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  1. Our Rabbit is out all the time and never goes into his hutch, as long as he moves around he can keep warm and he's found himself somewhere he likes better than his hutch for shelter. He's about 7 years old now and seems to work for him. I do give him his rabbit pellets, fresh veg and apples and he also likes a slice of toast for his breakfast, and fresh water. I'm working on the theory that the bread gives him a bit of body fat and keeps him warmer ... anyway it's him who asks for it, he bangs on the kitchen door in a morning asking for it so he must like it. (I do keep his hutch available for him incase he changes his mind)
  2. In need of an Eglu Cube, is anyone selling one please? Can collect Wigan (WN2) and surrounding areas ....thankyou
  3. Hi interested in buying this please, is it stlll for sale?

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