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  1. My 5 chickens are all the same age, bought at point-of-lay from the same farm, which I visited before purchasing my girls and know was very clean and the birds vaccinated and well tended. I've had them for just over 3 weeks now and until 2 days ago, all were alert, fast moving and responsive. Now one of my cuckoo morans (the fattest, fluffiest one) has almost stopped eating. She has clear eyes and a clear rear and otherwise looks fine. But she's not running after the titbits I take to them all as the others are. She loses any battle over nice food items because the others are so much faster. I do not know if she has laid an egg yet, but to be honest she looks as if she is having trouble walking, so I was wondering what the symptoms are for being egg bound? And what I should do about it? Yesterday she had happy moments sitting in the sun but I am worried in case I let go symptoms I should be chasing.
  2. Thanks - really useful. My girls are very young. They've all JUST begun to lay, so they are a bit dizzy. They all came from one farm where they were kept in clean controlled conditions inside, so I guess since getting to my chicken run 2 weeks ago they have been very surprised and amazed that "outside" exists. Their run is a Mk2 3 metre egloo, plus a 2 metres high (2 x 2 x 2) outside run, with a couple of perches. They seem to love flying round the outside run. I can only suppose that they like flying up to the perch, which is why they roost there. They like that better than walking up the stairs to the hen house. Their hen house is new so I don't think it's got red mites yet. The idea of getting a see-through cover is a good one.
  3. I am worried about 4 of my 5 chicks because they seem to prefer roosting on a perch outside in the rain over their nice warm Igloo hen house. At the moment the lowest ranked chicken is the only one indoors. Is there any need or way to make them go in?
  4. My dog loves blackberries, and also I understand that chickens like them too. My chickens like my blackcurrants anyway (just a few). Otherwise, for cooking I do what Dogmother suggests and freeze them bit by bit. Then I too make damson and/or blackberry gin! Yummy!
  5. Hi, I finally got my lovely eglu Mk 2 and additional outside run up and working and collected my 5 young girls just over a week ago. One started laying the first day, and one the second (they are different breeds and lay different colours) and I was getting more and more eggs each day until 2 days ago when I stopped finding any eggs at all in their next box. Is it likely that young chickens who had just started laying would completely stop again like that? Otherwise, my trouble is that the run is on the only piece of land I have, which is next to a very quiet public path, I have a horrible feeling that people are reaching in and grabbing eggs as they walk past. I need to be able to lock the eglu. Has anyone else come across / solved this issue?
  6. Thanks everyone Dogmother, I am in Southwest Devon, and so far my on-line search shows that other than my local market, I would have to drive 4.5 hours each way to get quality layers. Perhaps someone could tell me where else I should be looking for layers?
  7. Hi all, Can anyone advise how I can set up a chicken cam so I can keep an eye on my girls? I am going to have to put them on my allotment since I only have a handkerchief sized garden, so I want to be able to look after them. But the allotment doesn't have wi-fi.
  8. Hi, I'm just about to become a first-time chicken-keeper. Because I have a tiny garden, I'm am planning to keep my birds on my allotment. I've just got a 3 metre cube Mk2, plus additional walk in 2 metre run, and am aiming for 4 chicken layers - (x-breeds) to start. But the only way to buy chickens in my local rural area is my town's weekly fur and feather market, where people don't pick up / hold their chickens before purchase. I havent lived here long so don't know any of the breeders (although this is a lovely place and I am sure people would help if I knew what to ask). Please, does anyone have advice here? From outside a cage in a noisy auction shed, what should I look for? Also chickens tend to be for sale in pairs. If I buy 2 pairs and put them in together, will they all fight?

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