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  1. Hello, yes it's available. Mine are 2 medium sized bunnies and they had plenty of space to run around in there. I'm west of Cambridge and I would be happy to drop it off on a weekend if you're interested? Or can arrange a time if you'd like to see it first.
  2. £250. Can deliver to Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. I'm parting with this fantastic run only because I've recently purchased the Eglu Go for my two rabbits. It's a little over 1 year old and in great condition. A small amount of the plastic coating has come off the lower door. This was done by one of my bunnies who thinks she can open doors by biting them! But this has not affected the quality or function of the door. Comes with the 4-piece underfloor mesh and skirting for making the run fox-proof. All fastening clips supplied. Not in original packaging as have discarded most of the boxes.

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