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  1. It isn't that they have been taken over by somebody else as such. Tony has handed the business over to his carpenter that he worked with. I only have experience of him working with Tony and he was very good (sorry, can't remember his name).
  2. I've got three Orps from Charley at Fritton Poultry. I collected them about September time and they started laying December/January/February. However, I have a mini Orp that doesn't lay during Winter. Charley has some lovely coloured birds if you do decide to go down that route.
  3. I started wearing glasses full time about two and a half to three years ago. All my glasses bar two are reactolite and I love them. The other two are fixed tint and I use them for driving. Boots frames with fixed tint aren't that bad pricewise when you use the half price offer vouchers. Boots are still giving out vouchers when you spend £5, or at least they were the day before yesterday.
  4. We've been all over the place to get chickens. Our first girls were from Merrydale Poultry in Leicester (145 miles). We had some ex-batts from Essex (75 miles). Then we collected two brahmas from a forum member near Oxford (188 miles). Good job hubby is understanding.
  5. No it's not my buyer although my buyer also thinks that I am being unreasonable. They have told ebay that I have not responded to any of their messages. As I pointed out to ebay and them, this can clearly be checked through the messaging system. There's no point lying over such things. My last message says that once the RM verify that they haven't received it then they will get a full refund. They got stroppy at this point, said that it wasn't good enough and started writing in capitals. They are quite funny messages. You can feel the steam coming off the page. They have been awful to other people...their feedback from sellers talks about rudeness, etc.
  6. Bless him, we had a moments silence for Rory today in assembly. Hope everyone at Benjy is holding up OK percy049. Our poor children also lost one of their dinner ladies to cancer last week....she was a lovely lady.
  7. When the community officers went into my son's school and asked why they should never take drugs, my son replied that the reason for him was that his Mum would break every bone in his body. Nice! When the policeman asked if he thought that I really would do this, my son said that although he thought I was speaking metaphorically, they would have to take him into custody for his own safety. Don't you love children.
  8. As it was you rotten lot that got me hooked on Pandora and Troll beads in the first place, I thought I'd tell you that mememe accessories are stopping their Pandora jewellery so it is all reduced and some (watches and pendants, etc) are half price. http://www.mememeaccessories.com/default.aspx Have fun!
  9. Can anybody help with an ebay problem? I sold an item and had to wait 9 days for the payment to be made. I sent the parcel economy delivery as stated on the advert but it has still not arrived. I sent the parcel on 23rd Feb. Despite e-mailing the buyer a copy of the proof of postage, I get daily e-mails accusing me of not sending it and demanding his money back. I have been to the post office and they have said that they cannot accept a claim until 15 working days after the parcel was sent so my hands are tied. I have relayed all of the information to the buyer but he keeps telling me to send the parcel or give him his money back. I can almost feel the anger from the e-mails as some of them are barely readable. I have explained that I have no problem refunding him once the post office confirm that it is missing and accept the claim. I can't see what else I can do. I have tried saying that I can understand that it is not his fault but that it isn't mine either and we would get a lot further if his e-mails were less confrontational. Has anybody else sent a parcel which has gone missing? How did it turn out? Thanks
  10. Get your union involved. In Suffolk all teaching and non teaching staff in middle schools are in a redundancy situation. They cannot offer you a post 21 miles away and expect you to take it. Our unions have stated quite clearly that all offers have to be either in a 3 mile radius of where we currently work and be of commensurate hours and pay or nearer to where we live. This is not a viable offer for you and I am sure that your union could help.
  11. The smallholder, where the London designer and PR girlfriend got their ducks from is Joy, the lady where my blue egg laying bantam, Australorp, Welsummers and quail came from.
  12. I have to be out of bed early. I get up to feed them at six then get everyone sorted for school. I have to be in school for 8ish at the latest.
  13. I was just about to despatch two salmon pekins last year when I heard from a breeder that he had some pekins ready for me. I asked if he had any salmons as all my hatch had been cockerels. He said that he needed some cockerels for his breeding stock and asked if I could bring them along when I collected my girls. He was really pleased with the boys and I have visited them several times since. However, the vast majority have not been so lucky.
  14. I got up this morning full of energy and ready to spring into action. I haven't been well lately with liver and kidney problems and if I'm honest I have got a bit behind with chicken jobs lately and I was getting a bit down about it. I persuaded hubby to help me extend one of the eglu runs so that I could rehouse some oldish bantams. They were fine inside Henonism when they were young but now they are slowing down I wanted to let them retire peacefully to a little retirement cottage of their own. After lots of pulling up of paving stones and run extensions being built, Fowlty Towers was ready for branches, toys and it's new inhabitants. I caught the seven banties in question (which include Rafa Henitas and Buff-ed, only because Buff-ed can't see from underneath her top-knot and beard and she is firm friends with Rafa), powdered them, checked their feet and placed them inside their new eglu. They immediately took to their new surroundings and went to bed together nicely once night tome came. I also cleaned out three cubes completely and gave them a good anti mite treatment as a preventative measure. I then treated Emma, my brahma who has a repetitive eye problem and who is determined to bankrupt me at the vets. All in all a good day. I am feeling much happier about my girls but I am completely shattered and my side and back are really hurting. Time for a hot bath now which hubby is running, some pain killers and anti-inflamatories, a cup of tea and a Slimming World bar - I am back on the straight and narrow and I've lost 11.5 lb.
  15. Before we had the WIRs built, we had two classics and two cubes. On a regular basis, we used to have up to eight hens crammed in one eglu whilst the rest all crammed into one cube. I gave up in the end and just let them sleep where they wanted to. Even tonight, I have two cochins and four brahmas in one cube, five sleeping in the rafters of the WIR and the rest of the girls in the WIR all in one cube.
  16. I have three cubes inside a WIR. One of them has a three metre run attached so that I can isolate hens or do intros as I need to. This has been invaluable. I also have a cube in the garden with a four metre run for my three Orps and four pekins. Both have their merits. I do like having the cubes inside the WIR rather than outside. Underneath one of them I have made a broody coop by fixing part of an old eglu run door to the skirt area. I have the underneath parts of the cube runs intact on all my cubes so that I can attach grubs and glugs to them.
  17. I originally agreed to three and an eglu. Then we saw the cube and ordered four girls from a breeder...two cochins and two brahmas. We came home with seven which included a pekin. The others picked on the pekin so hubby suggested getting an eglu and getting her some bantam friends and we've gone steadily downhill from there. Within three months we had two cubes each with a four metre run and a purple eglu...not that I want to worry you.
  18. I love Diva but I do have a soft spot for brahmas.
  19. I can't remember the name of the breeder but you get to them off the A140. As you drive from the A1120 turning on the A140 towards Norwich, there is a turn off to a grain mill on the left. The breeder is down there. I'll look it up. My blue partridge brahma, buff columbian brahma and mini partridge brahma came from there. I went to look at the school and passed five breeders on the way. Hubby kept looking up at the sky. There is also a breeder not far from Needham market. When you get to the odd railway bridge with the sharp turning you turn left instead of carrying on towards NM. That's where we got MILs ducks from. By the way, what colours were the cochins? Not that I want any more, you understand.
  20. Yes it is the same place. My mini RIRs came from there. Did they have any cochins? You also have a good brahma breeder not far from you just off the A140.
  21. I put mine in a wire dog crate when they are broody. Gallena, my silver partridge pekin is in there at the moment. It soon persuades them out of it. I managed to buy a really good, solid dog crate at a charity shop on Thursday for £10 so that's become the 'Henionism' WIR sin bin.
  22. I was probably quite near to you yesterday. I went over to Needham Market via the A140 and A1120 to look at a school. Small world!
  23. Lewis is lovely. He and Tony built my last twp runs. He is very partial to sausage butties.
  24. Whereabouts in Suffolk are you? Charley at Fritton Poultry has all sorts of Orps and they are really lovely. I have a splash, a jubilee and a gold laced from her. She also has RIRs, light Sussex and pekins. http://www.frittonpoultry.bravehost.com/

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