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  1. Sure! It's this cam from Argos - £40 and easy to set up. I also got a wifi extender to allow wifi to reach into the garden. Links: https://www.argos.co.uk/product/9302998 https://www.argos.co.uk/product/6207735 The cam works well in the dark as well as day, and has a free app so no ongoing fees. Hope this helps! Thanks for the advice. I used 2x4 because the buffs have large feet and I was told by several posts that the roost bars are better too large than too small. In terms of roundness, I agree they look sharp from the photo - but they have the edges rounded off with a router, so I don't think they are uncomfortable.
  2. Hi Beantree, Thank you for the advice. I've had similar feedback from others - so will be moving the roost bar to be lower down and narroways across the back. We have a 5 metre covered run so can put the food out there - at the time this photo was taken they were held in the coop for a few days to get settled. Amazing story regarding the roosters - I do have more success with picking these girls up if I stop restraining legs. Simply letting them dangle and focussing on holding the wings and body seems OK. They still don't love it, but so long as those wings are kept closed they stop struggling. Regarding bum feathers - I have read stories of people trimming them to one third length - have you ever heard of/tried this? Good to know it's not just mine! They seem happy enough.
  3. Hello Everyone, A week ago we got our first chickens - three 10-month old Orpingtons. I've set up a 6x4 shed as the coop and have a nice outside run with an automated chicken guard on the pop-hole. So much effort has gone into planning layouts etc etc... including a two-level roost made with 2x4, wide side up. However... the buffs simply don't want to roost on the bar. I'd like them to, as it's cleaner and just seems...right. One roost bar is 8 inches from the floor, and the other is 24 inches - I know they don't like roosting too high being so heavy. Tonight, I went in shortly after they started to settle down for the night, and practiced picking them up (with raisins as bribery) and putting them on the roost bar. Two things happened: They hate being picked up. Using the legs-between-finger technique and keeping their wings closed, I bring them to my body securely and in one third of attempts manage to succeed. The other two thirds result in a tantrum and a hovering 7-pound chicken!! When placed on the lower roost bar, they stay there for a few seconds, and hop off, again and again! Could anyone offer any advice - should I just persevere or do I simply have chooks that aren't so touchy feely? Attached is a night time snap from the cam I set up in there: