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  1. Thankyou both, thats the answer I wanted and a bit of reassurance! I'll go and let the older girls out now and the others in an hour or so. Kate
  2. Help! Patience is not one of my strong points but our new girls arrived on Wednesday and I have followed the forum adviice so far but can I let them all free range together today? I think my only mistake up until now was not getting all the birds from one flock, we chose the first warren (well she chose my son as when we entered their shed she jumped up next to him to let him stroke her ) then we chose the others, a black rock, speckledy and daisybell from another who were a couple of weeks younger at 19 weeks. The first day the warren wouldn't let the others through the pop hole and when they did have the courage they were pecked so ran back in, now things are quieter and they are all in the run and only receive the odd little peck as they walk past her. The other girls were extremely unhappy at first and made a lot of noise and puffed themselves up to doudle their size, they are still having a little go through the wire but are freeranging away from them most of the time. I just dont like to see the newbies in their run when there is so much space outside and we are around to supervise for foxes - do I wait a couple more days. Thanks Kate
  3. It is pretty solid, looks just like the picture on the website and worth the money but not as good quality as our existing coop. We bought it as a temp / house for introducing any new chooks and it will be great for this - more of a good rabbit hutch build if you know what I mean. Saying that it has an extra ventilation hatch and a pull out tray at the bottom for cleaning. Very pleased at the price I paid and the communication and delivery times were very good, I don't think I would have been too impressed at £250 though. Kate
  4. The new coop has arrived this morning after I ordered it on Saturday afternoon, great for £68. We're picking up the new girls tomorrow!
  5. Hope this works: http://www.cybercheckout.co.uk/Items...LAID=205027073 No it doesn't! Try the Garden and Outdoor Leisure section and then the Misc section of the Cyber checkout website.
  6. Many thanks to Money Saving Expert but I am just seen a post re a Chicken Coop for £74.99 (go through Quidco for another 10% discount) with free P&P at Cyber checkout. I have just ordered one as we were just talking about adding to our girls this morning but I have been a bit wary about throwing them all together at frst. Kate
  7. It is amazing but most people i've come across have a fear factor. Whilst they love the lifestyle choice, they struggle to come to terms with the reality. They don't understand the simplicity. I speak first hand cos we procrastinated for ages thinking livestock is complex. But Ahhhhh the joy and straightforwardness of chook keeping. We've just briefed the Mother In Law about looking after the chooks whilst we are on hols. She was very surprised to find that she didn't have to search all fourteen corners of north yorks for chickens at bed time cos they'd all be self-tucked-in!! I Ignorance is not always bliss!! Help them see the light.. Loz
  8. Hi all, We live in equilibrium with rats at best - thats all. They do not go away just because you kill/trap/poison etc. Your only chance is to try to keep numbers down and where possible make it risky for them to get at food. ANything you do otherwise tips the scales in their favour. They are fecund and will overrun if 'helped'! I have no information about homing instincts but agree whole heartedly with the notion that releasing them into the wild (notwithstanding the illegality) is simply giveg the problem to someone else. They learn VERY quickly. They balance the acquisition of energy against the effort it takes to secure it. If you make it easy for them - they stay. If they can go somewhere else and get easier food they will. Simple stuff. I know there are lots of folk who abhore even the thought of killing anything and I respect that. I also know that rats will never be on the endangered list and whilst Bhuddism has many attractions, cuddling flea ridden, disease spreading vermin puts me off the rather fetching orange toga's and chanting. Gouranga indeed! In my humble opinion you have to 'get rid' to be sure. If you can't kill them you'll need to find ways of reducing their impact as 'humane' traps just move the problem around. Sorry. Loz PS if you get a small terrier and let him/her out on his/her own you may not need to be involved!! Edit and you'll find that 'hunting' with dogs in this instance is perfectly legal!!
  9. Hi & Welcome, I have put twin wall polycarbonate over our run. Its an apexed run so i tied two square bits togther with three loose electrical ties then laid it over the apex (one square either side) and it works a treat unless its windy! I could screw it to the timber frame I suppose). You can get 3/4mm thick x 610mm wide strips of polycarb in lots of lengths from a few places online. They're reasonably cheap (don't know how they compare to the corrugated stuff). You can also get edge stengtheners, jointing tape and strips etc all sorts of stuff. Have alook here as one example. http://www.greenhousewarehouse.com/Twinwall-Polycarbonate_B21NQT.aspx It keeps our hemcore dryish. Goos luck with the project! Loz
  10. Finlay will still chase pigeons if they land in the garden, he just totally ignores the chooks as if he knows that they are also part of our family.
  11. Hi and welcome to the forum, Like a lot of people I wanted to stop procrastinating, and like most I decided that tomorrow would be a good day to do it! You have no valid excuse! Were it a court of law you would be convicted. DO IT! Loz
  12. LisaP Oh what joy you have to come! Labradors are ruled by stomach and are therefore quite bidable. That said its essential to understand that if you reward the wrong thing you that you can not undo! You can only adapt. What seems endearing at 3-6 months becomes a nightmare at 36! I have learnt by my mistakes. The best command, which Finlay will reponds to 100% is 'leave it'. We did not understand the significance until he was maybe 2 years old. If only we could have embedded 'come back' - hey-ho. We got the 'leave it' using clicker training - v.v.v. good method! if you want the detail please PM me. I said I'm not a professional so don't expect a step-by-step! Otherwise, if you don't intend to hunt/pick up with your dog please still train him. You'll all love it and you wont beleive how well you can communicate! If you know all this already sorry fo the granny-sucking-egg moment! Loz
  13. They start to move the earth on the surface of the mound when they are around 1-2 inches from the surface so a well directed spade blade forcefully inserted at 45 degrees might catch it on retreat - separating the front from the back so to speak. They can hear you coming so if you have to take 1-2 steps to wield your spade he'll have gone. Hope that helps. For the record I don't have much success down the cricket club either! Loz

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