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  1. I am very alarmed on two accounts - 1) you are feeding chickens, chicken and curry at that and 2) you have actually eaten chicken food....
  2. Well funnily we were told by the midwife that they are actively telling pregnant women now that runny eggs are fine! Basically any cheese made with unpasteurized milk is not... First green egg yesterday about the size of a Pekin egg
  3. Hello All my wife is having slight concerns as she is 12 weeks pregnant and has been told by the midwife that she can only eat eggs with the Lions stamp on them. I would say eggs from my birds would be even safer, can anyone give us peace of mind?
  4. Hello Dogmother, I did read into this and was given the impression that although Kune Kunes do dig a little, it is not often or on a similar scale to other breeds. Am I incorrect here? No these are castrated....
  5. Hello All Before I start my next smallholding project, I just wanted to be sure that it is Ok to add two Kune Kune Boars to my paddock. We are talking about 0.5 acre and the chickens free range currently. Want to be sure they can mix OK. Thanks DAniel
  6. 🎅🎄 I know that what I am asking is probably impossible. I want to get a wireless camera for my chicken house that somehow connects to a network as opposed to wifi as I think the house is too far away from that. Is this possible? P.S Now proper free rangers and one hen is laying every other day 🥚🍳
  7. Wahey the first egg, a small one but a great start. I think this will have been laid by one of my leghorn hybrids! An exciting feeling!
  8. Haha to clarify not an Xmas baby, just we've been doing the rounds on looking for names through google and a book we found and Xmas names were a section. We only just found out we were expecting, I think we will do the same as our first and not find out the gender... leave it as a surprise.
  9. So exciting to get new hens. We've been searching the net for baby names, not chicken names as we are expecting number 2! Angel Avery – meaning 'Christmas elf' Carol or Carolle – from Christmas carol. December – the month of Christmas. Eira – Welsh meaning 'snow' Eve – meaning living. Faith – from the word 'faith' Grace – meaning effortless beauty.
  10. It did a bit Patricia, I only have one and 9 birds as I wanted to be sure it worked before i invested in another. However I let the feed run out in the trough I was also using and the feeder has been emptied a few times! There are various video reviews on youtube which are useful. Seems to be very good at stopping vermin... Although I would be keen to hear from someone where it actually stopped a problem if there are any on this forum. It was the wifes biggest hang up about chickens - the vermin their feed attracts, so I promised to take all the steps I could
  11. This feeder is good and worth reading the reviews. Best to stop a problem happening before it happens, not after! https://homgar.com/products/rat-proof-chicken-feeder#shopify-product-reviews
  12. Would they wait that long mullet hunter even they are at Point of Lay?
  13. I'm in L'Derry, Northern Ireland, the view looks out over lough foyle and Donegal which is the republic of Ireland. Here it is in a foggy state
  14. Fair enough I still get a momentary thrill from seeing an egg in the nestbox though Beantree 😁 Also that isn't a nestbox you can see in the photos, these are at the other side and do have a lock on them. That is actually a built in feed trough which I do not use.

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