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  1. Its supposed to drop to the 20s. Some sort of an artic blast! From what I can see the cover can cover quite a bit, but it can also be put on in sections so to speak - ie, over just the "roof" but not the sides, etc. I clean out their tray every morning - I use wood chips to catch everything. Kind of like a catbox but well with chickens! I also clean everything daily - ie vinegar spray/wipe off - nice and tidy..... They are likewise moved to fresh ground every day also - and they have a 13 foot run, so for 7 chickens they have room to stretch their legs. The last 3 feet of the run is uncovered, as is also the door end, so I dont worry about ventilation in that - plus the back area has slits in the tarp for the wheels. So that leaves the Cube - it seems as if there are 4 ventilation slits on the "roof" at the side of the cube, and then the 3 big vents - I in front and 2 in back. Are the big vents being uncovered enough? They are very cozy in there and I close them in at night so Im not too worried about freezing - just not sure what is considered cold enough to put it on!
  2. I am happy to say I took your advice DM and now they are very happily protected from the wind, and I still have the ability to adjust their coverage accordingly. I bought a 10 by 14 foot tarp such as you suggested, and then I spent a couple of hours fitting it under and around the edges of the Cube. The run area I left open and placed two bungee hooks at the very end. I can move the tarp as far up and down the run as I wish. We already had an artic blast, with temps down to the low 30s and they did fine. When do I need to put on their Cube blanket? Is there a temperature it is good at?
  3. Where does one obtain these clear tarps? Is it the Omlet ones? They seem VERY nice and thick but again have some areas for wind....
  4. Hello! New to Eglu, but loving it! Got a cube and created a LOOOONG run - 16 feet or so attached for my 7 little princesses. They are LOVING it and so am I! I call it the Shangri La... We live in Virginia - can get down in the 20s maybe teens in Fahrenheit in winter....I bought the cube blanket bundle so no matter WHERE we go we are set for cozy chicken nights... So Drafts..... the portent of drafts brings ice to my bones! SOOOO... I purchase all sorts of Omlet draft dodging items.... combis and panels and you name it... I bought it. But my apprehensions were not improved upon the reception of said items..... Quality - excellent! Size - allows for DRAFTS! How much wind is too much wind? Im told the girls can stand in a gale, but a slight breeze on their britches and WOAH ! Their demise is inevitable.... Im not concerned about them in the Cube. But UNDER the Cube - the small panels that I purchased for windbreaks and to PREVENT drafts are not adequate if I dont want spaces around the edges where little whisps of wind can fluff their downy bloomers! So is this really a problem? Would it be better to return them and just skin it with 6 mil greenhouse plastic? When does a draft become a draft? Am I just being too much of a literalist? I just spent a fortune on the Shangri La. It would break my heart to have it turn into a SIck Ward! Please Advise!

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