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  1. Get a couple of cats - they do a great job
  2. Hi Helen You have bought a tear to my eye - I am so soppy its unreal You sound like you have had an amazing day. I waited years for my chooks and I know how you feel. They are the best animals I have ever had, and they give so much. Just wait until you get your first egg! you will be beside yourself We all do the egg dance round the garden with the tiny warm egg on our cheek! Mad crazy chook lovers! Enjoy every minute
  3. Hi Stevie I think your decision is not a 'cop out' but a very sensible one. I have learnt alot over the past few weeks, and although I know there will always be some pecking in order to determine 'top dog' I do believe that space is a real issue which should not be ignored in our haste to get more chooks. Alot of my probelms could have possibly been avoided if my chooks had had more space - to escape if nothing else. I have such a happy bunch now but there were times when I wished I had left the pair alone. Once we had given them their new run however, they settled down so quickly I do realise that this is not always the case, but in this instance i do feel that it helped a great deal. Good luck when you do introduce a new girl - are you still considering an amber star? I do not think you will regret it they are so soppy
  4. Hope all goes well for you and your new amber star. They are the most docile of birds and big! My girlie is only 20 weeks and is much bigger than all the others already. Such a softie. I had problems introducing mine to two Omlet girls (my had died and I like three chooks) Lolli is so docile she just took the battering from the other two. We ended up getting a fourth to share the pecking. It is a question of space as much as anything. We resorted to a naughty step (rabbit hutch) for the main bully which she slept in at night to give the newbies some space. Lots of free ranging during the day and building a 9 x 9 ft run has solved the problem completely and we now have a very happy crowd. Have fun today !
  5. So sorry to here that Blanche has passed away. She sounds like she had a lovely last day x
  6. I am so sorry to hear your news Jenny. I resucued one of mine from a fox not long after I got them and I know what a dreadful shock that was. I cannot imagine how you must be feeling today. My husband would not understand either. Big hugs to you. As with all of us you sound like you adored your girls. I am sure they had a wonderful life with you. Take care Nicky x
  7. Lovely run Michelle. Like your idea of going down the side of the shed - wasted space isn't it? I wanted to do that as my girls love going down there but was not possible. Let us know what you do with your roof, I have not decided what to do with mine yet
  8. Thanks for the comments. My OH has been promising for so long but really did not want to do the job. I costed making the run from scratch and it was so expensive. I think the premade panels were very reasonable - got them from here: http://www.riversideaviaries.co.uk/aviaries.htm - £15 each and £22 with a door - and they meant that it did not take us too long to put up. Will make such a difference to be able to walk in the run to clean it.
  9. Hi Poet Thanks for your concern. The other side of the fence is a narrow concrete path. Nicky
  10. After many months of searching for the ideal solution for our chooks we have finally built our run in THREE hours. I am so excited and the chooks seem very happy. We bought pre made panels, used the existing garden fence as one side to save on the cost, put paving slabs down and have left a strip of grass/soil at the back for them. I put half the eglu run inside the pen so that they have some shelter and to keep their dustbath dry. I have also added an extra glug and grub set for them. I am hoping to sort out a roof soon, and raise the eglu to increase the floor area. The run is 9ft x 9ft We have not had one squabble since they went in. Yeah!!!
  11. I would not hesitate to recommend Southmead Poultry. Tracy runs a fab place and is extremley helpful. I have had three chooks from her over the past 6 months. My new Amber Star is the most lovely gentle bird.
  12. No sure if this has been on here before but anyway...... Look what arrived today!!! So excited....no more moving eggs about, oldest will always be the first to be used from now on....they company make a bantam eggskelter too. BRILLIANT [/img]
  13. Hi there I ordered a 'lucky run' at the weekend but was told yesterday that there was a 4 week wait. I cannot wait that long as I need more space quickly (squabbling chooks) so I have ordered the poultry cage from Harold Horticulture. I will report back as soon as it arrives
  14. I have lived in my house for 14 years and have never had a problem with neighbours. However I was very upset when I received a notice of complaint made about noise from the council last summer. This was before I had chickens, it was acomplaint about my teenagers playing their music loudly. I think the council send the letter out as a matter of course. I heard nothing more from the council. I would not worry too much unless someone from the coucil actually knocks on your door. Often they will do a 'spot check' outside your house to see if they can detect any noise. they are unlikely to hear chickens in the middle of the day and unlikely to get up reaelly early to check your neighbours complaint! Hope it all works out

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