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  1. Thanks Lewis - yes 2m of course - doh. So do you leave the door open and let the straw become the protective layer for heat. Cheers.
  2. Thanks Cat tails, yes ordinary bunnies. Run has an end to end weather cover and hutch stays dry. Its more about if we need to pack the hutch with straw (as well as confirming that leaving the door open to the elements no matter the weather is ok)
  3. Hi - our first winter in the UK approaches with an Eglu Go and 2ft run attached. The rabbits have loved the 24hr access to the lawn and we don't want to stop this, but as it gets colder we also need to ensure they can keep warm. At the moment we use Carefresh bedding as they use the corner of the run for their poop. Is the advice to keep the door to the run open no matter the temperature and fill the Eglu with straw, or are there any other considerations we should make. Many thanks Nick (on behalf of Willow and Marshmallow)

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