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  1. Hi everyone, I am new to chicken keeping, (about four months in) and the forum. I have three hens, and up untill now they have seemed very happy, laying away every day and in fine health. Yesterday I noticed one of the hens had lost a lot of feathers around her tail area. I can see small black bits which look like the start of new feathers but as I understand it chickens don’t moly untill they are a year old at least, and mine are eight months I believe. i can’t see any lice or mites in evidence but will have a closer look tonight. Their coop gets sprayed with chicken disinfectant once a month from pets at home. any advice would be greatly appreciated, she looks so sad and raggedy! The second photo looks like dried poo to me, but didn’t want to pull it off in case it was something else! they have an 10x6 run, but it gets quite wet in heavy rain despite half of it being roofed. thanks :)

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