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  1. Thank you both. Looking at these options too! Will get there in the end!
  2. Thanks Patricia. Ideally I’m looking for one to collect a bit closer to home, but as they are truly like hen’s teeth, I won’t rule it out. If Omlet come up with a good discount code anytime soon, I could be tempted to buy new. Thanks.
  3. Is anybody in the Bath/ Bristol/ Somerset area looking to sell a walk in run anytime in the next few weeks please?
  4. Any WIR's that might become available in the next few weeks? Thanks.
  5. Hello, I realise I might be looking for hen's teeth at the moment, but is there anyone looking to sell their walk in run in the Bath/ Bristol area please? I would prefer the full height but am considering half height too. Thank you.
  6. Hi, I am looking for an Eglu Go / Go up or Cube with or without run please. I am located in Somerset and can collect from Bath/ Bristol/ Wells area. Thank you.

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