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  1. I've pm'd you regarding an eglu. I also have a cube for sale. Jan
  2. More restrictions would be awful.
  3. Janty

    Crowing Hen!

    I've had two ex batts that have progressively moulted and got more male looking. The change of plumage was also coincided with them starting to crow. We had to send our first girl over to mum in laws as they have a lot of land and distant neighbours. She escaped from her pen and beat their cockerel up. In the end she was quite happy living with three girls of her own.
  4. Janty

    Hello again

    It would be nice if our place was large enough for a tractor.
  5. Janty

    Hello again

    We never had a tractor. We have a polytunnel, a fruit cage and two walk in runs but no tractors.
  6. Janty

    Meet my cats

    One got out and was hit by a car. After vets bills of nearly £2000 we quickly go them insured. Animal Friends Insurance was so much more reasonable than petplan.
  7. Janty

    Lauren is almost 10

    She's always first to the hot mash in the morning.
  8. Janty

    Hello again

    Hubby does most of the cleaning out now, bless him.
  9. Janty

    Meet my cats

    You've got a good memory. He's now a large boy who loves cufflinks....and watches.
  10. Janty

    Hello again

    I'm an Addenbrookes patient. It's a scary thing but apparently I'll be back to my old self soon after the transplant which I'm really hoping for. I hate being so tired all the time. The run has been worth its weight in gold Lewis since the bird flu problems started.
  11. Janty

    Meet my cats

    Here's Smeagol with son for those who remember Kop Boy.
  12. Janty

    Meet my cats

    As you may or may not know our cat Sausage passed away four years ago. Sausage was half Ragdoll and so when our old cat started missing Sausage we put our names down for two kittens with a lovely breeder. One thing led to another and we ended up also adopting two adult cats and later on a lovely boy with only one eye. Meet the family with their dodgy names... Teddie Honey Bear who does on my husband Stilton Choccywockydoodah Sugar Pie Honey Plumsy (Plumsy for short) Rhubarb Crumble We also have our old cat who refuses to have her photo taken. Should I ever manage to catch her I will post a pic of her too. She's a very lovely tortie and so different to the Raggie.
  13. Janty

    Lauren is almost 10

    She's just started laying again in March and we are getting one pointy speckled egg a week.
  14. I hope that the photo works as it's several years since I last used photobucket. Here's Lauren my blue cochin. She was one of the original girls who I collected nearly ten years ago. I love her fluffy bussle feathers.
  15. Janty

    I bought a duck!

    That's so funky.