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  1. So sorry to hear this news and wish Rosie a very speedy recovery. Sounds like she is being very brave x
  2. Just a quick piggie update. She is doing so well and is loving being an indoors pig. She is still living in the Lounge and has become an avid TV watcher. Every time someone chops something in the kitchen she squeals so loud we have to give her some of any fruit or veg we are chopping and she can count up to 4 now as every evening when we go to bed she has 4 white chocolate buttons. She knows exactly how many 4 is! She gets such a lot of fuss and she is a different Pig, she was always the quiet shy one when she was with the group. Not any more!
  3. I dont post much these days but often pop in to the nesting box and have a quick scan through. From my point of view there are a number of reasons I dont come on here much. When I first joined I was reasonably new to Chicken Keeping so sucked up everything I could regards tips and advice. A lot of the friends I made have migrated to Facebook and we have a 'thing' going on over there and keep in touch this way and Im probably busier now than I was 5 years ago. You do tend to see the same subjects coming around again when you have been here for a bit Those Forum members who endlessly answer the same questions over and over again in the Chicken sections need a great big round of applause for services to Chicken keeping
  4. Sheila, that's a lovely post. She would always go that extra mile to help. Justine's funeral is taking place on Friday 6th July in Widnes at 11am. PM me if anyone needs any more details. Ian has asked me to walk with her. I'm sure lots of you will be thinking of her on the day so I'll take you all with me 'virtualy'
  5. Hi all. Ian has been in touch and he has read this thread with your tributes to Justine. He asked me to pass on his thanks to you all for your lovely comments made and that they had met some lovely people via the forum.
  6. Hi all, I dont get on here much these days but did just log on wondering if anyone had put up a posting to let all the 'older' forum members know that Justine had sadly passed away. Im sure she wouldnt mind too much that she was remembered as sometimes a more controversial poster on this forum. Its lovely to read that so many of you were also touched by her kindness and enjoyed reading her blog, musings and use her recipes. Her Marfans meant she did tire and hence found the forum and facebook a great diversion and enjoyed banter with us all on the net. She was a great friend and I know no one quite like her and probably never will. A truly unique person and the world is a poorer place without her. Ill let Ian know about this thread. Im sure he will be drawing some comfort from the lovely tributes.
  7. This is not her first outing on tv. I happened to catch a bit of the programme 'Snog, Marry, Avoid' some while ago. She was on that. She looked nice when they gave her a makeover but then she went straight back to being a Geisha girl. Obviously keen to be on TV, whatever.
  8. I think the result was his Mum ruined it for him. He is 16 now. I think I might ask him later and see if he remembers
  9. This thread has made me laugh. Just the usual mouldy lunch for me in my kids bags. However, I pulled out the bottom draw in my sons room once as it was stuck and found a number of mouldy items stuck to the carpet. I cleared it up and questioned my son when he got home from school (he was about 6 or 7 ish at the time) only to be told it was a 'Mould Farm' and an experiment to see how long different things took to go mouldy I used to have a 'corpse collection' when I was about this age. It was a long thin box which had a bracelet in and in it I had a dead butterfly, a moth, a bee, a wasp, a fly and a couple of blackbirds eggs
  10. Claire Hun, I'm so sorry. I haven't really got any advice for you other than to echo what others have said that you must look after yourself and make sure you eat. Take care. Hugs from me too x
  11. Thankyou for the advice. I have been keeping her in as it's gone blummin cold here over the last week. I'll start putting her out again when the weather gets better. She seems to have settled into indoor living and looks happy and healthy. I'm still really pleased with her progress and she seems her normal self. I was trying to look at rehoming without getting emotional about it on my part. Obviously I want to keep her and was only looking at rehoming so she wouldn't be lonely. I feel better about her being alone now people have told me they have had lone pigs. Although not ideal it does seem a stresful situation for a quiet and generally shy piggie to be put in a new home with new pigs. I'll just keep on cuddling her and feeding her cucumber for now Have also taken teabag's advice from another posting and have moved her outdoor quarters within viewing distance of the chickens so she has some 'hentertainment' from them when she is out.
  12. Thankyou. It is. I have been beside myself with worry. It's good to see her back to her normal old self. The cucumber in the fridge is disappearing again
  13. I'm really enjoying this too and defiantly will be downloading the first of the books to read. I love books with a modern history vein and if they are true stories all the better. Fantastic. I love Miranda anyway. Win win for me
  14. Thankyou for your advice, I had not thought bringing her in at night may make her moult. She has always been an outdoors piggie although the hutch is in the garage overwinter it is still cold. We put a blanket over the hutch at night. I think people do successfully keep piggies outdoors. A friend of mine always put hers in at night and out everyday come what may and has had a piggie live till 8 years old. She loves being outdoors and seems to thrive on it, comming in at night is a new thing and more so she can have company. I will be keeping her in when the weather is extremely cold. I guess it's whatever suits. Still haven't said no to rehoming and will keep a close eye on how she is. I will certainly keep an eye on her coat. I'm more than happy with the situation at the moment. Wind back a week ago I thought she might well starve herself to death she was so miserable so one week on the transformation is fantastic.
  15. Thankyou for your advice. The thing that worried me about sending her to a GP rescue was really that Im sure they are snowed under with unwanted GP's. Im sure that they would rehome her in a good home. I have a rescue cat so Im aware of the procedure you have to go through and that its very thorough. After about 4 days of greiving she seems to have really turned a corner. She seemed in total shut down for a few days then has gone right back to normal. She is a quiet, gentle piggie in nature and loves a cuddle so we have been doing all we can to help her through. We have got her an indoor cage. She is now put outside during the day and brought indoors when I get home from work. The outdoors cage has had its centre section removed to give her lots of run space and we have bought her a small pod to hide in and put her play tube and other bits to keep her busy. She loves being outdoors and putting her out seems to have cheered her up no end. We usualy have the hutch in the garage overwinter because of the cold nights but as she comes in at night now its not an issue. The indoor cage is in the lounge on a chest of draws so she can see whats going on. She sits on my knee in the evening for a spot of telly watching She has always been quite friendly with the dog and now seems to be enjoying teasing the cat from the saftey of her cage. The cat sits and watches her intently from the back of the sofa whilst she stares back, paws up at the bars. I feel Im living in a Tom and Jerry cartoon. Im happy enough that she is back to her normal self and although not an ideal situation will see how things go. I have had a couple of offers of lonley bunnies but no lonley GP's as yet. If nothing turns up and she seems miserable Ill have to investigate the rescue route.

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