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  1. Thanks for your advice. I was afraid it might be something serious. I am going to keep an eye on her for the time being and see how she goes. I might take her to the vets tomorrow if she doesn't perk up. She seems fairly comfortable at the moment - I've brought her indoors to give her a break from the other two troublemakers. She is one of my original Omlet girls and I will be very upset when something happens to her but at least I know she's had a very good life with us.
  2. I have a three and a half year old pepperpot who has not seemed herself over the last couple of days. She has been very quiet and isn't moving around as much as normal. Sometimes she stands with her eyes closed. I haven't seen her eating that much but she is drinking water. We rarely have eggs from her now, maybe one every few weeks. I have felt her abdomen and as far as I can tell there are no blockages, nothing feels hard. Her crop also feels ok. I'm concerned as today the tips of her comb have gone a purple colour. I suppose this may be stress if she's not feeling well and also there is always a bit of squabbling between the three of them. Or it could indicate something more serious? I had this with her over the Easter weekend but she was her normal self again within a few days - although her comb wasn't purple then. I just don't know what could be wrong? It may need a trip to the vets.
  3. Hope Poppy is ok and things calm down soon. They can be so nasty can't they?
  4. That looks great - you must have very happy chickens!
  5. Thank you both for the advice, it's very helpful. I'm just going to have to keep an eye on things. It all seems to get worse when I go outside or when Donna sees me watching from the window! Hopefully she will be happier once she has calmed down and she realises that it's better than being on her own!
  6. Sadly poor Roxanne died earlier this week from peritonitis. I was so upset as she was secretly my favourite I wasn't planning on getting any more hens at the moment as I didn't want the stress of introductions (I'm currently 5 1/2 months pregnant). However, Donna has seemed very miserable on her own and I decided it wasn't fair not to get any more hens. Today I went and bought a Speckledy and and Amber Star from our local poultry suppliers. I've split the run into two with bamboo canes - Donna at one end and the new girls at the other. I have got temporary sleeping accommodation for the new girls. Has any one got any tips on how to manage introductions? How long is it before I dare let them mix - or do I just see how it goes? Donna is currently furious and is pacing up and down and trying to peck the new girls every time they go near the bars! Thanks
  7. Well I've been to the vets and they said it seems like she is egg bound. Rox isn't the most reliable layer and so the fact that she hadn't laid an egg for a few days isn't unusual and hadn't concerned me. They gave her an antibiotic injection and two other injections - they are hoping to 'get things moving'. They told me to make sure she drinks lots of water and I've got another appointment tomorrow. They did warn me that it might be too late though so I've just got to hope for the best.
  8. I don't think it's mites as I've checked the eglu over and the girls and they seem ok. Also I use the powder every time I clean them out. I'll see what the vet says.
  9. I've got the new pellets. One of the girls seems to have picked up a bit and is eating a bit more but the other one has gone very quiet and isn't even eating her favourite sweetcorn now. I'm off work today so I might take her to the vets this afternoon to get her checked out.
  10. My two haven't been eating properly for over a week now. They have had phases before where they've gone off their pellets but not for this long. I have tried mixing their pellets with warm water and oats to tempt them and they've eaten some, but not that much. They seem much quieter than normal although their tails are up and their combs are up (but a bit paler than normal). I am currently giving them a course of flubenvet to be on the safe side and have checked them and the eglu for mites but there is no sign of any. They are moulting slightly but not much. I'm at a bit of a loss to know what to do. They still eat treats such as sweetcorn but not as enthusiastically as normal! I don't want to be giving them too much other food as I want them to eat their pellets. Today I'm going to buy a new bag of pellets just in case there is something they don't like about the ones I'm giving them at the moment - don't think they are damp or anything though. Sorry for the long post - does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  11. Thanks - I'm definitely going to buy some limestone flour and see if that helps.
  12. Roxanne has started to eat her own eggs in the last few weeks . Luckily she isn't eating Donna's so we are still getting a few eggs (although she's currently moulting so not that many!). I have bought a roll away nesting box but it seems too big to fit into the eglu. Has any one else had any luck with these? I have also wondered if she is eating them because the shells are quite thin on her eggs and they easily smash? Donna's eggs are quite hard so maybe she's too lazy to break these and eat them?! Would limestone flour help to harden her eggs? If so, how much would you add to their pellets and where is the best place to buy it? Thanks
  13. KateP

    Advice please?

    Thanks - I am hoping that's what it is. I just get so worried though! OH has agreed to come home at lunch time to check on her and let me know how she is!
  14. I have just been out to the girls and Roxanne doesn't seem well at all. She is moving slowly and is fluffed up. When she poos it looks like egg white (sorry!). He crop isn't full but does seem a bit 'squashy'. Does anyone know what this could be - I.m just worried as I've got to leave her to go to work. She was her usual self yesterday. Thanks
  15. Glad you had a fantastic day. Great photos - your dress is lovely and what a brilliant idea about the owl!

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