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  1. I now have my girls - 1 splash cochin, 1 blue cochin, 2 partridge brahmas and 2 hybrids in the cube. All happy to use the ladder. I have had to order a ex display eglu for my pekin as the cochins sat on her and pulled her feathers out. However, Popcorn, the pekin is doing well and her friends arrive this Saturday to keep her company. At the moment she lives in a rabbit run during the day and sleeps in a straw lined cat basket in the conservatory at night. She has also taken a liking to evening television and falling asleep on my shoulder. You can imagine the comments from my husband. Thanks for all the advice. Janty
  2. I now have my girls. I have 2 brahmas, 2 cochins and 2 hybrids in the cube and they all fit in fine. Run is a bit small though even with an extension so I have ordered them an extra extention. Hope this will be enough.
  3. No, not a joke!!! My cube arrived last Thursday and my hens moved in on Sunday. However, my Cochins took a dislike to my little pekin, sat on her and stripped the feathers off her back. I have taken her out and ordered her a little ex-display purple eglu of her own. I am also going to a local farm to choose some more pekins next weekend. Does anybody know how many bantams fit comfortably in an eglu? Thanks, Janty P.S. This chicken business is so addictive!
  4. We have just had our eglu cube delivered. Has anybody else had problems with the lid not fitting properly? We haven't had any rain yet but it does not look watertight.
  5. I will post pictures of my pekin chicks when I finally get them. I have now found a lady who has frizzle pekins. I am going to call them my funky chickens! Janty
  6. Does anybody keep cochins or brahmas in the eglu cube? How do they get on? I have heard that they are too large to keep in any eglu. Is this true or is there plenty of room? My cube gets delivered on 5th October and I need some advice. Thanks, Janty
  7. I'm driving my family mad. My eglu cube gets delivered on 5th October and I have cuddled my freshly hatched pekin chicks at a farm near to our house. I can hardly contain the excitement. Like being a child again! Does anybody keep cochins in the cube? Do they manage OK? I heard that they may be a bit large. Janty

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