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  1. I also have the hentroix door closer & it is fab....I upgraded my Mk1 Cube to the Mk11 one last year as Omlet said the opener was coming summer 2017! I was going on holiday & didn't want my mum & her zimmer frame having to go out in the rain to shut them in at night - mine free range the garden It works really well and it has to be very dark before it shuts, I have add chickens since having it & have never had one locked out
  2. I have trained 4 different flocks of hens (sounds grand but just normally 3-4 hens) to use the Grandpa feeder, they have all mastered it.....the rescue hens took the longest, it is 3 steps to getting them use to it & I had to go back to step 2 for them for an extra 3 days. I now have 2 of them each end of the garden but also so I can train new hens how to use it in a pen away from the others until they get the hang of it. Would really recommend them, I got it to stop rats and it works....I occasionally see a rat but they cannot get in to them.
  3. Yes I brought a cheaper winter outside tap cover (the padded type) and put it over the motor & taped it up. We had one occasion when it didn't open & I thought perhaps it had got frozen so we brought the tap cover and it worked ll winter
  4. Sorry everyone! we had a tap cover over it when it was very cold to stop the motor from freezing as we were a bit worried. Hope that helps
  5. yes we got one before Christmas & love it......when it was very cold I put a tap cover over the top which worked a treat!
  6. thank you for your advice, I wish I knew which one did the pecking - we think it is the bluebell but we are now letting them completely free range as they have bonded with the dogs (we did have an issue with the Polish Batum who was broody attacking the dogs) so the feathers are now coming back. Oh - BTW as the pen and GO UP was free we picked up 3 new hens from a BHWT re-homing day so 2 weeks in the pen then we will try to introduce them to the dogs and rest of chickens
  7. Hi All After a two year absence, I have chickens again......so pleased My friend is leaving the UK so needed to re-home her 4 chickens One of them turned up with new feathers growing where the Bluebelle has pecked her but it was all healed, a week later the poor thing has a big hole in her new feathers again, I have got some purple spray which I will use tonight but should I remove the bluebelle for a couple of days - luckily my friend gave me her cube so I now have two houses. Or should I just treat and let them great on with it?
  8. Hi We have Edna 8 years in Sept - she is also a Pepperpot still lays most days but unlike your moults and goes broody! We have just got 3 new hens - and now remember why we called her 'Evil Edna' she is beating the others up most days not making them bleed but just reminding them who is boss. Your Clover looks just like Edna!
  9. So excited, I got 3 new girls today! We had 3 chickens back in 2007, now only Edna is left AMAZINGLY she is still laying 4/5 eggs a week & all are big! She has been alone for the last few years but she potters round the garden with my mum and comes in the kitchen when she wants ( she has even laid eggs in the dogs bed!). So life has changed again & I am home more, so we thought we could get some more chicken we went with 1 Bluebelle, 1 Sussex Star & 1 Columbian Black Tail We feel like novices again & have spent all day checking on them, we are keeping the new ones in the eglu run, for a week as Edna is a large chicken who was always the bully to the others ( my friend moved recently & I looked after her 4 hens & 1 cockerel for 10 days & she tried to take the cockerel on - luckily he was a gentleness boy who just put her in her place) Hopefully mixing them next weekend will go smoothly! Wish us luck
  10. after reading an earlier post about pellets Vrs mash, I brought mash this time and boy do they love it I don't think that they have touch the pellets since I put the mas in the run, in fact I have not filled up the mash to ensure that they finish the pellets. Thanks for the tip.....it has made my girls very happy.
  11. start with 3, I did!! I have 2 pepperpots and 1 Gingernut, my pepperpots are not as in your face as my gingernut, who at this mintue is sitting in one of the dogs bed in the kitchen, and runs across the garden whenever the door is open to come in to the kitchen..... But I have to say I do not pick any of them up each day (I was a little scared when we 1st got them) so it could be my fault....that the other girls are not so freindly. The pepperpots are really beautiful in the sun, when you get to see thier full colours. Also mine only have a very little red on their chests which I think made them look more scary before they grew their combs and wattles. So if I had to do it again, what would I do? no idea as I love them all...if I have to replace any we are getting battery hens
  12. At the moment I use layers pellets buy the girls don't seem to each much of it, we keep them in their run til 11am and then they free rage till dark. They are all laying now but would only have to fill the grub up every 4 days and then it is still over half full (i do it every day cause I don't like to think of them having stale food ) We also give then treat everyday of 2-3 handfulls of corn and a banana or some grapes between the 3 of them. So I am thinking of trying them on Mash instead AND finally my question is... do you wet the mash down? or do you leave it just flakes? Should I worry as they are all looking well and the eggs are all great and getting bigger? BTW if I give them porridge made of pellets they do eat that.
  13. don't worry I got mine a week earlier then you and until today only 1 out of 3 was laying but today I got 2 eggs....so it will happen I came home from work early yesterday and was giving the girls their treats and Edna crouched in front of me - never happened before so I was just telling my husband a couple of weeks and we may have an extra egg BUT it happened today I hope you don't have too long to wait
  14. Week 11 and Edna has done it.... a lovely spotted egg wieghing a whooping 63g, Penny's 1st egg was only 41 grams (her one today was 61g) Here it is: Just one more to go.......
  15. well you all have made me feel better my two look like jomaxsmith's hen the most, and they are indeed very flightly....so the wait continues..... It just seems unfair to poor Penny who produces 13 days out of 14 and is holding the fort for the other 2. There again she is/was the scary hen.....she legend in with all my friends who come round, she pecks your feet if you stand still too long, she follows us to the potting shed to get out the treats sits in the corn tin while I try to squeeze my hands round her to get the corn in the bowel...she walks to heel better then the dogs...we have caught her half way up our stairs looking for us. We never thought that Chickens could be so much fun and eat in to your day so much. We are demolising our summerhouse to make it into a winter place for them so just off to buy hemcore now.....thanks to everyone on this forum for advice and tips

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