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  1. Looks wonderful. Lucky you, lucky chickens! Hope you'll be very happy in your new home
  2. Thanks so much for your posts, you are all very kind. Buried Honey next to Scarlet, I do love the thought of them running round together in chicken heaven, it makes it not so sad. Thanks
  3. Hi All, Just a sad litttle note to let you know my Honey (my pepperpot) has just passed away. She has never been quite herself since her long time buddy Scarlet died a couple of months ago even though she has got on fine with her two new buddies. She has been especially quiet the last few days and on checking her this morning I noticed she seemed to have fluid in her crop, (she has had sour crop before and recovered) gave her some baytril and live yoghurt but it made no difference and she went very quickly. Feeling very sad
  4. I am so sorry to hear about Norma. I remember your first postings about her, I printed out her picture at the time and she is still on my office wall (she always makes me smile). I remember feeling very shocked but very happy she a found a lovely home with you. It sounds like you had a very special time together, your new hens are going to be very lucky girls. Big hugs XX
  5. Oh I'm so glad she's safe. What a relief!
  6. Oh that's so sad, I'm so sorry to hear about Elf. But what a lovely year she must have had with you. Big hugs XX
  7. Chelsea, Pearl is an absolute darling, she is so friendly already and not phased by me (or the dog!) at all, although it's early days you can tell she is going to be a real character, it would be a lovely thought if she was Sam reincarnated. Rose is quieter and I think it will take her longer to be more trusting. It always amazes me how very different in character chickens are. I've just called them and they have all followed me into their run for bed, they are so well behaved I think I have been blessed I can't beleive how lucky I have been with the three of them getting on so quickly.
  8. After sadly losing Scarlet last week and getting two new chicken friends for Honey just thought I would let you know how the introductions have gone. Brought Pearl and Rose home on Saturday and put them straight in the eglu as told to do by the very nice lady at Garden poultry where we got them from. At bedtime popped Honey in Eglu through the egg port and in the morning took Honey out the same way and let her free range and left the other two in the run, nearer to bed time I let Honey in with them and there was a little bit of pecking from her but nothing to worry about then they all went to bed together! The next morning I let them all out together and they have been fine. I think I have been very very lucky with the introuctions, Honey has been quite civil and the youngsters have obviously been bowing down to her so things have been quite peaceful. I just hope it continues this way. Thought I'd post some pictures of they happily wandering around the garden.
  9. After losing my favourite chicken Scarlet to peritonitis in the week I was not sure we were going to keep our only chicken Honey and had made enquiries for a new home for her as my hubby has never been very chicken orientated. Today he suprised me and took me to get two new chickens, so I am over the moon. We now have an Amber Rocket called Pearl and a Red Rocket called rose who are very sweet. Not looking forward to the introductions but we'll take it slowly and be see how it goes. Wish me luck!
  10. Hi chicken o4 Just come back from Garden Poultry with two new chickens too and Amber Rocket who we have called Pearl and a Red Rocket we have called Rose. Ours are inside too at the moment, must admit just a little apprehensive about the introductions too. Lets hope it all goes smoothly. Good Luck!
  11. Hi Chelsea, With having lost Scarlet yesterday I've been asking myself that same question. At the moment Honey seems oblivious that Scarlet is not around but I suppose it's very early to tell whether it will affect her. I've read chickens don't like to be alone so I am in two minds as to what to do. I do have a friend who has chickens who would probably take Honey. At this moment I do not want to get another chicken ( I think my husband is not in favor of getting anymore, he's never been their biggest fan) Maybe your new chicken just needs a little time to settle in and maybe she's just a bit noisey because she's nervous and it's all new to her. You are obviously still very upset at losing Sam I know how you feel I keep finding myself starting to cry at the least little thing, like finding one of her feathers on the patio this morning set the tears rolling. Give yourself some time before you make any decisions. Big cyber hug to you XX
  12. Thanks for your kind words Chelsea, sorry to hear about Sam too. It's hard being a chicken mum when you loose one of your brood.
  13. Unfortunately we had to have our Ginger Nut Ranger Scarlet put to sleep last night after her long fight with peritonitis. She did fight very hard over the last few months but it all became too much yesterday and took her to the vet (she has worked wonders to keep her alive) said it was time to let her go. I did not think I would feel so sad but this funny little chicken has tugged quite hard on my heart strings and I will miss her so much
  14. Hi, I've had the Omlet fencing for about a year now and I think it works a treat. Like yourself we have quite a large garden area and there were times the girls invaded areas like the veggie patch and caused havoc much to the annoyance of my husband. So we cornered a section of the garden with the fencing and it's worked great, although on few occasions I have found Honey on the other side as she magages to launch herself from the logs around the eglu over the top of the fencing, I'm sure if we moved the fencing back slightly she would not be able to do this so bear that in mind. Karen X

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