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  1. Thankyou luvachicken, I cant wait, Ive wanted hens since I was a girl. Our parents used to take us on holiday in our commer campervan down to Gillingham in Dorset and we stayed with the Mitchell family in Langham. Bill worked at the farm and Lil had a spare bit of land with around 30 chickens on it. I have a photo somewhere I need to find with me as a small child in red wellies looking very scared of them. We holidayed there for 17 years, lil had 13 cats too. Jersey cows on the farm, mice, hedgehogs, peacocks, cockerels and more. Idyllic holidays in the 1970s.
  2. Hi all I am new to this forum. I live in Darwen with my husband. I have just put together the omlet Eglu for the corner of our garden. My husband is building a frame with strong steel wire (square stuff) over it and the eglu will sit in that. I have been getting tips by a lady who works at a school and i have seen her rescue hens and shes given me lots of advice. Once the frame is built and the food water and wood shavings are bought from the large petstore on our street I can register to rescue some hens. One rescue centre is in wigan and there are a few others. They will be in the corner of the garden, this was a flower bed that wasnt successful, it was too shady so we dug it out, found more cobbles and rebuilt a new wall. I have a greenhouse too to grow plants they will like and have planted beebombs in the border. I love gardening and we also have a wildlife pond with lillies in it. Our plan is to replace the back fence panels also with new ones and they will have arched trellis on the top of them to make the hens area more private. We will also build a run to place on the grass so they can peck some grass (but not too much)! So excited.

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