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  1. Yup mine do the 50 yard sprint from run to bird table as soon as the run door is opened....... Sorry, should say mine does (as the newbies aren't out free ranging yet and as folk know I lost Spice recently so Ginger currently does the sprint on her own......if there are low obstacles in the way, it becomes the 25 metre hurdles!!!!
  2. Yes, that's what Ginger has given us this week..... Not bad for a 3 1/2 year old, eh?! And things are settling down a bit in the eglu and run - all 3 chicken heads were in the same bowl of mash this morning - Ginger tried to peck the newbies a couple of times and then gave up as they were too persistent and all of them were hungry........and this evening when she took herself into the eglu after the newbies had already gone in, there were no squawks, or scrabbling noises at all....... Just out of interest, for anyone who has more elderly hybrids, say aged 3 and over, how often do they lay on average?
  3. Has anyone ever come across the use of milton's sterilizing tablets in chicken's water supply? If so, how often and how much do you use? I think I've heard it's effective in both sterilizing the glug and keeping the birds healthy.
  4. I was a assuming you would be asking what kind of bird you'd seen or photographed or something!
  5. Hah! Pepper and Spice never did the crouching thing like Ginger did!! As I have an omlet net kind of up in the garden I tended to drive the girls into one corner of it and catch them there......(after having shut the run door so they couldn't escape out of reach in there!)
  6. I love it when they do the 50 yard sprint from the run to the bird table to see what the birds have dropped.....not very gainly!! But they are also very sedate as they work their way round the garden and I find it very therapeutic to watch....plus Ginger burbles gently away at me when I'm near as if she's talking to me..... Plus of course, the eggs....shop ones are never the same!
  7. Just to let you know - Ginger has laid 3 eggs in 4 days! Not bad for a 3 1/2 year old! The past 2 nights getting them all in the eglu has been more difficult - Ginger keeps taking herself to bed first so the newbies are too scared to go in, but I entice her out and then the others go to bed and as soon as she sets foot in the eglu, I shut the door behind her before they escape! At least when the new WIR is complete it will give them more space when all together, so they will be able to keep away from her a bit.....they are a bit panicky when she's in the eglu run with them so they tend to retreat into the eglu to get away, which means I have to let her out to free-range so they can eat and drink (Ginger has her own food/water source in the garden.....) I'm just hoping they become friends soon!
  8. Further update - went out in trepidation this evening, worrying that I'd have problems getting them in the eglu (Pepper was too scared of the old matriarch to go in last night!! Had to resort to one of us waving a rake in the run to make her go in, and the other shut the door immediately she was in!) but when I went up the garden all was quiet and there were no hens in the run...... Yippee! They'd all taken themselves to bed and settled themselves down!!
  9. Well, we still have 3 chickens and Ginger is obviously although missing Spice, not too unhappy now as she's made a nest for herself in the garden and laid an egg in it yesterday!!!
  10. Update - all 3 girls back in eglu although Ginger stayed in the run for a while uttering little cries (at least she wasn't shrieking her head off like last night!) but after a kerfuffle or two they settled as it was getting dark...... Here's hoping she ain't quite so vociferous in the morning!!!
  11. Well, the good news is that I still have 3 girls!! The bad is that Ginger was shouting blue murder at 6.30 this morning so I let them all out of the eglu and she continued to shout to be let out, so I did, but because I was a bit worried about foxes I put her in the rabbit run for a while to just let her get away from the others. She's been free-ranging all day but has gone back to the run and asked to be let in a couple of times (the newbies hid in the eglu while she was in!!!) and then wanted out..... Hubby is out there just now trying to get more of the new run completed...... He also bought a cat carrier but I'm not sure whether just to go for the eglu again, but somehow get Ginger in and settled first before putting the new girls in - having said that, they took themselves to bed early before Ginger last night so not sure how we can avoid that other than shut the eglu door and post her in the egg port!!! Oh the joys!!!!!
  12. Well, all is quiet in the eglu now.....there was a bit of fighting inside although interestingly enough after one altercation the newbies had shifted position and had left Ginger's usual roosting spot free, but it still took a further 20 mins and a few more ruffled feathers and squawks and me opening the egg port to have a peep before peace descended.....I think one of the newbies may be attempting to stand up for herself and her fellow newbie, but I'm not quite sure.......will get up pretty early I think to let them out again...... Hope I still have 3 live girls in the morning!!!! hopefully it can only improve!
  13. Hmmm well, the newbies have gone to bed, but Ginger is refusing to set foot in there with them.....she keeps going in and then coming out again and shouting!! Poor thing - it must be horribly confusing for her........
  14. Well Ginger is in the run swearing her head off and pecking at the newbies if they venture too close so I'll just have to hope she shuts up soon!! She clearly wants me to let her out again......but obviously it'll be bedtime soon! Hope I don't get too many complaints.........I know it'll be a shock for her having 2 young strangers in her home after her pals have disappeared..... I only hope she takes herself off to bed and lets the others in!! I will put extra food and water in the run tomorrow to try to avoid too much conflict....
  15. I should also add that although I have a friend who has several arks they're all full as he breeds his own chickens, so there isn't a spare one to borrow...... Ah well......
  16. Yup, Spice's timing wasn't quite ideal as I haven't got my new run finished and although I've borrowed a rabbit run from a friend to isolate them if there's a real problem, there's no extra housing to put them in.....so I'll just have to pray they're healthy!!! They're from a local chap who was recommended at the vets and I've also seen an endorsement on here so with any luck they'll be fine.....keeping my fingers crossed! I cleaned out both the run and the eglu before we put them in (in record time!!!!!!)
  17. Um, well, there are now 3 again.......Pepper II and Spice II in thex omleet run, and Ginger in the garden. She's been put in with them a couple of times and has given them both a quick peck then shouted to be let out again to free range.......unfortunately I haven't had a chance to find extra accommodation for bedtime, so I'm hoping that once I put her in again she'll let the newbies into the eglu with her......... I know I was really only going to have a look but unfortunately couldn't resist coming away with the new girls...... Fortunately they're quite timid so I'm hoping Ginger will easily find herself at the top without too much trouble and that they'll all sleep together.......am I hoping too much???!!!
  18. Unfortunately I had to have Spice put to sleep this lunchtime (see chicken memorial) so Ginger is on her own as a solitary chicken. Should I introduce 1 or 2 new girls? I don't want to leave Ginger for too long on her own so I'm going to see some chickens tomorrow. The guy I spoke to suggested just putting them in together to sort themselves out. I know the advice on here is completely the opposite - would you think I should just introduce one new girl to start with, and then in a couple of months, say, introduce a further new girl, or just go for it now and introduce 2 newbies to one oldie? Ginger is 3 1/2 by the way, and still laying and healthy.... Would they gang up on her, or is it more likely that she would go for them? Would putting them in together be a complete disaster? In theory, yes, I understand the need for planning etc but how long could I leave Ginger on her own while I get things sorted out? Hubby is building a new run but it isn't finished yet, and I'm not sure how long he'll be as he works away a lot.... We were planning to introduce 2 new girls while we'd still got both Ginger and Spice but unfortunately that hasn't worked out........ Help please!!!!
  19. Our beautiful Spice (speckled star) had to be put to sleep today - she'd not been right for a while but had her ups and downs with a couple of sour and pendulous crop episodes which we managed to overcome but she was just going rapidly downhill the past few days so I took her to the vet who diagnosed a massive tumour and put her gently to sleep So poor old Ginger is on her own......but hopefully not for too long.......... So I'm one very sad chicken mummy tonight...........
  20. Yes my girls never had their wings clipped - I always felt that if a dog or fox did get into the garden (which would be easy as the fence is only 4 ft high and their is a big gap under the gate etc!!) then they'd have a chance of flying out of harm's way if necessary. If of course they had decided to stray and attack my neighbours' gardens then I would have re-thought my plan, but fortunately they were always content with what they had in my garden! Phew!
  21. Make sure you wear gloves, cover yourself from head to toe and don't spray on a windy day - the stuff works, but it stinks!!! We tried bumper bits, but couldn't get them on, so resorted to Ukadex - brilliant, although I could still smell it in my nostrils fro hours afterwards even when I was nowhere near the girls! And the notion amongst non-chicken folk that chickens don't have memories is false - Ginger takes one look at yellow rubber gloves (which I wear for all chickeny things, but esp for Ukadex!) and runs a mile........
  22. Hi folks - I seem to have lost my recent thread about Pepper's sad demise....... just to update those kind folk who posted and offered sympathy, I took her to the vet today for cremation..... anyway, the reason for the new post is that someone recommended a type of mash to maybe try instead of the layers pellets (Dodson and Horrell) which they seem to be going off at present, and I can't remember what the name was..... and another question - with mash, do you serve it up in a bowl or something, or just scatter it over the run? And if the latter, if the girls don't like it or eat it all, will the run become yucky and rat-attracting?!
  23. Minus 10???? It's been minus 17 here....... and still it seems OK........
  24. Have just lost Pepper - within the last 20 minutes....... so one very sad chicken mummy here.... found her lying on the floor of the freezing run this afternoon so I crawled in to get her and brought her into the house. Since then she's been wrapped in a towel in a box by the fire having had a few drops of water syringed down her beak.... I hope she didn't suffer too much before I found her but at least she died inside in the peace and the warmth and she just slipped away - her breathing was very gentle and peaceful so she was either asleep or had drifted into unconsciousness....... she was over 2 1/2 and had laid her little heart out for the first 2 full years of her life - and had only gone off lay in the last 3 months. Soppy old me can't stop crying just at the moment........
  25. They're 0.8% Ivermectin - I probably could have got them cheaper elsewhere, but I just thought I would get the vet's advice as they're an excellent practice...... He suggested the egg withdrawal period as he said they're not licensed for poultry....... anyway, my girls are laying a lot of softies anyway so I won't lose many good ones!!!

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