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  1. We found that our's ate shredded paper - you'd put it in the nexting box in the morning and by the following morning it would be gone! Now you would think we don't feed them or something, but I tell you they are 3 of the best fed hens around - they free range all day long and the grub get refilled daily! I thought I was going mad when the shredded paper kept vanishing so now I have taken to using hemcore which is straw bedding used for horses and that works a treat! Another tip we found worked was shimming up a partition of sorts between the nest and roosting bars out of cardboard, tha
  2. We were wondering when our top hen Patience should start moulting? We have had her since September 2007 and she is still showing no signs of loosing her feathers or slow down in her egg production! Is there a specific time when they start to moult or does it vary from chicken to chicken? Cheers,
  3. Well, so far not too bad. We've left the run door open, so everybody is free to come and go as they please. So far, Patience (existing) has had a couple of pecks at Phyllis, with some squaking, and a small chase round the garden, but things seem to have settled down for a bit. Interestingly, Patience and the other new one, Priscilla, are fine, though Priscilla seems a bit nervous of Patience. We're wondering if Patience thinks Priscilla is Petunia (RIP) - similar colourings, well grey and black. No easy way of doung this is there, and now it's raining, just to make things
  4. Thanks Chelsea... That is a good idea, we did see that on another topic so may give that a go... We are going to let them out in a mo and see what carnage ensues... Will update later...
  5. Well i'm afraid, we dont have a spare house, nor do we have the time to make a makeshift run and somewhere for the new chooks to sleep so it's going to have to be letting the new chooks out to free range with Patience and see what happens!
  6. Well we have just got home with Phyllis a beautiful Amber Lee and Priscilla a gorgeous Speckled Star and have got them settling into the new extended run and eglu, however our ever faithful Patience is free ranging out side clucking and voicing her disdain in equal measure but they are also sizing eachother up... Question, is it right to leave Patience to free range while the other two are closed in the run or should we have all 3 of them together to get the pecking order over with as quickly as possible? Sugggestions Please?
  7. Petunia has now sadly died (thread in Chicken Clinic), which leaves us with just one chicken . So, we're wondering, would it be a good idea to replace her with one or two chickens? Patience, who we've had since September (Patience and Petunia came together as our first chickens), will be the oldest, and presumably will take on "top chook" role - we could never work out which was "top" between Patience and Petunia, they both seemed to be equal. Would it be best to introduce one new chicken or two? If two, we'll need a run extension for the Eglu as well, but that's no problem - it'
  8. LOL... well snowy, we certainly don't have the time to do that... I guess it's going to have to remain a mystery.... Though your logic does seem to make sense!!
  9. Quin and I have had various debates who which egg belongs to which hen.. Patience (Gingernut Ranger) & Petunia (Miss Pepperpot) We have two differnt coloured shells - one is a dark brownish colour and the other is more light tan in colour. We assumed the darker of the two shells belonged to Patience because she was several weeks older than Petunia and the first egg to be laid was the darker of the two.. However, a month or so later we started getting both dark and light shelled eggs.. Friends and family say the darker shelled egg must be coming from Petunia because she is
  10. I'm sure this is posted elsewhere, but I've had a search and can't find it! We've just watched the last of Hugh's Channel 4 chicken progs off the recorder - only to discover things were running a bit late so we missed the end Hence we don't know what the "Axminster Result" was - did Axminster go free-range? Please put us out of our misery - just as Hugh stood on his dias to read out the result, the recording ended! Thanks. PS - We've not watched Jamie yet, so don't mention that!
  11. Thanks for the advice all, thy seem to have left the paper alone over the last few days - must have been a strange phase they were going through! And thanks for all the welcomes. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody.

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