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  1. I would post this same message on facebook, sounds like you will be a good hen parent
  2. Sorry but how does he fit in the pop hole
  3. Hello I want to put up an electric fence to keep Mr Fox away but I have no knowledge on what I need etc. I would want a solar system that charges the battery itself as quite far away from mains power. Is there a simple kit that would work?
  4. Then I cant think of someone that is disturbed enough to steal 10 eggs either! See what the rest say, I've never experienced a similar issue before. Apart from last easter when my brother thought it would be funny to swap my eggs for creme eggs!
  5. Rats will take eggs but id be very surprised if they could take 10 without smashing them, particularly with the height off the ground on the cube! More like to be a human thief i would say
  6. Shame this forum is basically dead now, probably thriving when you wrte active. Anyways get some chickens
  7. Hi if of interested I have barred chickens with a rose comb that the breeder called Marsbars. They lay blue eggs and are large they lay over 200 a year. I am in Northern Ireland. Here is link to breeders http://www.johnstonspoultry.com/skyline.html You will notice they have a diamond skyline as well which lays blue eggs
  8. Our local hatchery, in Ireland, supplies sexed day old chicks - http://www.johnstonspoultry.com/options.html Not sure if they would know a counterpart close to you that could maybe help?
  9. I've been able to use the new baby arrival as an excuse which has helped! Baby Piper Evelyn was born on Wednesday 22nd at 4.44am weighing in at 7lb 12oz
  10. so been working on this project, well mostly my dad has, to create 3 x breeding pens for trios of birds or more if small bantams. The pens will eventually be divided into three with covered runs in same fashion and we will of course put doors etc and a nesting box in each and roosting bars. Any advice on finishing touches would be appreciated. Particularly on ventilation as i was thing of just using a holesaw to cut some holes out of the front...
  11. Ended up with 3 of the Barbu Bantams and 9 wyandottes so very happy with that.
  12. Exciting I have 3 barbu danvers and 6 silver laced wyandottes so far. Incubator very condensated so will take more photos later!
  13. 1st one out and 6 more have pipped! Thats a Barbu DAnver chick, two more have pipped and 4 silver laced wyandottes

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