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  1. Yonks

  2. Yonks

    Ayup, i love seeing nugget, she was such a character. Ive moved house so we now have a bigger garden full of fruit trees and chickens. I was really poorly for quite a while and the doctors couldnt work out what was wrong with me. Took them over a year but finally found out ive got a condition no one has ever heard of, such fun. Hey ho cant do anything about it so got to crack on. Been travelling around and potteing about and finally ive cracked making bread. Im looking forward to catching up and meeting new omleteers.
  3. Yonks

    Thank you!
  4. Japan.....

    Hi have you been yet? If not i highly recommend a nagomi visit. This a where you get to have a real home cooked meal in a Japanese family home. Its brilliant. Ive been 3 times to japan the last time October lsst year. Yokohsma is easy tp get to frpm Tokyo 1/2 hour on the trsin. I met some lovely people on my nsgomi visit and we still keep in touch.
  5. Yonks

    Hello! Nice to hear from you. Wow you live in France how did you end up there? Do you still have hens? I recognise a few names from the olden days and like you say i think a few more will pop up. Take care.
  6. Yonks

    Hi everyone I havent been on here for ages but im back and ready to post. I recently acquired a new chicken through very random circumstances and it made me think of some the random stories have read on the forum. I hope everyone is well and look forward to hearing the chickeny tales from the omleteers. Toodlepip
  7. Keeping lettuce fresh?

    When buying lettuce, look at the bottom, if the stalk is brown its not as fresh as you think, if its white it is the one to buy.
  8. My other half decided to clean one of the eglus, after moving one of the eglus, he rigged up some sort of barrier, you can see were this is going. After a good clean and spray he left it to dry for a while. A little later he looked out of the window and shouted " I cant see the 2 white ones" and promptly legged it outside quicker than usain bolt. I followed to see noodle, Geraldine and Fletcher a bit to close to the fence, that has a little gap just big enough for a chicken to get through., happily scratching away in the garden. After 10 minutes of chicken wrangling they were back in their nice safe run. Let's put it like this, after a lot of sweating Paul won't be rigging up a make shift barrier again.
  9. I made a perch for my chickens today, just waiting now for it to be used. Come on girls. I keep looking out of the window, but no joy yet.
  10. Meeting your heroes

    I'm not one who normally struggles to come up with something to say, however when I met Christopher Lee I just stood there with my mouth open, Went bright red and stuck my finger out at him, yes that's right i stuck my finger at him. Not totally random as I had a bandaged finger and so did he. He was very nice a real living legend.
  11. FAO Dogmother

    i think i shall be on here a bit more from now on. catch up on all the goings on.........
  12. FAO Dogmother

    I haven't been on the forum for yonks, but it always makes ne smile when I see nuggett my first chicken as your avatar. I seem to recall you had a different username in days gone by,. You have made my day.
  13. Happy Summer Solstice

    I came back from Latvia on Friday and they take midsummer very seriously. People leave the big cities and head for the countryside to sing and dance. They all wear head dresses and wreaths made from many different flowers. Oh and they make a special cheese fir the celebrations. You can buy it in shops but many people like to make it themselves
  14. After 3 hens died over several months from old age and a huge tumour we decided to get some new hens so Fletcher wasn't on her own. Well I have to say we went down the route if all in together and they seem to be getting along fine. A few chests sticking out and a tiny bit of neck pinning but suprisingly all over and done with in 2 days. Can't believe it.
  15. It seems there are no spares at all for the mark 1 classic eglu. However comments are bweing oassed on to the design team fir consideration. Fingers crossed as my chooks in the mark 1 would very much like some plastic bars to roost on.