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  1. Thank you! Its looking a bit more red now. I am going to either try honey on it and pop her in a cat box, or just get her in the cat box in the dark, until tomorrow, depending on how easy it is to handle her. She has been isolated all afternoon, just in the inner run on her own, the other girls were in the outer run, but they have had a mass break out and are all running round the back garden! Will let you know how things go Thanks again.
  2. Bluebell has been laying soft eggs for a little while (maybe a month). Then this morning she looked like she had a swelling from her vent, it was dripping with milky liquid. The first thing I thought was to pop her back into the cube, but checked to see if they had all laid first. All 6 had laid, including Bluebell. I read advice on here, kept her isolated, went to the chemist for some Prep H. Managed to catch her, eventually, cleaned up the area, and applied the Prep H. after a few minutes I attempted to push the swelling back in, I held my fingers over it, holding it in place for around 30mins, I took my hand away and it came back out I have popped her back into the cub, on her own (she has access to the inner run) she has food and water, should i swap the food for weetabix? I am not sure what to do next. Vet? Try again? How soon do I try again? It's my sons 17th Bday and we are supposed to be going out for something to eat. And after saying all this, I think it';s a prolapse!! She has a swelling protruding from her vent, it is large, about the size of a gold ball. Part of it is see through looking, like a blister. Any advice? Thanks, Sue
  3. Ahhh, thanks very much for that! The new girls seem very friendly, they are lovely. The older girls don't think so though! We haven't clipped the new ones yet, thought it would give them an advantage over the other to make a quick getaway, but now they are in the main garden while the others are in the run! The new ones are becoming more confident though, wandering around hte garden rather than staying in oneplace. This is the 4th time we have brought new chickens together, and each time we seem to do things a bit differently, seem to remember though that after the first 3 days they are pretty settled, and then as if they have always known each other after about 3 weeks.
  4. We got 2 new girls yesterday, so we are going through the settling in process!! I have noticed that the one - Isa Brown has blue/grey eyes. I have never seen a chicken with blue or grey eyes before, is this normal?
  5. Thanks, I cannot find any mention of passiflora or Passion flower in the FAQ or the 3 links on the following post. They have also eaten wood spurge, but that's not there either. I might remove the Passionflower as a precaution, esp as other sites have mentioned that it contains Cyanide, and apparently all passion flower fruits need to be tested for Cyanide levels before the fruit is classed as harmless to people and sold in the shops.
  6. On Tues night Tilly died. On Weds night Daisy died!! Tilly had been looking unwell for about 2 weeks, but I thought she was perking up this week. I found mite in the run a couple of weeks ago, she first looked unwell the day after I cleaned out the mite. I wormed them all as a precaution. I am still unsure why she died. Daisy has never been right, soft eggs, and hasn't laid since Feb. went broody, and didn't lay again. But she didn't look unwell! The 5 remaining are fine, well look fine, we have 5 eggs today, so I assume they are okay. The odd one or two mites are found in the cube everyday, but nothing major, and I am trying to keep on top of them. One thing that I need to check out is passion flower, now Daisy and Tilly were both big fans of the passion flower that runs along the fence. I have just read that they contain cyanide, so tomorrow I will remove it completely!
  7. The odd one or two mites are still around, but I am trying to keep them under control with diatoms. Sadly Tilly died last Tues, not sure why, maybe just very low form the mites, but she did seem better. I have been feeding them the odd sachet of cat food to boost them. Then on Weds Daisy died, completely out of the blue, but she hasn't laid since Feb, and when she did lay before that a lot of her eggs were soft. The other 5 girls have had a bit of squabbling since, I guess they are trying to sort out the pecking order. But this morning we are finally back to 100% 5 eggs from 5 chickens. I am checking for mite most days now. I have also been checking out poisonous plants, but I will post a new topic.
  8. Hi, I found red mites in the Cube about a week ago, brushed it all out, found loads under the trays and on the side bits that the bars rest on. Sprinkled diatoms everywhere. Monday, Tilly has started to go downhill, sleepy, and off her food. So after finding the odd mite everytime I checked for eggs, but after checking the places where I found them previously there were only one or two, so today I decided to to a big clean with jeyes. Again, didn't find many, an everythign was spotless, until I went to put the bars etc back in. and discovered that they were appearing from under the side panels, so called for my teenage son, who unscrewed both side panels, mites mites everywhere, piles of black, moving! urghhh. So I cleaned it all off with Jeyes, and think I have removed them all. Then I noticed them coming from the front panel gap, but could not remove that as it is attached to the green run. So went off to the local Countrywide, bought some Mite kill and sprayed it in all the nooks and crannies. I have had a good look at teh chickens themselves, I couldn not see any mite, but on 2 they have bits of feather sticking out, the base of the feather, like it is part growing back after being pecked. The tube bits. And they have black in them, both chickens are ginger, could mite be inside the folicle (or whatever it is called?)although it didn't look like anythign was moving. I have sprayed them with anti peck spray, as they seem to have all taking to pecking each other recently, and I was thinking about covering them with diatoms. We are going away soon, so I hope we are able to sort this asap. Any advice welcomed Sue
  9. Some of mine are moulting. This is the first year I have seen the Moult, we had our first girls at the end of Sept last year, none moulted. One of the girls who we have had since sep 07 is moulting loads. Another that we got in Feb is mouting, and one that we got in June is moulting, but I havent noticed it very much on the others. They look a bit bedraggled! I did wonder if it could be some parasite, but I cannot see anything. They do appear to be playing a game of pinching the feathers, running away and chasing each other for them. I have only really noticed this today, as I go to work int he dark and get home in the dark! DH and children have been caring for them for the past few weeks! Although Tilly did have a bit of a bare neck last weekend. They look so sorry for themselves! Must remember to add some spice and try the tuna, thanks for the tip!
  10. Thank you for your advice. We have bathed the comb, and tried to wash some of the blood away. It was all over her face and down her neck. We put a few drops of tea tree in as recommended. She is now gaping, but I think it's from the smell of the tea tree! She has walked out of the kitchen herself, and is now on her own in the back garden, the others are in the run. She can get into the run if she wants to, and if she's now in there in say 30mins I might pop her back in. Tilly is the pecker, so if I notice her pecking again I will put her in the garden, and move the chairs so she cant get back to the others for a while.
  11. We let the girls out this morning and discovered that Snowdrop has been ?pecked during the night. a small bit of her comb is hanging off, and she has lots of dried blood all over her head, and down her neck. Her eyes also look a bit strange, but I think that is because her face is a little swollen. Not sure what happened in the night, they all seem to get on so well now. I have separated her, she has the run of the whole garden, she seems happy enough. Dh is out on a bike ride, and I have to run dd to music school, but I hope to have a better look and clean her up with salt water when I get back. I read on here a while ago about them liking the colour red, the wound is now dry, with dark red scabs, should I get the blue stuff (not sure what it is or where to get it from?) or do you think she will be okay when I have wiped the dried blood away? The other Amber star occassionally has a bit of dried blood on her comb, but it is never more than a spot of black.
  12. That's excellent! I think from October to now the gas (heating and hot water) has cost £238 and then it's around £11 pm for the summer months. Our dream is an eco house, but we need to save! And when we have saved enough we can build and then save money. So to be able to save money we need to save money!! *dreams* eco house, land, chickens, a couple of goats, bees, orchard, veg plot....
  13. I wonder if you would be cheaper on a meter? We have lived here for 4 yrs now, in the old house we paid £28 pm for water rates, we were so worried when we moved that with a meter we would be charged a fortune, but it is still working out cheaper 4 yrs on!
  14. Thought I should add that we have low energy bulbs thoughout, cavity wall ins., gas radiators, with individual thermostats, double glazing. Again after last years water shortage we only flush when needed (iykwim). The shower is run at least twice a day, and the bath about every other day, the children do tend to share bath water, going in one after another. I usually empty the washing up water on the garden, and also collect the cold water from the hot tap before it warms up, for the garden (although I don't do it at the moment with this weather we are having!!)our water meter DD is £20 pm, how does that compare to others??
  15. Just reading through this topic. I am forever monitoring the gas and electric usage! We pay £75 pm combined, and I thought that was a lot (fairly new, 4 bed, 3 storey terr)!! At the moment we are £5.50 in credit, and now without the heating up the credit should build up until we get the rebate in October, just in time for the heating to go on again!! I will not turn the heating on until after ds birthday 16 nov, and try not to turn it on until dh birthday 3 days later. It works similarly in the Spring, I try to tunr it off by my birthday at the beg. April, but definately turn it off by ds birthday in the middle of April. We have recently bought a new car, the old one was drinking fuel and costing us lots on repairs. We now use around 37mpg petrol(yes, it has a read out!!), a full tank is just under £50 (last week!) I tend to walk short distances, cycle a bit further, bus, and use the car if I NEED to. It is a 1.8l 6 seater family car, we only have one car. DH cycles everywhere. 2 children catch the bus to school, one walks. I am also trying to cut down food bills, I have gone from spending around £40 a week around a year ago to around £60 (not including chicken feed), although I have now started bulk buying and having it delivered at home. I don't know how I can reduce any more!!

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