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  1. I have a mark I, it has wooden slats rather than plastic in the later ones. The mark 2 holds more chooks than the mark 1, but the front where the run slots in looks the same. My mark 1 is still in tip top condition 16 years later. The mark 2 is easier to clean with the plastic slats. Also the pop hole is different on the mark 1 compared to the mark 2. Can you post a picture of the pop hole??
  2. Does anyone make there own peck blocks?? Does anyone have any recipes to make one?
  3. Thanks everyone hopefully when the newbies arrive she will be nice and snuggly.
  4. Over the past few months some of my chooks have died, old age, and other different things, anyway this has left me with just one chook. Rather annoyingly she has decided to moult and is looking a bit threadbare. She is currently on her own at night on the eglu until some new friends arrive in 2 weeks. Any suggestions how to keep her a bit warmer while she's on her own.
  5. I'm going to have to find some of this. Is it something that can be purchased on the High Rd??
  6. The thing with probiotics is that they generally only contain one strain of bacteria, so will only replace /replenish that particular strain. It is difficult to know which needs replacing.
  7. It seems very effective, they are perfectly happy with the size I have used. You also need to bear in mind the sizes available in the UK.
  8. They pop their head through white tube. The white tube on the inside is cut in a particular way so the feed is easily accessible.
  9. Is there any way you can make it so they can't sleep up there and stop them getting in the habit?
  10. Barkeeper friend, is this like cif scouring powder?? I am not familiar with it.
  11. There are a few places to get ex batts from aswell, look at them all.
  12. I have transported 3 ex batts in a pet carrier. They all settled down really quickly and we're happy as Larry.
  13. I made a new feeder for my chooks, easy to make and really inexpensive. Anyone got anything similar? I hope they like it......... 🤞🏻
  14. After a quick trip to b&q for a bit of chain I made one according to the recipe supplied above. Had some spare so made a little one aswell. They seem to like it.
  15. I did think about popping some grit in. I think I've got some mealworm lurking about aswell. Thanks

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