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  1. Here it is! Ignore the purple towel.. I threw it over when it got hot to give them extra shade and half blew off yesterday. Incidentally, how many hens do you think would be ok to keep in there? We are down to 6 now, from 9 who were half free ranged. The children have asked for one more, possibly a bantam but I’m unsure as I want to keep them confined. They seem very happy in there now with the walk in bit added on. There are two trees inside the walk in run although I cut them right back to build it, they will regrow a bit.
  2. Well I did it guys! Thank you so much for your input. Insanely it hadn’t occurred to me to rotate it so the 3m was long not wide, which gave me space to put the door as the playhouse blocking one side is only 2m long! I was going to remove 1m and put it on the side but I was working in uneven rock solid clay soil on a sideways slope, and got so frustrated trying to dig out the skirt that I just ripped a young tree out instead 😱 It looks great though and the hens seem to like it! 👍
  3. Just to let you know I am reading in awe. My mind is blown, the endless possibilities I hadn’t thought of. I have very poor visual imagination. I keep taking my ten year old out there with the tape measure to try to work out which will work and which is best!
  4. Hello all, I have a question about runs that gets complicated so I have drawn a picture to simplify! I have an eglu cube with many run 1m extensions. After a Fox attack we want to stop semi free ranging as before, and keep them closed in run at all times... but with 7 remaining hens, I need to add more run on or it feels mean. I want to have a 3x2 walk in run (high) but it will only just fit. The cube run would have to attach in the middle of the 3 side. All other sides are blocked by fences and hedges. I can’t move the cube up or down, due to trees the other end stopping pulling the tray out the back. Can I attach the cube in the middle and the door immediately to one side? Or would I have to go for 2x2 and fit the door at the back? The red scribbles are trees by the cube if it’s unclear. The rest of the red is fence/hedge. thanks!
  5. Thanks for the tip, I didn’t realise that. We already have quite a bit of run so would prefer to make use of it rather than change over completely. We have I think 5 add on metres now. They usually mostly free range and we leave the run door open but we had a Fox attack two days ago - killed two of 9 before I made it out there at 5am (light activated autodoor lets them out). I’m not sure what to do for the best really as they love having so much space but it’s pointless if they are all mr fox’s lunch.
  6. Hello, I am looking to buy a walk in run to attach to my cube. I’m in Oxfordshire but will travel an hour or so. If there are no walk in runs available, I’m also interested in extra run sections for the cube mk2. thanks for reading!

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