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  1. Oh, and I meant to say that I have mine mixed in with my last remaining ex-batt and a few hybrids. Have fun choosing.
  2. I have a fair old mix. If you want pure breeds you could look at marans and welsummers for the dark brown eggs. I have LF and mini wellies and two marans. They are nice girls, especially the mini wellies who are quite cheeky and run to me when I go inside the run. Regarding laying, have a look in some books for egg laying capabilities but remember they are just a guide. Cochins are supposedly very poor layers. I have a blue one who goes broody at the drop of a hat and is poor. However, I have a splash who lays three eggs a week once February comes. I also have a LF Australorp who lays well. What kind of pure breeds do you like? I love the feathery legged girls with the massive bloomers and therefore I have brahmas, cochins and pekins maonly. See what takes your fancy.
  3. Well done Lily! We have had a mixed week until today. Yesterday we had 1 egg, day before 4, day before that 2, etc. Then today we've had 14....yes, 14. They'll probably sleep for a month now.
  4. OMG!!!!!! I can now eat french fancies. Wonder how many sins they are on slimming world?!!
  5. The cheapest I've paid was about £3.50 when I took Scary Spice in with the cats. The most expensive has been about £60 and that wasn't even my chicken.
  6. Mine have pellets available at all times. I get up at 6ish each morning and make warm Wiggly Wigglers layers mash porridge with cod liver oil, limestone flour and poultry spice. Each weekend they get a fresh WWigglers half coconut hanger or something similar like a peck a block (although these last a bit longer than a week depending on which run I have put them into). I use apple cider vinegar in their water for a few consecutive days monthly. Then I worm them every four months on flubenvet. I think that's everything. Oops, nearly forgot, the pekins in Henonism have A&P Specialist Poultry Breeder pellets mixed with Garvo alfamix as their main, available at all times food. The quail get Garvo quailmixture. Falkor got me a bag to try a while back and the quail were addicted. They have laid all through the Winter in totally natural conditions (no added light, etc) so they must be happy.
  7. Janty

    Smart phones

    I have a Blackberry Torch and love it.
  8. I love my pure breeds and never intended to get hybrids. However, when I got my original girls, the breeder advised me to get two hybrids for the eggs as well as my brahmas, cochins and pekins. She pointed out that my lad would get more out of the chickens if he had a steady supply of eggs to collect and eat. Now I have mainly pure breeds with a few hybrids to keep us supplied in eggs. Having said that, it was the mini Welsummers that kept us going in eggs over the winter.
  9. How many is too many? Is there flexibility for sneaking more in?
  10. I've sent an e-mail. Just to confirm that Toblerone does contain skanky eggs as does quite a lot of Cadbury's and Mars' products. Visiting their website and looking at the ingredients is quite an eye opener.
  11. I am a teacher and I have been for the last 19 years. Before that I was an animator. However, in July 2011, the lovely Suffolk CC (where is the sarcasm icon?) have decided for a variety of reasons that they are going to close middle schools. I am hoping not to be made redundant but can't find any jobs coming up. Fingers crossed.
  12. I can recommend it. The instructions are quite detailed. However, I only studied science up to O level (showing my age ) and I coped ok with it.
  13. I was diagnosed with IBS about 5 or 6 years ago but was told that allergy testing wasn't available. I sent off for one of these home tests and it was spot on. I'm no longer ill all the time and have very few symptoms now. http://www.camnutri.com/food-detective-c-23.html
  14. It depends what I am up to at the time. We got Spice girls tickets the day before I collected my first girls so we named them Scary, Sporty, Ginger, etc. We have lotus cars (not that I have one), tv chefs, pop stars, footballers, teletubbies, chocolate, gemstones, etc.
  15. I don't have that problem as my brahmas are lethal. My cat, Sausage used to stalk them until they got him by the fur and fat and ran down the garden attached to him. He dosen't go near them now. I'd go with the cockerel or dog idea.
  16. Congratulations on the egg. My mini Welsummers are the only ones who have laid during the Winter.
  17. Highs My lovely hubby still being lovely after 12 years together (not used to this from a husband) Son doing well at school despite his problems Still being really happy with my girls and celebrating my third Henniversary Still loving my teaching Going to see War of the Worlds at the O2 arena Getting tickets for front of stage to see Kylie at the O2 arena Getting tickets to see the great, wonderful, awesome Erasure at Thetford forest - I've always loved them Lows Losing so many girls over the past two months and now one of my old hybrids looks very weary and slow Stuck up brats from son's school being evil to him Recently discovering that I have some sort of gall bladder problem and being in agony over Christmas However, the doctor got my scans, etc. organised really quickly and I just have to have second blood tests then go back for the results. Becoming grumpy in my old age - I'm annoying myself lately Waiting to hear if I'm going to be made redundant as scummy SCC are closing middle schools
  18. You may just have to accept that she will always cough if there are no other symptoms. I have had Sporty Spice backwards and forwards to the vets due to her cough. She shows no other symptoms, eats well and is in every other way healthy. She has been on a wide variety of medicines but nothing has worked. She sounds like she is shouting 'Peanuts' down the garden. It comes and goes but nothing has worked. I make sure that she has garlic and citricidal.
  19. Sorry to hear you've been unwell.
  20. Mine also get these balls of mud on their feathers. You just have to check them regularly and make sure that you soak the balls off and don't get tempted to pull them off or you could break the toe nails.
  21. My son would love the cufflinks idea but he does love his shirts. What about a watch? You could take a look in the sales and maybe pick up a bit of a bargain.
  22. I'd call Omlet up and ask them if they would take the price of the run off the £229 and sell the go at the offer price. You'll never know if you're not cheeky. I have to confess that yesterdays offer was too tempting but although todays is good, I don't want a Go so I'm safe.

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