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  1. http://ebay.us/Sc68j7?cmpnId=5338273189 Eglu classic added to ebay today
  2. Choices are: Pink, with run and pink grub/glug, or Green (faded) with run, green grub/glug One is complete (either colour, first come, first served) £200 The second one is missing door closed peg (Omlet & run), run clips - all acestershirevailable from Omlet, so selling at a reduced price of £150
  3. I have listed the cube and Eglus separately now with photos and prices.
  4. I haven't taken photos as yet, will do over the weekend, but I have a green Eglu, Red Eglu, and a mk1 Green Cube for sale, plus incubation/chick kit for those wanting to raise own hen from eggs. ...reluctant sale, but after being widowed I am downsizing house and will not be keeping chickens in the future. please message if you want more info, photos to be added in the next few days. Tracy
  5. It has been a number of years since I have been on here, but good to see some old familiar names still. I was on her as TAJ, ran intro hen courses in Cheltenham, bred my own hens, etc. Oh how things have changed for me over the last 4 years, first my step-dad was will, leading to my mum going into a home (dementia) and having to sort and sell their house, he then died, 6 month later my mum died (...the court case against the carehome is now coming to an end), then aged 56 my husband died without warning from a heart attack. Since then my mother-in-law and step mum have also died. So what about the animals? one of my two cats died two days after my husband died and 7 months on the fox killed all 8 of my chickens, all most a year ago now. So to say life has been a bit of a struggle over the last few years is a bit over an understatement! My life has been kept busy over the last year by having a Guide Dog puppy to socialise and bring up - he is soon to go into formal training. I still have my cube and two classics, plus incubator, etc so I haven't said no to more chickens, but it was something we did together, not sure how many eggs one person can eat! Tracy

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