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  1. Relief...it's a proper saying and not just Hubby's class driving him potty.
  2. I usually drive to Gidea Park, park about five to ten minutes away from the station on one of the side roads as they are free (or at least they were six months ago when I last did this) and catch the tube into London. My friend drives to the O2, pays £5 for parking (this has to be booked in advance) then gets the Thames boat down into London. I know that this is not relevant now but thought it might be useful to others.
  3. I can recommend them too...I've had mine for years and Hughes on-line had some reduced last week.
  4. My M-I-L says, 'Go slap yourself and get happy' to anybody who is a bit mopey. Hubby says his class are 'mad as a bucket of frogs'. Must be Suffolk sayings. Never heard of them ooop North.
  5. The deputy head at our school once ordered dog lasagne in Italy instead of meat lasagne (cane rather than carne).
  6. I was told by someone at Omlet that if I wanted one of the old style nipple superglugs, then they could supply one if I telephoned.
  7. Hope she does well. Which private school is it if you don't mind me asking? If it's one to the North of you, please pm me before enroling her.
  8. You are a very bad person . I've been googling and have found gold laced and silver laced cochins. Drool!
  9. Thanks for that. We often travel around so it's worth a thought. We have driven to Oxford and back in a day to collect two rescued brahmas before now.
  10. I'm not on the forum as my e-mail is a hotmail one.
  11. Bluelaced....I'm intrigued!!!
  12. Yes, I am the person who does the Omlet chicken courses in Oulton. Fritton Poultry is great. Charley has some lovely girls. I have a gold partridge pekin and three Orps that I got from her before Christmas. The Orps are gold laced, splash & jubilee.
  13. They're lovely. I love the Orp. She looks just like my Dipsy.
  14. One of the smallholding mags last month gave away a sample. It was ok but as you say, a bit basic looking.
  15. Does anybody know of a breeder of frizzle cochins (for future reference, of course).
  16. I've just put your theory to him and he went 'MMmmmmmm'.
  17. I did the small WIR today with Hubby's help. We pressure washed the eglus and put fresh aubiose down. Not a quick job so sympathies to everybody else for their hard work.
  18. Exactly what I thought! Falkor has seen our garden...I couldn't physically fit another WIR into it. Two WIRs are more than enough anyway, says she after completely cleaning out one today. I could fit more in if we got rid of OH's polytunnel and fruit cage but I suppose he's entitled to some of the garden.
  19. That was good of them. It makes life so much easier when your neighbours are nice.
  20. Hubby has just made a really stupid comment. He asked how I can still have a list with 45 chickens in the garden. I said how could I not have a list!
  21. I have two buff columbian pekins that were crossed with silver partridge. As they are growing up the partridge markings are starting to come through and they are lovely. On my wish list I have : More brahmas (of course) - light, dark, lemon pyle, etc, etc. Maybe a mini buff columbian. It could be mini me to Buffy. Frizzle cochins - how funky are they! My frizzle pekins are cool but bigger balls of frizzle fluff. Wow!
  22. Oh, and I meant to say that I have mine mixed in with my last remaining ex-batt and a few hybrids. Have fun choosing.
  23. I have a fair old mix. If you want pure breeds you could look at marans and welsummers for the dark brown eggs. I have LF and mini wellies and two marans. They are nice girls, especially the mini wellies who are quite cheeky and run to me when I go inside the run. Regarding laying, have a look in some books for egg laying capabilities but remember they are just a guide. Cochins are supposedly very poor layers. I have a blue one who goes broody at the drop of a hat and is poor. However, I have a splash who lays three eggs a week once February comes. I also have a LF Australorp who lays well. What kind of pure breeds do you like? I love the feathery legged girls with the massive bloomers and therefore I have brahmas, cochins and pekins maonly. See what takes your fancy.

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