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  1. No interest ☺️... Let's try $50
  2. I have the 2m run for the Go Up for sale: 1 2m Run for Eglu Go UP with Shade $148.50 That line above was from the order from Eglu when I purchased. I used it for a few months but then moved to a larger permanently fixed run and my Go Up serves as the hutch for night and I don't need this run kit any more. Asking $75. I am not sure how much it would be to ship if you are lot local to the Bay Area in California. Come of the pieces are large and flat and it has some weight to it being made of steel. This completely encloses the Go Up including the area under the coop and has the skirt etc. You assembly all of its pieces together with two types of plastic joiners (single and double). These are mostly reusable but a few broke upon removal. You could get more from Omelette or use something else to join the sections where more connection is needed