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  1. I can't ever imagine being without them. One of the surgeons said my cats, chickens and quail had to go. He got told straight. 

    6 hours ago, Blackrocksrock said:

    Welcome back - glad to hear you are doing better and glad to see you still have chooks!


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  2. Hello. I used to be on here many years ago but had some health issues and ended up having a liver transplant just over a year ago. My girls are very old now and we've dwindled from 4 cubes, 4 eglus and 49 chickens to just 3 cubes and 7 chickens in a massive walk in run. It was 4 chickens but we adopted 3 more last week. Hi by has had to do the main work due to my restrictions after the transplant but its all going well. 

    I just wondered how many of the old gang were still on here.

  3. !gogreen! I've had two ex batts that have progressively moulted and got more male looking. The change of plumage was also coincided with them starting to crow. We had to send our first girl over to mum in laws as they have a lot of land and distant neighbours. She escaped from her pen and beat their cockerel up. In the end she was quite happy living with three girls of her own.

  4. Six cats! :shock: (I'm just envious- can't afford the vets bills, my 16 year old moggy is costing as much as my Council Tax every month!). They are all gorgeous, I love ragdolls.


    One got out and was hit by a car. After vets bills of nearly £2000 we quickly go them insured. Animal Friends Insurance was so much more reasonable than petplan.

  5. I can't believe how big Kop Boy is now :shock::shock::shock: I remember him as a small boy who loved cufflinks!


    You've got a good memory.

    He's now a large boy who loves cufflinks....and watches.

  6. I'm an Addenbrookes patient. It's a scary thing but apparently I'll be back to my old self soon after the transplant which I'm really hoping for. I hate being so tired all the time.


    The run has been worth its weight in gold Lewis since the bird flu problems started.

  7. As you may or may not know our cat Sausage passed away four years ago. Sausage was half Ragdoll and so when our old cat started missing Sausage we put our names down for two kittens with a lovely breeder. One thing led to another and we ended up also adopting two adult cats and later on a lovely boy with only one eye.

    Meet the family with their dodgy names...


    Teddie Honey Bear who does on my husband









    Sugar Pie Honey Plumsy (Plumsy for short)



    Rhubarb Crumble



    We also have our old cat who refuses to have her photo taken. Should I ever manage to catch her I will post a pic of her too. She's a very lovely tortie and so different to the Raggie.

  8. I only got as far as asking for a quote from the AA. They lied about why they were better, telling me that the RAC would only try to fix my vehicle for a maximum of fifteen minutes before giving up. I knew this was not true as I'd called the RAC on numerous occasions and on one occasion the patrol man had got my car working but it took about 45 minutes.

    I can't comment on their actual service.

  9. I haven't been on here for nearly three years. I've had a lot of health problems and we have not bought or hatched any chickens for a long while. I'm letting the hen house reduce naturally but do want to continue keeping chickens.

    I'm just about to go onto the liver transplant register due to a hereditary disease and I don't have a lot of energy...certainly not as much as I used to have.

    I just wanted to say hello and apologise that it's been so long.

  10. It was nice reading through this thread again. I was reminded of the forum today when my Omlet eglu egg cups arrived. I ordered a red one, a purple one and a green one like our full sized eglus. I'm all excited as I got a golden egg in my red egg cup. Can't wait to call Omlet tomorrow.


    Lots of rotten things happened last year including us losing our beloved cat, fat Sausage. Things are picking up now. Mrs. Beeton has just hatched out three miniature brahmas who are a handful but she's more than a match for them. Mrs. B is almost seven years old now. We put our name down for two Ragdoll kittens and somehow ended up adopting two one year old Ragdolls along with the kittens. Our family currently consists of forty two chickens (so much for letting numbers naturally fall), five cats (three of which weigh over 6 kg and they're not fully grown), the quailies, hubby, son and me.


    I must look in here more often.

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