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  1. Ah well, back to the drawing board. My quail have laid all through the Winter so they must love it. I feed them Garvo quailmixture which they are addicted to so that probably helps. They used to have a problem with pooing chickens but I now keep very large plastic tubs on top of the run and store all my spare drinkers, etc in them.
  2. I have a mini quail run inside my WIR and it's great. They love hiding in greenery and they have enough height so that when they jump they don't bang their heads. I am trying to post a pic but photobucket is playing up. Try these.
  3. I know that I haven't been around for a while but didn't Tony's assistant Lewis take over his company, aviaries4u? Has anybody tried them since? My runs are very good from there but obviously I don't have any recent experience.
  4. They are the ones I was looking at. I sent several e-mails to the company asking if they had plans to make different coloured ones. Some nice red or purple ones would be perfect.
  5. Why don't you ask if anybody is selling a door and extra run section. That way you can easily separate the two LF groups for intros. There would be the main door for you to gain access into the new group and then a second door for you to get into the older girls.
  6. I wanted some plastic nesting boxes in Omlet colours. I gave the company who make them all the details for Omlet but they don't appear to have agreed on anything. Brown and yellow just would not fit with my colour schemes.
  7. I'd agree with the people who say that this is not a viable financial option for the long term. Compared to my small WIR, the Omlet run would cost £750 for the same amount of space that my current run has. My small run cost about £400 but it was made to fit an awkward gap and that included the solid roof and a platform for the eglu to sit on. When you compare this to my large WIR it gets even more ludicrous. My large WIR cost about £1200 and again that includes a solid roof, etc. For the same amount of space in m2, this run would cost £2670.
  8. I have pekins, 2 mini Welsummers, a mini Orpington, a mini brahma, a silkie and 2 mini RIRs. They all get on fine with the wet as long as you keep an eye on their feet. I bring mine in once a week to check them over and wash away any muddy build up. I would recommend the pekins and wellies. I would never ever have RIRs again as mine are head cases and try to pick fights with the LF brahmas (not a sensible idea).
  9. Hubby made spicy meatballs and pasta for dinner today and I've made a spicy parsnip soup and a root vegetable soup for lunches next week.
  10. For people in the Bungay area, the tearooms at Earsham Hall Pine use free range eggs and free range chicken and pork. Very nice food too...their salads are amazing.
  11. I went to primary school in Liverpool with a Michael Caine.
  12. I'm lucky in that I work with a good friend who is my department technician. I can always sound off to her. When I get home I play my saxophone, watch the chickens, cook (although I've done far too much cooking in the past year so I'm now going to Slimming World ) and do my crafts, photography and artwork.
  13. I had to deal with an incident at work recently where children were throwing stones and swearing at each other on the way home. When they reached their houses some of the parents got involved and joined in the swearing and encouraged their children to continue throwing stones. Beyond belief really, isn't it.
  14. Great toys...I'm going on a basket weaving course in February. Do you think the teacher will think I'm mad if I ask if I can make chicken toys?
  15. I've seen it before but it really cheered me up watching it again as I have just had to be a cow of a mother and lay the law down. It put things into perspective and made me feel human again.
  16. There's a lad in my Maths group who answers everything with ahon'tno. Drives me mad. I'm slowly getting him out of it by answering him with the same response.
  17. Bless her! At least you can still enjoy her eggs.
  18. You don't say where you are. If you haven't got purple spray perhaps there is somebody near to you who could give you some.
  19. Any of the runs mentioned would be fine. The run without the mesh would need to be on slabs but otherwise use whatever one you think best. I've got four separate colonies of quail. One set are in an eglu, another set are in a run inside the WIR. Then 3 & 4 are in a run outside the patio with a divider in the middle. I use wicker catbaskets lined with straw for their shelter and they seem to like these...they even lay their eggs in them. http://i225.photobucket.com/albums/dd28/Janty701/Newruns002.jpg I'll post more photos when my photobucket isn't playing up.
  20. I usually get my quail from a nice but nutty breeder (he is going to be on tv soon on a BBC proggy about city types wanting to be smallholders - they used his smallholding to introduce them to mud and poo and in some cases it was far too much for them). He handles the quail and they are very tame but he can't sex them for toffee. In the summer I got some quail from another breeder. This breeder is very good at sexing but despite my best efforts, the quail are very skittish and jumpy. I was changing their water today when one of them flew right over my shoulder and into next doors garden. We have searched and searched but couldn't find her. Poor girl!
  21. These things just happen I'm afraid. My older male quail died last week. He was hunched up, etc just as you describe and I knew he was going to go. I considered bringing him in but his girls were huddling round him, keeping him warm and he went peacefully in the morning. I thought that it would be far nicer for him to go surrounded by familiar things and his ladies rather than being scared in a cat basket on his own in our conservatory.

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