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  1. OK Ive ordered 4 saddles, lets see what he makes of that a bit of anti peck spray on the back of their heads too !!!
  2. my girlies love their Speedy, follow him everywhere whilst he picks up tasty morsles and gives them away, but his 'attentions' have caused bald patches on the back of necks and above tailes. Looks very sore what can i do without upsetting them all?
  3. mine do this every time if they ever get into the garden and the back door is open
  4. my 4 are normally very productive but this last week Im lucky to get 1 egg a day, my friends hens are the same. They all seem well enough - any ideas?
  5. Tiggy

    Sad News

    Its about him up there left my life alone One of my closest friends died on Wed. Do I need a break
  6. AND he hs a job !!! OK working in the Plymouth gadget shop but a job is a job. He is the only one in his group to leave uni and go straight into work, He is not sure what he wants to do so is working to pay for 'having a good time' whilst he has the chance. Im so pleased for him he is a bright kind lovely young man who deserves a bright future and Im sure he will
  7. Tiggy

    Sad News

    some of you will remember my cousins daughter Rosie who passed away with a brain tumour 18 months ago, I just had a call to say that her Mom died this morning with the same thing RIP Tracy . sometimes life can be cruel
  8. soluble fibre, oats are good, This is a disease of the western world, too much processed food too long away from the natural world, following a Mediterranean diet helps. Good luck, it makes you feel bloated and horrid
  9. staphlococus aureas, bug causing a golden crust
  10. Tiggy

    New life

    Ive just got the projecton for my nhs pension, not much for the 33 years Ive put in. Never mind OH is a GP and his is much better Of Course !!!! so Im not worried. Ive joined the national Rock Choir and Im loving it
  11. Tiggy

    New life

    Ive been away from here for a while, my life has turned around. Its taken a long time and I only share this with you because its a positive story. You all helped me through a very dark time a few years back but eventually I took control. With the help of a workmate got help from my GP. Its taken time, physical illness, mental illness, struggles with events in my past. Im sure many people can relate to it. I was as low as anyone could be, but a workmate, sister and friend pulled me back from the brink and I started to make choices I now am in the lucy position to work part time. Step children are grown up, Im physically in a better place and my tolerance for family members behaving badly is zero. Maybe its age, but Ive recently learned that Im not a bad person, there have been lots of friends along the way that mean more to me than my own biological family and I no longer feel guilty about it. I now am making plans for the future, smaller house, room for chickens (of course) a dog and a simpler life. I may be that old lady in purple but you know what, I dont care x OOOH and one thing that may be usefull to others, after a few years of gradually feeling unwell physically and emotionally my hair started to fall out, so back to the GP I went - I have an under active thyroid !!! and now that has been corrected Im fine. Worth getting checked if you seem to be struggling for no apparent reason
  12. OMG that sounds terrible, Im sure the agency staff that sent the carer must be in a state too. The lady sounds as if she needs help asap. Not that it helps you or your parents. Dementia is a cruel but very common part of ageing, the only saving grace is that eventually the sufferer has no comprehension of how they are. If you google dementia uk you can get lots of info Its important that your Moms physical heath is not neglected by health professionals, its very easy to concentrate on mental health issues and forget that older people need blood pressure checks etc. I hope things get better soon
  13. you only have to comply with legal requirements of registration of death and disposal of remains. Funeral services are a religious/optional part of a funeral. You can request how your remains are dealth with as long as you have paid for it
  14. for ladies the common place is the calf (often exposed skin that is not easily seen by the person herself) to be honest most celtic/european skin is not designed for long exposure to sun. Lets face it, how often do we get any Joking apart we can easily get damage even if we never leave the UK, unless you have black skin sun factor 15 should be a daily part of our skin care to all exposed skin even in winter if you are very fair. All those rays are very ageing

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