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  1. I did too! - and then wondered how many Omleteers were doing the same thing. I don't buy ready meals either but it explains why there is an obesity problem in this country if people don't realise what they are eating. I worked briefly for a food company and having seen what goes in ready meals I won't touch them! Liz
  2. Past your bedtime Gina......10.45 - 11pm. You can hear things again on 'tinterweb so you might find it on the Radio 4 website. Oops sorry forgot that not everyone is a radio 4 addict. Thank you Egluntine for the info. Wouldn't it be good if the BBC put the film on (it would make a pleasant change from the current offerings)? Liz
  3. Even the programme "Book at Bedtime" on Radio 4 is chicken related! The current book is The Egg and I by Betty MacDonald, read by Debora Weston. It's a memoir of early married life as the wife of a chicken farmer on a ranch a couple of hours out of Seattle, on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. Liz
  4. Congratulations Mrs Bertie! I got my girls from Chichester too, they were quite well feathered but they thought it was because they had been starved to make them moult and regrow. (I think Martin did a post about this.)They were very thin and Milly was so stressed all her feathers were standing up on end! I had a similar problem getting them to go in the eglu so I shone a torch into it and they went in fairly easily. (Another tip provided by this forum!) Liz
  5. Maybe if she watches Channel 4 this week with HFW and Jamie O she will realise what sad lives they have and change her mind! Liz
  6. I think the most rewarding part is to see sad little bundles of feathers transform into healthy happy hens in a few weeks! Liz
  7. One of my ex batts laid the first night! Since then I get one large egg most days and some days there are two eggs in the nest box. I started them on dry layers mash (which is what they were being given at the resuce farm) and am now mixing it with pellets. They also get "breakfast" of a slice of bread, a little corn, a few mealworms and/or a handful of sweetcorn, some grit and a sprinkling of baked egg shell (sounds a lot but it is between 3!). I know corn should be given later in the day but I'm at work and they've gone to bed by the time I get home. They also get some greens (not too often as it makes for runny poo!) and from time to time I'll replace the bread with leftover rice or pasta or some porridge. Liz
  8. if it's not too late to join in here... I grow three pots of hyacinths every year as I love having them in the house. When the shoots are a couples of inches tall they need to be put somewhere light but cool (l use the unheated greenhouse) to allow them to go green. When they're green you can bring them into wherever you want them, hopefully they shouldn't get too lanky and fall over. If you do multiple pots, put the next one in the light as the flowers open in the first bowl. That way you should be able to get months of lovely flowers from them. Liz
  9. My last springer spaniel used to "chunter" (especially when food was involved!). Can I add "rootling and tootling" which is how I describe the girls pottering around in their run. Liz
  10. I take my unwanted choccies into work; they disappear in minutes! Liz
  11. ..and being cross when they call you in early to see the dentist becasue you've just found the article in a magazine about chickens and eglus! Liz
  12. I sweep up the leaves from my hazel tree, put them in black bags behind the shed for a year or so. They rot down and make lovely leaf mould for free for the garden. I don't bother with trees outside the garden, I just hope for a good breeze. Liz
  13. Having seen the lovely pictures on this forum I've had to go and buy a digital camera. It holds more photos than the phone! (When I've worked out the technology I'll share them here.) But if you don't talk about them how can you find out who are fellow chicken people? We've now got an informal "chicken club" at work so we can talk about chickens together. Liz
  14. Quiltyhen


    That's interesting Clare I didn't know you could get cornstarch bin bags, I'll look out for them. The only trouble is they contain what little I can't recycle (such plastic wrappers or boxes) so even if the bags degrade the contents won't. But it all helps. Liz
  15. Quiltyhen


    At least the local M&S asks if you want a bag now. I try to remember to take my BHWT one as I use it everyday to take my lunch to work. In the supermarket I scan and pack my own stuff that way I can use as few bags as possible. However, I take great delight in going round the supermarket with my Farmer's market and BHWT bags. I keep a few spare bags for life in the FM bag that aren't that supermarkets too! I have noticed that the supermarket has brought out a jute bag that closely resembles the local farmer's market bag but has their own organic logo on the side! If I do end up with the thin bags I use them to line the rubbish bin. Liz

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