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  1. Bondinho

    "Quiet" Hens for Gardens?

    It works! Go for it Didn't work for me. Chooks were up at 630 with a tarpaulin and dark blanket over the cube with the door shut. They were also very noisey throughout the day - both when free ranging and when left in the cube run. Had to re-home them on here in the end due to the noise. I live in a mid terrace with houses opposite as well and it was just too much. It will be pot luck if you get quiet ones, but I personally will not get chickens again when living in a house like this - I will wait until I move into a house with a 100+ft garden.
  2. Yeah, Ma-gate loved the quail eggs I think! They are quite tasty. I'm going to have that teeny weeny one Fri night I reckon. Imagine if I'd hatched a chick out of it - how small would it be! Ex-batts look cool - pretty good condition too. I've not uploaded the photo with you in it in cse some weird internet perv found it and tried hunting you down. Here are the photos: Enjoy everyone!
  3. If you email me the photos then I'll upload them for you sissy if you haven't worked it out yet - email is edsurname@blueyonder.co.uk - obviously replacing surname with our actual surname! Laters.
  4. Bondinho

    Quail in a cube?

    Yeah the egg collecting does take a bit of work But they are such funny little birds I quite enjoy getting in there with them and strolling around their little world for a few minutes! And the door donversion, with velcro cable ties, makes it very easy to get in and out so it's not too bad all in all.
  5. Bondinho

    Quail in a cube?

    Not had any canniballistic tendencies yet - all getting on perfectly at the moment! Finally got a couple of photos Added a few more long grasses since then too and they seem pretty happy.
  6. Bondinho

    Quail in a cube?

    I got my 10 quail on Saturday night - and have put them in the cube. I've put boards all around the bottom of the cube run, put smaller mesh on the front and back panel and got a clear tarpaulin and Omlet shade to cover the sides and roof panel. So it's pretty much cat and escape proof I think. Also, built a ramp for them if they ever decide to use the actual cube! I'll get some photos when my camera has good batteries in it. They have got so much space - it's about 36 sq ft of run space for 10 quail!! They seem to love it in there, and are very tame, I'm able to climb in through my door conversion without any trying to escape and can pick them up very easily. Got a few different colours - 1 fawn, 1 tuxedo, 2 spanish, 2 italian, 3 british range, and 1 white. They are such funny little things! Had 4 eggs yesterday too
  7. Bondinho

    Quail in a cube?

    Good point I'll look into wrapping extra mesh around it, but perhaps the best bet would be to get that hutch and run from ebay/ideas4pets. Thanks.
  8. Bondinho

    Quail in a cube?

    I've tried searching for the minimum size mesh for quail but can't seem to find anything on the web. Does anyone know what it is? I'd be using the clear tarpaulin I have already, covers most of the cube run so it won't allow much rain in. The back of the cube run wouldn't be covered, nor would the door panel. Would they really be able to squeeze through the cube mesh? I thought it if prevented rats getting through then quail wouldn't be able to get through it.... I know they wouldn't use the cube for sleeping etc, but it would provide extra shelter if they wanted it during bad weather, once I'd built a wooden ladder with a grippy surface anyway. In a way it is no different from the likes of this http://www.ideas-4-pets.com/bunny-shack-rs709n-rs-p-2756.html Which I'm sure quite a few people use for quail?
  9. Bondinho

    Quail in a cube?

    I have a plan to build something for that event when it comes to cleaning out the run/putting feed in etc! I'd read a fair bit about how much they like to escape - looking forward to the challenge! But other than that, would mesh size and the cube house itself be ok do you think?
  10. Does anyone know if keeping quail in a cube would work? The extra height of the run would help prevent them jumping straight into the roof - although I'd still pad it if needs be. I would obviously build a new wooden ladder with more grip so they could use it to climb up into the house. As the plastic cube ladder would be no good with the gaps etc. And I'd remove the roosting bars and just fill the trays with hemcore or something similar. Would it be do-able do we think? At the moment I can't think why it wouldn't be.... If not I'll just buy a wooden hutch from somewhere instead, just thought it might save me a few pennies.
  11. Bondinho

    Head shake/flick

    That can be sign of mycoplasma I believe, but if there are no other symptoms like bubbles in eye/nostril, sneezing, rattley breath then it most like is not that.
  12. Bondinho

    New nasty neighbour

    Sorry to hear your troubles - there are plenty of whingers around though. I personally wouldn't bother wasting your time baking a cake or giving him eggs, keep them for yourself. If someone has complained about noise and lack of sleep then a cake is not going to make him suddenly forget about it all! Some people just need to get on with it - one of my neighbours is an elderly woman who barely ever steps out of her house and she wrote me a letter last September stating that the last year had been the worst year of her life due to the noise my chickens make. She feels like a burglar in her own home as whenever she opens her windows it would set my chickens off. It does get me worried that all my neighbours hate me and I don't like going in the garden as I know she just watches me from her living room! But if she replaced the broken 4ft fence that is on her boundary then most of her problems would go away - the chooks wouldn't see windows opening etc, out of sight out of mind for her perhaps. And I'd have a nice new 6ft fence to make my garden private! Anyway, I'd just try to forget about it and just get on with your life. My mate works for the council and he said it is extremely unlikely they would ever make someone get rid of chickens, except for welfare issues.
  13. Bondinho

    Cats attacking chickens

    What do people do about keeping cats out of their garden? I've had another cat attack on Sunday morning and luckily I was there to chase it off before it drove my poland out of my garden to it's probable death. The only cats I seem to have trouble with all belong to this family of skanky, dirty muppets down the road who couldn't care less about anyone or anything. They actually own about 7 cats and they all go around sh*tting in other peoples gardens, climbing in through open windows etc. As you can tell I'm a big fan of cats strolling around to do whatever they want If I keep getting them in my garden then I really don't want to resort to my BB gun
  14. Bondinho

    Are cats a threat?

    I've had 3 or 4 different cats from around my way attempt to attack my chooks - they are all bantam sized though except for one medium sized Silkie. A cat could easily kill a bantam in my view - they only didn't succeed because each time I was by the door so I just ran out and chased them off. One very nearly caught my Poland once , but in turn I was very close to catching it and tossing it a good 3 or 4 gardens back to it's owner.
  15. I bought my clear tarpaulin from www.allplas.co.uk, came within a day or 2. My sister has had quite a bit of trouble with the courier that tarpaflex use, she still hasn't got her one through yet and she ordered it early last week - same time as me. The 2mx2.4m is just about perfect for a cube with 1m extension - as long as it is up against a fence or wall, it goes nearly all the way down 1 side and then a quarter of the way down the other side. Just in case that helps anyone trying to decide what size to buy!