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  1. Love this thread! Very funny ... my problem is the very expensive range cooker threads
  2. they forgot to pack the nuts and bolts so I (for which read my manservant hubby) cannot erect it!! Somehow, they realised before we did and phoned to say they are being sent recorded delivery so not long to wait (it's raining here today anyway). Still very excited. Hubby had a peek in the boxes and says the orange is lovvvverrrly
  3. Composting is like baking - it's a science - you need the right mix of stuff to make it really work. I have a great little pocket book published by the Centre for Alternative Technology. Not sure if they still do the book but I think they have some downloads on their website quite cheap with composting tips.
  4. Does anybody have any experience of these? I am looking at getting the Everhot 100i and just wondered if anyone on here has one and what they think of it.
  5. I like to line dry and then, when they are almost dry, fluff them up on the finishing cycle of the tumble dryer. No fabric softners. We lived without a tumble dryer for years and years but with the arrival of a baby two years ago we found our old cottage could not cope with the quantity of moisture that was created by trying to dry a dailyload of washing arund the house (nor the space). We have a Sheila Maid which we always use if the weather is pants and then finish off in the tumbler. (My husband seems quite happy with crispy towels though)
  6. Well I am not new. In fact I'm a very old member (my how this has grown since then!). The Omlet forum has been gone but not forgotten in our house for a few years. Maybe something to do with a certain 2 year old boy keeping me busy for the last couple of years and indeed the 9 months before that! Anyway, here I am! Still enjoying life with my hens. I will have to learn/remember how to do stuff on here - signature will need updating for sure! And the big news is that I have just placed my order to upgrade my old original Mark I eglu (in rare eggy yellow) to a lovely big yolky orange cube Now just have to be patient until delivery day ...
  7. Pics as soon as I remember what to do (BTW - love the hen-run Cinnamon!)
  8. As the title says - it's good to be back! Sorry I haven't been around for a long time but I've been busy growing a baby! He's out now and I have a sort of routine so a little bit of time to commit to my old friends at omlet - sorry I've been such a bad omleteer this past year or so. I have a super-duper little baby boy! He's called Zebedee and was born in July. I know I'm biased but he is really very handsome I'm a good green mummy and have been using washable nappies since he was about 4 days Wowwee hasn't this little old forum changed and grown since the early days! Now it must take even longer to check it every day! Sadly Mavis one of my original feathered ladies died a few weeks ago but has now been replaced by Flo a very sweet Devon Red hybrid and Dotty Lotty a lovely Maran. Got them on Saturday so still doing the introductions! Had forgotten what that was like Still have already had an from little Flo Good to be back!
  9. Aaaw - it so nice to be back! Thanks for all your lovely greetings Chelsea; chookiehen; bronze; Debs and Dan; craftyhunnypie; chookiehen; karen & co; egultine; Afamily; Couperman; buffie; one man banned; snowy; cinnamon; lesley; popcorn; christian; Claret and to all the other old but beautiful faces. And a big hello to Aint "Ooops, word censored!"ody Here and all the other new faces Popcorn and Chookiehen - are you sure you'll want a stretch mark competition with me - at the rate my bump is growing I'm likely to be a clear winner (note to self - must buy more Bio Oil ...) Have you got a little baby related thread going anywhere? Christian - I remember chatting with you at Mel's but sadly my days of sneaking a fag at the bottom of omleteers gardens are over but I'm still a hopeless chatterbox and gossip so it won't stop me joining you
  10. Yay! It's great to be back - so many lovely warm welcome-backs already And great news for Gina and Chookiehen too When are you both due? I must admit I am pleased to be having a summer baby - it should make for some great birthday parties in the garden. Even the hens will be able to join in the fun I'm an autumn baby and used to wet & windy celebrations. Talking of hens, Mr Red has been permenantly assigned to hen maintenance duties during the pregnancy (I get all the joys of hen keeping without getting my hands dirty ) but we haven't had an egg since the beginning of August and recently Mr Red has been found looking at chicken recipes I hope they start laying again in Spring... Actually it's been so sad not having any eggs - I really miss my lovely eggy breakfast and to add to the upset they stoppped laying about 2 weeks before the village show and for the first year ever they had a Best Home Produced Egg category!!! (I felt sure my cream legbar would produce a winner) Fingers crossed for Spring ...
  11. Hello All - some of you may remember me although I see there are loads of new faces since I last visited Anyway, I just popped in to let you all know that there will be a Baby Red arriving in July I haven't had much time for Omletting of late but I'm sure I'll be calling in a bit more from now on as I'm going to need some hints and tips with this pregnancy lark and there's no better advice than an omleteer's advice Hope everyone is well. Red
  12. You can be very vulnerable as a cyclist - my husband used to cycle to work every day and had a number of accidents all the fault of careless drivers - on one occassion he was thrown from his bike by a car crossing the cycle lane he was using. Fortunately he did not receive serious injuries - probably because of his cycle helmet. My tip: - Make sure you wear a cycle helmet (Or do what my hubby has done and start working from home!!)
  13. I want to send a piccie too ... I somehow missed it the first time round (Probably happened during one of my forum absences - like the one I've just had!)
  14. I agree with Lesley - try Swedish Glace - it's much nicer than most regular ice-creams anyway. We always buy Swedish Glace just because we like it better. (Only exception is our local Hockings Ice-Cream which you can only buy from their vans anyway). They sell Swedish Glace in Sainsbury's.
  15. I think there is a link between oddness and having washers in the bathroom - at one of the houses we viewed with a washer in the bathroom we were greeted by a very odd looking chap who had been in the kitchen making a bit of a mess with a lump of stodgy flour on the worktop and then said to us "sorry I was trying to bake some bread because I heard it makes the house more appealing to buyers" He then proceeded to tell us how his wife had died and then showed us "her corner" in the sitting room which had a shelving system badly made with orange-pine as a sort of shrine full of photos and naff ornament and he intimated that he would hate to see it taken down but that he had to sell because he was in dispute with her children from her first marriage and had to pay them some money We felt really sorry for him but suffice to say the house lost what little appeal it had
  16. I remember when we were house hunting we viewed a couple of houses with their washing machines upstairs - only works in a big bathroom though and there is a tasteful and a not so tastefule way of doing it! We viewed one house and it just looked as though the washing machine had been popped in the corner and looked quite out of place I like having mine downstairs becuse we hang our laundry outside or on the sheila-maid in the kitchen so it would be very inconvenient upstairs - plus as claire says it must be a bit noisy if it's running overnight
  17. Hello All - sorry but I haven't been on the forum for ages because Hubby and I have been busy setting up his new business - just wanted to send well wishes to any omleteers affected by the rising waters - hope that no-one has suffered too much devastation I was speaking to a colleague yesterday who lives in Cheltenham and is getting married on Saturday and had a call to say her reception venue had had to cancel because of the flooding there - she was sooo calm - I think she dispatched hubby-to-be to M&S and is going to have everyone back to her house afterwards - oh and I think she may invest in some pink wellies!! Fortunately we have not been affected by flooding near me although we have of course had the rain that has caused it - rather frustratingly hubby's new business is somewhat weather dependant and I think our estimated first yeasr profits may not come to fruition with this weather! Hope all are well
  18. It's very wet and windy here too - our cottage is high compared to sea level but in a dip and we have a stream running through our land that was gushing VERY loudly last night - our greatest risk is run-off from the fields. I was very impressed with the counci however - I awoke to find a man in a big tanker type thingy clearing all the drains down our lane at 8am this morning - without it I'm sure we'd have been in trouble as all the debris would have blocked them up and our side courtyard (which is three steps below road level) would have been at risk The wind has picked up now too bringing with it other problems (I had to dodge lots fallen tree branches on the way home). Thinking of all of you who are at risk - especially those of you in or around Sheffield. Hope it improves soon.
  19. Richard they are soooo lovely I'm very (I love orpingtons)
  20. Well we've had lots of rain here this past week right up to yesterday but today it's hot hot hot here in sunny Devon
  21. Ditto - actually I've veeb a bit busy myself until this week and know how you feel about those daunting red arrows
  22. I love buff orpingtons but would definately not be able to keep any in a Mark1 eglu (the door was much smaller on the original Mark1) and I suspect they might struggle with a Mark11 also. However, I have been wondering if I would be able to get a Buff if I got a cube? Does anyone know?
  23. Oh how exciting! "young cubes" ... will they grow into fully fledged cubes? If so, will you bag me an orange one

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