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  1. Can anyone give me some advice please. I have three pekin bantams and one - Blinky has been broody for about 4 weeks. I have been shutting her out of the eglu during the day to try and snap her out of it but this has caused problems for the other hen -Getry that has been laying ( My third hen hasn't startrd yet - they are about 9 months old.) I was letting my Gerty in the eglu to lay her egg when she fussed around the door but about 5 days ago i saw her laying an egg on the garden and she had eaten most of it before I got to her. I haven't seen an egg since. I opened up the eglu again so she could go in whenever she liked but all that has happened is Blinky sits in there all day refusing to move! I don't know if she is laying eggs and eating them or if she has stopped laying altogether. Don't know what to do to help either of them. If a hen has eaten opne egg does that mean she will always do it. Love them all very much but can't bear the thought of no more eggs for breakfast. Can anyone help please. Thank you. James
  2. really! im in year 8 and i dotn ask stupid questions (most of the time ) made me laugh though!
  3. .........most of use our freecycle users as well i think everything else on the orginal list applies to me!
  4. blinky has been laying egs for about 3 weeks now. when she laid her last egg she sat on it and refused to eat (our eggs ant fertile we dont have a cockeral) we took the eggs away from her and now she wont leave her nest and she refuses to eat. is this normal? any advice?
  5. Iv had a few spoof emails about ebay. when you enter your password makesure theres a little pictures of a padlock in the right hand of the screen.
  6. The DS was the first nintendo and the DS lite is the better updated version that your daughter would definatly perfer.I looked online for you. go on Game Uk;s website, just google GAME and on the left hand side theres a list of different consoles. click on nintendo DS and I think you can find one for £99.99. Hope this Helps
  7. its alot easier to pick them up when they are all laying because you uproach them and they crouch down! my advice.....distract them with food, works every time!
  8. really sorry to hear the news . hope your introductions go well in the Spring though
  9. one of my firneds is doing their grade 5. i could ask them as he would of done the exam, send me a pm if you want my help, more like my firends help
  10. yep the fray are great. i never thought i would like an of 50 cents songs but there new one i like. i keep listen to the frays's how to save a life as well, itss a good song. Eminems soundtracks are really good - shame they can tthink of anything to say for the lyrics so they just swear the whole way through to fill in the gaps rihanas umbrellas great, and shut up and drive. i could reel off a list of thousunds but i have homework to do lots of it
  11. its fine buying the wiis and selling them on for a profit. i do it alot. you get that really nice feeling when you make a profit doing that stuff. In my opinion the wii will eb as obsolete as the game biy advance in moments...MOMENTS! well it will ni good time. im not interestedin new consoles. mpre wires for my to drown in. just stick to a few consoles so you can afford to get more games
  12. not too sure of dieing of fright but it certainly isnt good for them!

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