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  1. Just to add, I’m not sure why the word “shut” has been replaced with asterisks! I’m guessing I mis-typed something and it didn’t like it! Oops!
  2. We have one bunny (her companion died a couple of months ago) living outside in an Eglu. She is always ***** away at night, and currently has wood shavings and hay for bedding (I was told not to use straw because of potential eye problems). I’m wondering when people would consider it cold enough to put the insulating jacket on? What else could we do to ensure she is warm enough? We don’t have a garage or large enough shed. Thanks
  3. I have an existing Classic for rabbits, but am about to introduce a new rabbit to my existing rabbit (her companion died a few weeks ago). I’ve bought a second hand Eglu classic which was used for chickens. It’s been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, but I’m wondering whether the kit to convert it for rabbits is essential. Has anyone used the chicken base (without roosting bars!) for rabbits? Thanks.

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