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  1. Great idea - I will go and forage in hubby's woodpile........but - quick question - do they ever clout their heads on the perches??
  2. We're in a small rural town with foxes up in the woods although I've never seen evidence of them down in the town. I guess country foxes aren't quite as brave as their town cousins. Even so, I only ever let them out when I'm around.When I'm at work they stay in the run - they have hemcore to scratch around in plus a cage of greens and a rabbit treat ball to roll round to get mixed corn out of.
  3. I'd thought of Milly Molly and Mandy for my 3 girls at first as I loved that book when I was younger, but plumped for Ginger Pepper and Spice instead as it reflects their colourings.
  4. My Speckled Star isn't laying yet, but I know for a fact she's younger than the other 2, but I'm not sure by how much exactly.....Am I right in thinking they should start laying between 18 and 22 weeks? Or is it later? I thought she was about 15 weeks when we got her at the end of August, but that would make her 22 weeks roundabout now....her comb is beginning to develop and brighten but is not fully grown yet. And she hasn't started dropping to the ground like the other 2 did a few days before they started to lay. Hope she starts soon!
  5. We got our hens at the end of August,and I've always closed the door at night and let them back out in the morning - usually somewhere between 7 and 8 am. I didn't want them out any earlier even if it was light as I didn't want my neighbours disturbed too early!! The girls seem fine........
  6. I "trained" mine with a small plastic cup of mixed corn - now they come running whenever I shake it as they know they'll get a handful of it back in the run........works like a dream!
  7. I natter to mine all the time while I'm working in the garden as they're foraging - they seem to be chattering back too.....I'm not an expert in chicken language but I know when they're saying 'LET US OUT!!!!!' when I walk past their run! And they seem to understand when I say "come on girls - what's this then?" (or maybe it's the sound of me shaking the cup of corn that they understand...... )
  8. Thanks.......that's what I thought when I read the hemcore website but thought I'd better check first....
  9. Hi - wondering if anyone can help - we've spread hemcore on the new permanent run area but it says on the bag it needs to be wetted first.......is it necessary? Or do you use it dry for chickens? Thanks.....

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