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  1. Thank you for replying - I found a lilac one in great condition with 4m run on fleabay less than an hour away from me so I couldn’t resist. It’s all built, ready and waiting for our hens to arrive on Friday. I’m sure you’ll have no problem selling yours, they hold their value so well.
  2. I fitted a cube and 4m of run in my 2009 BMW X3 (with the back seats down obvs!)
  3. Hi all I’m searching for a mk1 Cube (hopefully with the attached run but that’s not necessarily a deal breaker) within 90mins or so of Bedfordshire - not fussy about colour. If anyone has one coming up for sale please reply. Thanks in advance! Julia
  4. Hi all I’m searching for a mk1 Cube (hopefully with the attached run but that’s not necessarily a deal breaker) within 90mins or so of Bedfordshire - not fussy about colour. If anyone has one coming up for sale please reply. Thanks in advance! Julia
  5. Does anyone know whether a mark 1 cube + 3m run will fit into a BMW X3 with the back seats down pls?
  6. That sounds like the Holy Grail of chooks! I'll take 3 please! My bantam wyandotte is a very reliable layer (cream tinted eggs though - not blue!) and is the only one of my bantams who is still pulling her weight, but then they are all individuals and I'm sure that's not necessarily the case for all wyandotte bantams. Good luck with your search.
  7. I'm going to have a go at this - thanks for posting it! I did sloe gin last year which went down all too well at our Christmas dinner party, but there's no sloes this year and this looks like an excellent alternative. Have you done yours yet? I might even put a cinnamon stick in one of the bottles for a bit of extra festive flavour . I've emptied some salad dressing bottles (fridge broke ) so I'm going to use them as they look similar to the ones on the blog. Just need to get to tesco for some value vodka now!
  8. My hybrids have had their wings clipped but my bantams haven't. This is so that they can get away from the big girls, if they feel the need to, and wing clipping does slightly spoil the way they look. Only once have 2 of my girls have ever bothered going exploring further than our garden and both of them had clipped wings.
  9. Thanks Anna, So you put the vinegar in hot? I do that with jam and chutney and I was wondering how it would form a proper seal if you put the vinegar in cold. I agree, you can't beat the reassurance of a pop up button and Tesco mint sauce jars are simply fab aren't they?!!
  10. Thanks Snowy! Shame only 1 of my 4 bantams is laying at the moment , otherwise I'd give it a go today!
  11. I'm currently making some preserves for our school Christmas fair and I was thinking about doing some pickled bantams eggs (well some people like them!). However, I haven't got the foggiest idea how to go about this and have some questions: Can they be kept at ambient temperature until opened? Does the vinegar go in the jar hot or cold? What do you flavour the vinegar with? Thanks in advance!
  12. Your chutney and jelly sounds wonderful. Enjoy the netball match! We start off selling the little jars at £1.50 each or 3 for £4, you get a feel for how well they are selling after the first hour and adjust prices if necessary. We make a big effort with the presentation, christmassy wrapping paper or material tied with ribbon or raffia over the lids, nicely labelled with computer printed labels bearing the pta logo, ingredients list, storage instructions and a serving suggestion. I'm currently rummaging through my jam and preserving books to find more recipes with apple, I've found apple and blackcurrant jam, apple and blackberry, and on the internet, dutch apple preserve which sounds like posh pie filling! Might have a go at some of those later in the week.
  13. I agree, it's vile stuff - must be the quickest way to ruin a perfectly good lamp chop. Do you think anyone actually uses it? Even Jasper won't touch it - the dog who thinks of sheep poo as a gourmet snack! I now have 11 jars of chutney sitting on my worktop - 1 for me , 1 for the lady who gave me the apples and the rest for school !
  14. Woohoo, I made the chutney and it tastes yummy already . Thanks to wildmum for the recipe. I added a teaspoon each of allspice, ginger, cinnamon, and mustard seeds and just used the vinegar I had in the cupboard, cider vinegar and white wine vinegar (well, recipes are just guidelines really, aren't they??!! ). I'm just going to pot it up now. I've got apple butter reducing in the slow cooker today (with the lid off) but I've still got loads of apples left. I'm also going to try apple and blackcurrant jam (got some leftover blackcurrants languishing in the freezer) once I've cleaned up my maslin pan - that's the only part of preserving I don't enjoy!
  15. Wildmum, last year we were short on jars but tesco value mint sauce came to the rescue. It varies in price through the year from between 4p to 11p, it's currently 9p a jar. Tip it down the sink (I promise the food police won't come and arrest you!), and rinse the jars out with bicarb solution (sterilise as usual after) to get rid of that toothpaste smell! The labels come off really easy too and the lids are normally plain white, but I usually put a circle of wrapping paper over the lid and tie it with some curly ribbon to make it look pretty.
  16. Great, thanks Wildmum. Sounds good. I love chutney! I started peeling, coring and chopping the apples last night as I was told they were windfall, but they're fine, hardly any brown bits. I can see my maslin pan is going to be working overtime for the rest of the week though, there's tonnes of them! I think I may need to find some other apple preserve recipes too. You can be sure I'll be using "value" or "basics" ingredients, I defy anyone to tell the difference in the finished product! I collect jars all year round (have you seen how much lakeland charge for empty jars? ), and my friends keep them for me too - the best ones are the little pesto/mint sauce/horseradish sized ones as we can get away with charging £1.50 per jar and people don't mind paying it, whereas if we put double the amount in a proper sized jar and try to charge double for it people are not so keen!
  17. Bark chippings can harbour spores of the Aspergillus Fumigatus fungus which can cause aspergillosis, not just in chickens but in people too. Most people (therefore one would also assume most chickens) have a natural immunity to the spores, but those with weak immune systems or lung disorders are at risk.
  18. Chooklady, that's Rob - he helped us choose our skylines because, me being awkward, wanted two that I could tell apart. It amazes me how they manage to catch the bird you choose amongst 50 others. Looking forward to seeing the pics of your new chooks. Jo, I don't think I can sneak any more chooks past OH. You should have seen his face when we managed to hatch chicks without having a cockerel! Although Sylvie is broody at the moment and spends all her time in the henhouse hatching imaginary eggs, so he wouldn't notice another white chook.
  19. I've just been given a load of apples . I've done apple and plum chutney in previous years from a recipe on the waitrose website, but as this is going to be made to sell at the school Christmas fair I wanted to keep costs down for additional ingredients (I'm treasurer of the pta! ) so i was wondering if anyone has any tried and tested just-apple-on-it's-own-with-no-other-fruit chutney recipes.
  20. Phew, lucky they're all gone, you know what happens if I go to thorne's and they have a breed of chook I don't already have!!
  21. From what I've read, it's nigh on impossible to stop a hybrid laying when you want them to! Eggs are mainly protein so maybe if you feed her something lower in protein (eg, corn/wheat) she'll slow down laying? As witchhazel suggests, maybe chick crumb or growers pellets might do the trick. If you use medicated chick crumb you shouldn't eat the eggs BTW. Also, if you shorten her day she might stop laying, although by doing that you are likely to force her into a moult. Can the vets give you any guidance on how to stop her laying?
  22. The eglu lets light in through the grey plastic at the front and also in the gap at the top of the litter tray, so if you cover these loosely (be careful not to block any ventilation) with a double thickness of breathable weed stop material weighted down with a brick at each corner, you should keep them quiet til a more reasonable hour. Mine make a lot of noise and in the mornings the noise travels when it's still and quiet. We received a noise complaint a couple of months ago. OH threatened them with "rehoming" (to the freezer! ) so I have fitted a timed door to our henhouse (for when we're away overnight) and used 2 layers of weed stop material under the roof which keeps them nice and dark and has stopped the noise. The downsides are that I can never have a cube as you can't fit a door opener to it and it's also stopped 2 of my purebreeds from laying because they are not getting enough hours of daylight, but at least they are able to stay.
  23. Just caught up with this. You poor thing, I hope she heals quickly. Your vet sounds very good. Sending lots of hugs.
  24. A good result, well done! I'm sure she'll settle into her new home very quickly!
  25. Sorry to put a dampener on it but these houses are not particularly sturdy and if kept in a spot where they are exposed to the weather will not last the winter. Check out item number 150298374266 for one that looks a bit more substantial, although I think the run is more suited to 4 rather than 6 birds unless they have some daily free range time.

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