more Zen-like calm and accept things more, as being furious hurts me more than anybody else. Its probably easier for me as I'm not trying to hold down/onto a job as well as a life. But there are some things I think are positives, perhaps we think a bit more and don't just rush headlong into things and purchases because that's just what we do under usual societal expectations and with no time, and personally I am valuing interaction with my friends and family more, although its mostly virtual. Don't get me wrong, I know a lot of terrible decisions are being made and unfairnesses continue, but I'm not sure anybody in Europe has got it right yet. I have a UK nursing friend who is in an official covid cluster through work, and Portuguese friends rang last night to say she (police) has tested positive, and he is waiting (university). Yesterday it was announced that 70% of the country is in partial lockdown as of 4th (so people/business can prepare), but its like the UK's Tier 2 except you have to work from home, and will last a fortnight, so its not going to do any good, and I suspect they will have to tighten things further. Being Portugal, one of the measures is that shops have to shut at 10pm! If all else fails I am off to eat a cushion....that made me laugh!
  14. Lovely photos! The brickwork looks especially interesting. Yes, the food must be kept dry, and it is good practice to give the birds somewhere dry to shelter as well. Think about the prevailing wind when you site it.
  15. We have just had Depression Barbara, which was forecast red for wind and rain Mon/Tues, but we only got the rain, and I have seen much worse. Came up from the South, and apparently Algarve badly hit. Anyway, I went for a very brief stroll this morning as the rain has stopped. The water is cascading down the hillside, there are mini-waterfalls all over the place, I suddenly understand why the tracks are like they are - exposed sandstone with a thin layer of gravelly sandstone on top. Unfortunately the wind has blown a lot of gravel onto the road, all near us as we are on a flat ridge, so when it is dry I think we will try to move some of it. Its very mild though.

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