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  1. aaaargh! i swear that ruddick was a typing error, but still, neil ruddick
  2. anyonw watch last nights top gear, or any top gear! that shows fantastic, all those crazy ideas! crossing the channel in a pickup truck though, insane! playing darts with old cars, high speed jet, no comment... but the presenters may, Hammond and not forgetting clarkson are fantastic! none of them fail to make me laugh every sunday night. The shows a legend. Fave show ever, no contest... Bravo Andy Wilman!
  3. thats shocking! i watched the celebrity one with neil ruddock where he didnt fail to make an ass (donky ass) of himself hehe i think that mans appaling (neil ruddick) and that rob character, but for every sunday for the next 10 weeks, will like every other motor enthisiast be tied up watching top gear!
  4. Blinky has only just started laying and she wont go to the egg laying bit in the eglu wthout us putting her there. Is this normal? has anyone had past experiences with this when your choks staretd laying blinky has only laid 3 eggs so shes a beginer
  5. go for it! i once had a cockatiel, they are lovely pets!
  6. good for you martin, that crab is gorgeous! you might of inspired me! keep us up to datewith the pets at home thing
  7. oxygen starved fish??? my new goldfish, whos name is at the moment "new fish" seemedto be oxygen starved when i got him out of is waterfilled bag from the shop, i think I left him in the bag for the water to ajust the tempurature a bit too long, all seems well now though...
  8. what happened to the innocence of an internet forum about chcikens cheeky! only on omlet!
  9. theres always someone at my house so the chooks are only in their run in early morning and bedtime, on the odd ocasion where they are not allowed in their run i tell them theyll just have to out up with it for now!
  10. this hapened to em about 4 years agow ith our familys old windows 98, my firned fixed it somehow and he could tell em how to fix it and then i could tell you by private message perhaps? send me a pm if you require my help
  11. Yet another close shave for blinky! this happened yesterday, blinky had just started laying, she had laid about 2 eggs so far. Today she kept running into the house bia the back doors doign a very good job of distractign my younger sister who was at the time practicing mock 11+ questions. By the 5th or 6th time blinky came in she was starting to get a bit angry with the chicken, but disguising the fact in front of blinky. We had aboslutly no idea of what she wanted or what new game she was playing with us. On the tenth visit to the house she managed to run al the way to the kitchen, our chooks are normally alowed in the kitchen (under supervision) but today she was pushing it! I left mum and my younger sister to ponder over her incorrect answer on the mock 11+ question and kept blinky company in the kitchen. theres nothing blinky can hurt herself or wreck in the kitchen so there was no problem with her being there. After 5 minutes I picked blinky up and told her to join her friends. After this mum called me and asked me to explain why option `E` was the correct answer in the mock 11+ question. While i was explaining that I didnt have a clue (I did almost the exact same questions this time 2 years ago!! hopeless! ) blinky ran into the dining room and buried herself in the jungle of wires behind our computer. She was wrestling the wires and plugs! i spent a good couple of minutes trying to get her untangles. When she was finally out from behind the computer. I closed the door and examined the damage behind the computer. I found that she ahd un plugged the internet cable, but only half un pluged so a bit was in thesocket and a bit was exposed, makes you think; if she had a wet beak...
  12. sound quitenormal, when i got my 3 bantams in july they spent about 2 and a half weeks establising a pecking order, now they all live in harmony! once the pecking order is sorted out everything should be fine! no worrys
  13. Following the arrival of our first egg from clebver blinky, when i sat down to eat my pekin banta sized egg i had no egg cup anywhere near the correct size for a bantam egg, i googled bantam eg cups and couldnt find any egg cups without a hen size egg cup stuck to it. Does anyone know where i can egt some bantam sized agg cups without a hen sized agg cup being stuck to it. Thanks everyone
  14. yay! i was expetcing the first egg in January but it came today! Blinky laid undoubtably huzza! we had no little accidents like missing shell etc and she laid her egg right where she was supposed to!
  15. sorry about spot, your pictures are lovely though, it really looks like those chickens are the best of friends!!
  16. thats just being silly...........................................20k below the asking price!! :lol:
  17. sorry to hear about this, glad your girls are ok
  18. 5 - 10 mins a day - I say GO FOR IT! chooks are so rewarding, they get to know you and recodnise you as their mummy! really sweet little things worth 10 minutes a day, you wont regreat it! good luck! and theres also the hours you will spend with them, there great company

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