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  1. OMG I just noticed the pink pads......was so hypnotised by the face I hadn't seen the paws..... I want!!! I'm broody now!
  2. Oh my gosh she is absolutely adorable!!! I wouldn't have resisted her either, she is very like Pippi, with those ear tufts in her ears, I wouldn't be surprised if there is Maine coon in there!!! Well done you!!!!
  3. Wow!!! I've not been on the forum for a long long time, and I chose the right day to log on!!! I am so so thrilled for you and K, what wonderful news and what fabulous parents you will make, I am over the moon and confess I'm shedding a tear or two of joy for you both!! Can't wait to see you again and also baby!!!! Aunty omletina sounds good!!!!!
  4. I have a Pet Porte cat flap and love it. My older boys got used to it quite quickly and didn't seem bothered by the beep. The girls also got used to it quite quickly. The slight delay doesn't seem to have ever bothered them. I'd had problems with harassing toms in the area Which is why I went for it. I have to say that it's the only mechanism which has put up resistance to my big boys, they were able to jailbreak the others when they were locked, whereas this one has survived all attempts to open!
  5. Have you looked at vets4pets? Their vaccs for life programme is very good and saves money in the long run. My kitties had their first vaccinations at 9weeks.
  6. He is being totally unreasonable towards you. If he thinks he can find a better cat sitter then let him and make sure you are busy in future!!!
  7. My girls are maine coons and have magnificent tails - Freja came in a few months ago with her tail hanging right down from the middle of her tail so awful to see as it's a magnificent specimen!! I took hr to the vets and it was a bit or injury in her case too. She had an anti inflammatory and painkiller and then was on metacam fora week. The vet said her tail could be affected for up to six weeks, and may not come back up, but she said it was rare for them to have to amputate a tail. Anyway to cut a long story short, she recovered full use of her tail after about 2 weeks and all was well. She managed to damage her tail again a few weeks ago, at the base, qnd was in a lot of discomfort but after another anti inflammatory antibiotic injection she came around much quicker that time. I'm just hoping for the sake of my bank balance she doesn't make a habit of it!!!
  8. .....I've been to Dunelm Mill this morning and thought you omleteers might like to know about the new range of kitchen stuff, the Henrietta range. It's like an updated version of the stuff they did before....I was mostly good (as I already have a full dinner service of chicken stuff!!) and just bought a little tray and a vinyl tablecloth!! http://www.dunelm-mill.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Search?freeText=Hen&storeId=10551&catalogId=14100&langId=-1
  9. Once I'd had to rehome my hens due to foxy and health problems of my own, I no longer really felt part of things, so don't really post very much any longer. I'm still friends with omleteers on Facebook so keep in touch there. Xx
  10. Aw well done, you look great there.....will be buying my copy!!
  11. Pippi's a dairy addict too and loves yoghurt and ice cream.....if she's playing out in a morning and she hears the toaster pop up, she runs in and sits on the arm of the sofa to wait for some licks of butter off my fingers!!
  12. Aw bless her, she was bringing you a nice snack...... I'll never forget wandering to the bathroom in the night without putting the light on, and treading on something squidgy..........put the light on to find a headless crow!!! That's when the cats stopped being allowed out at night!!
  13. .......and dried mango chunks?!! I agree she's a pretty cat, especially with yoghurt make up!!
  14. Welcome back honey! Although I can't talk, as I'm as much a stranger as you!!!
  15. Oh my!! My cats have definitely studied this carefully, in fact, they may have written it!!!

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