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  1. Thank you very much for your reply. This sounds like really good news for the duck to be back where he belongs - I am very pleased.
  2. I was running through the same woodland yesterday as I do at least 3 times a week and a Grey Muscovy duck came out of nowhere and started gently pulling on my trousers! I was a bit scared at first as I was not sure if it was trying to attack me but I got hold of its neck and picked it up but the bird did not struggle and allowed me to make a real fuss of him/her so I carried it to a nearby field but it just followed me back pulling at my trousers again. I know about Chicken but I know nothing about ducks so I did not realise a beautiful GREY Muscovy could be wild and thought that someone had dumped it in the forest so it happily let me pick it up again ! It was really heavy I walked about 2 miles with it and took it to the local vets They took it in but later that day I discovered that it lived in the woodland as a wild duck but was very tame! Ohh I felt so bad I collected it from the vets in the dark and decided to release back where I found it in the morning I let it out into my walled garden this morning and it was very calm and happy preening its feathers sitting right outside the back door and did not hide anywhere. I was just about to go out and pick it up to take back to the woodland about 4 miles away from my home and the duck just took flight and flew away in the direction of the woodland! Does anyone know if This lovely Duck will be able to find its way back to the Woodland where I found it yesterday? - It looked too heavy to fly but it flew really high and quite far into the distance and into the direction of the woodland 4 miles away. I know it is my fault for rescuing it but I honestly thought the beautiful duck had been dumped there as it was walking with a bit of a limp and I could not bear to leave it there because it followed me for the second time! Will this duck find its way home do you think - I feel very bad about this and would like to know it will naturally find its way home? Can anyone advise?
  3. PInk Classic Eglu Conversion Kit good condition no locking bar. £30 ono Collection only
  4. I had 3 pekings pullets and 2 injured their legs because they got caught in the roosting Bars ! Consequently both of the hens eventually had to be put to sleep at the vets, After that I took the Roosting bars out and my last hen lived happily with no foot problems ..

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