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  1. We have just bought several treadle feeders to replace the grubs in the main run. I'll be weary about looking in them now.
  2. I drive over chicken roundabout each day on my to and from work. I miss seeing the chickens so a statue would be lovely.
  3. I don't get on here much now. So sorry to hear about Rosie...glad she's on the mend and doing so well considering what happened. Best wishes Clare and Rosie, Jan xxx
  4. The only problem with coming back on is that I now have the chicken bug again. I daren't get any more...I have 11 broodies at the moment.
  5. This was mentioned on a tv prog a few weeks ago. They assume that you are more of a risk if you ask for third party. Bizarre, I know. Hubby and I were amazed.
  6. I'm so out of touch...is Cooks a new name? I see that you joined before me...what was your original name?
  7. You could try Endsleigh. They have been brilliant with us...much cheaper than any other company for the last three years. We do get a discount for being teachers but worth a thought if either of your parents are teachers / have professional qualifications and you are adding them as additional drivers.
  8. I don't come on very much now...just to have a look every now and then. I used to be priviledged enough to work around the corner from where I live but after our rotten, evil county council started closing our schools, I've had to move to a school which is an hours drive away from where I live. I don't have the time to come on much and sadly I don't have as much time for my girls so I am letting numbers drop naturally. This is the firat year since I've had chickens that I haven't bought or hatched any new ones. I still have two of my original brahmas, Lauren the cochin and Mrs. Beeton the naughty and very much over indulged pekin.
  9. I don't thonk I've added mine....down to 32 now. I haven't got a lot of time since I started my new job so as mine grow old and pass away, I'm not replacing them. I'm not giving up completely...just letting numbers drop naturally. This is the first year since I started that I haven't bought or hatched a chicken. 1734 + 32 = 1766
  10. He/She used to stand at the top of my in-laws apple tree and do a full blown cock a doodle do....mainly to annoy Alfie, their cockerel. His tree in his patch wasn't as tall so she could get up higher than him and show off.
  11. One of my ex-batts ( she was named Tinsel and re-named He/She) started to crow when she stopped laying eggs. She was so loud that we had to rehome her with my in-laws and their girls. She got worse after my in-laws got a cockerel. She attacked him and had to be homed with her own group of girls. After that she went on to live a long and happy life and has only recently died, nearly five years after being taken out of the battery cage.
  12. Glad you have a date Emma. I drove this morning and it finished me off for the day but my op wasn't gall bladder. I'm still a bit sore where the keyhole scars are but two of them were infected. However, my friend had her gallbladder out and she was tap dancing after two weeks. Best wishes for your op. Jan
  13. Thanks Emma. Hope you get back to your normal self very soon too. It's a rotten pain and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
  14. I know that it's easy to say but I have been through similar to you over the past fifteen months. The doctor said to me that my pains were classic gallstone pains. I was sick, doubled up with pain and crying when it got bad. However, on the initial scan, you couldn't see my gallbladder as my liver and kidneys were so enlarged. I had to have one of the large doughnut scans and they discovered that I have polycystic liver and kidney disease. I went into hospital last week to have lots of the cysts drained and taken away. I was petrified but one week on I feel very sore, very black and blue but totally without the sickness, pain and general rottenness that I felt for such a long time. Bear with it. Push them if the operation date takes too long and keep going back to your GP so that he/she can write letters to hurry things up. Best wishes Jan
  15. I sold my cube runs then regretted it when I bought another cube which wasn't going into my WIRs. I'd definitely keep them.
  16. I wouldn't keep quail in any hutch myself. I was advised to do this originally and I felt that they were unhappy and not in a natural environment. However, I know lots of people keep them this way and they do well. I keep mine in runs and they lay throughout the winter so they must be content.
  17. I've got one lot of quail that are quite friendly (for quail). If they escape, they never go far and I can just pick them up and put them back into their run. The other lot are quite skittish and came from a different breeder. No matter what I do, they won't be tamed. Try finding a breeder that puts the time in with their birds and you'll find better natured quail.
  18. Mine are in 6 x 3 x 4 foot covered runs and they have lots of baskets, pots and vegetation to hide in and play under. They are fed garvo quailmixture and are still laying well now.
  19. Sorry about your news. I haven't been on the forum for ages so I've only just seen this. As I think you know, our middle schools in North Suffolk have now closed and we all faced redundancy in July. Both hubby and I worked in the middle school system so it was a worry for us both. I wasn't sleeping and even though hubby secured a job in a primary school early on, I had a really tough time facing being without a job. There was absolutely nothing being advertised in our area for my subject specialisms and I was really down hearted and depressed. One day, I was teaching art and our head came in with a print out of an e-mail. It was from a head in a middle school in another part of the county stating that he had a position available. It was perfect for me and he stated in the e-mail that he would prefer a middle school teacher. I called him that day, arranged a visit and was called to interview a few weeks later. I now work in a lovely school which is not dissimilar from my last place and I am very happy. I could do with the drive being less distance but it has meant that I've had to get a new car . What I'm saying is that I too felt awful that having worked for the same school for 13 years, I was faced with uncertainty and then a job came out of nowhere and I'm happy and settled once again. Best wishes that you get a similar result. Jan
  20. I'd keep them separate as well. I have four separate flocks of quail, again through mis-sexing by the breeder. However, one of my old males has recently died so his two girls are about to be merged with a male and a female that I have living in an eglu and run. I will do this exactly as I would with chickens, keeping them next to each other for two to three weeks, then merging them and observing to see if everything goes smoothly.
  21. My quail eat Garvo quailmixture. It has tiny pellets in as well as lots of different grains. They really love it. However, my supplier isn't putting in another order yet so they are on layers pellets and they are still scoffing them down at a hefty rate.
  22. My quail hardly ever go into their eglu or other housing. They sort of doss about outdoors in their run. They love lots of twigs and branches full of greenery to hide under and they are very entertaining to watch. Mine eat Garvo quailmixture and a bit of millet as a treat. They also love trays of salad leaves which hubby grows for them.

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