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  1. Hi if of interested I have barred chickens with a rose comb that the breeder called Marsbars. They lay blue eggs and are large they lay over 200 a year. I am in Northern Ireland. Here is link to breeders http://www.johnstonspoultry.com/skyline.html You will notice they have a diamond skyline as well which lays blue eggs
  2. Our local hatchery, in Ireland, supplies sexed day old chicks - http://www.johnstonspoultry.com/options.html Not sure if they would know a counterpart close to you that could maybe help?
  3. I've been able to use the new baby arrival as an excuse which has helped! Baby Piper Evelyn was born on Wednesday 22nd at 4.44am weighing in at 7lb 12oz
  4. so been working on this project, well mostly my dad has, to create 3 x breeding pens for trios of birds or more if small bantams. The pens will eventually be divided into three with covered runs in same fashion and we will of course put doors etc and a nesting box in each and roosting bars. Any advice on finishing touches would be appreciated. Particularly on ventilation as i was thing of just using a holesaw to cut some holes out of the front...
  5. Ended up with 3 of the Barbu Bantams and 9 wyandottes so very happy with that.
  6. Exciting I have 3 barbu danvers and 6 silver laced wyandottes so far. Incubator very condensated so will take more photos later!
  7. 1st one out and 6 more have pipped! Thats a Barbu DAnver chick, two more have pipped and 4 silver laced wyandottes
  8. Cheeping not much rocking so could be a long wait....
  9. First one peeped a bantam at 20 days... very excited 😁
  10. Not replying because I can help but lovely birds. I think someone can maybe be an advocate but the cage with the wire bottom helps as the breeze keeps there egg hole cool. Not sure of the technicalities... I had a silkie once that went broody in January, there was snow on the ground!
  11. Awesome they are soooo cool! So I took the advice and made some eldefflower cordial as well as the champagne for the wife... it is amazing!
  12. Thanks Mullethunter for the candler recommendation, used it tonight. Hard to get a good photo. A few unknowns to a rookie like me but looks like I have quite a few fertile eggs including 4 Barbu DAnver eggs like this image Only day 7 so can't count my chickens and all that...
  13. Good feedback. I will need to be careful as wife is 35 weeks pregnant and little one who was looking longingly into the pot is 3....
  14. Do we all make elderflower champagne. Since we have move we have at least four bushes to get elderflower from. A little bit of research and hopefully in a month well have some elderflower champagne
  15. Hello MH, do you mind telling me what your candler is as I would like to purchase one... I have 12 Silver Laced Wyandotte, 12 Cuckoo Barbu D'Anver and 7 Choc Orpington eggs set - approaching day 5 so not yet been candled but I am very excited!
  16. Yes that will likely be part of the reason for the small size as well Suzana. Well i went and weighed one of mine and it was 57g
  17. I have Orpingtons and as a breed they don't lay big eggs. Which can surprise a lot of people as they are big fluffy balls of fun!
  18. People say a lot of different things about humidity and I have got mine down to 54%. I am in Ireland and live very close to the ocean - less than a mile as the crow flies so wondering if this is why humidity is high. The incubator manufacturer, Brinsea, say optimum humidity for hens is 50-60% in the instruction manual so I am hoping they can at least get it right!
  19. MH what do you keep your humidity at? Our ambient humidity is 75% and I have set an incubator up this morning which is sitting at about 57% running dry so wondering whether this is good enough to set the eggs.
  20. A lot has happened over the past while. I now have a little flock of Chocolate Orpingtons which I am in love with - big bundles of fluff. One of my hens has gone broody and I have some bantam eggs (Cuckoo Barbu D'Anvers) to set under her. My question is, how many do i set - the eggs are small of course but do I set the full dozen or 11? Read somewhere that an odd number is better but didn't know if there was truth in that
  21. Hello all One of my chickens appears to have a major problem, wondering if you can help me identify it. Has been laying well and is now sitting in the nest box....
  22. Love this makes you think! Turns out I am incredibly boring! • Favorite smell - fresh bread• Last cried - when my son was born - 25/05/2017• Favorite pizza - Pepperoni• Favorite flowers - Lillies• Favorite dog breed - Boxer• Favorite foot wear - Trainers• Favorite ice cream - Mint Choc Chip• Shorts or jeans - Jeans• What are you listening to - Maroon 5 Memories• Colour of your vehicle - Blue• Colour of your eyes - Blue• Favourite Holiday - America (I am a citizen)• Night owl or day person - Night Owl• Favourite day of the week - Saturday• Nickname - Dicky• Favourite type of music - Pop• Tattoos - No• Do you like to cook - Love it!• Can you drive a manual - Yes• Do you wear perfume - Yes - currently JEAN PAUL GAULTIER LE Beau• Favorite colour - Blue• Do you like vegetables - Some! • Do you wear glasses - Yes• Favourite season - Summer• Ever broken a bone - Fractured a wrist• Favourite place in the world - Sweden

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