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  1. I am still sending a card to my Christmas victim and Egluntyne you have given me an idea. When and if I receive the dreaded round robin I will put it in a second victims card so long as they don't know them
  2. Hi I have LF Opringtons and LF Brahmas in with my hybrids. They all get on really well. The top hen is an Orpington. She keeps the whole flock calm and she likes to mother the Brahmas. They dont miss her when she is broody because she pops out every so often and they seem ok with that. I did have one Orpington that was a bit chatty but they have quite a low sounding voice or at least the ones I have had did There is probably exceptions! If I ever put new chickens in she calls them and picks up little bits of food off the floor and drops it. Shes usually found in amongst the new comers. I think they are definately the hippies of the hen world.
  3. Hi If this was my situation, I would buy two more hens young pol and introduce them to the chicks then when they know each other I would put them into the main coop at night. When I do this I spray all of them with diluted vinigar or some use vanilla to mask the different smell of each other. This always works well for me. As to the young lad I can't help I'm afraid as I have never faced this one. Regards Chucknette
  4. Hi If you are introducing young hens she will most likely cope quite well. She will let them know she's not happy for a short while but will appreciate the company. I put new hens in the coop at night and spray them all with diluted vinigar and so far it has worked well. Also, I keep them busy by throwing treats around the run for them to find. Hope all goes wll for you and Edna.
  5. Hi Jan I have used a treadle before, left open with a brick on it. Then I took it off for them to stand on it themselves. They were a bit skittish of it to start with but a hungry chicken will work it out pretty quickly. I am currently using a spiral feeder, they were suspicious of that for a while but soon got the hang of it. They work out quite quickly if they peck it it rewards them.
  6. I have just changed to the barrell spiral feeder for this reason. It is working really well, the hens took just a day to work it out and I don't see the big fat wood pigeons camped out in their pen anymore. Also, everything stays clean now as they only eat food that pings out of the spiral so no waste.
  7. Morning Bramble As previously said don't do anything yet. Do you have any sort of blackout on your coops as this does help. I let my chickens out at 8.00am every day and we don't hear a peep out of them. I used to worry about them when they egg announced but my neighbours tell me they have never heard them. This is because they are not like us being tuned into them. A neighbour near me got hens and I first heard them because they were new and now I'm asking other neighbours if they still have them because I can't hear them and "Ooops, word censored!"ody knows.
  8. Hi Lu Is it possible that it could have been an old egg that the hen had hidden for a while and you found it. I can't think of any other explanation other than it had a weak spot and let bacteria in and some insect laid eggs Whenever I bought free range farm eggs and got a dodgy one I always thought they must have found this one. Just a thought
  9. Oh dear Well I set off a bit of a discussion by typing the words poultry tonic. I in no way 'medicate' my birds unless absolutely necessary and I rarely have. All natural here. The tonic I use which I didnt name was recommended on here by a lovely lady who also does chicken parties. (Not sure if she still does as this was a long time ago) It can be used every day is completely natural and the birds love it but as I said they get it when I remember and they look good after a having it. No big money pharmas used by me. I was just trying to help show Chickenlicken what sort of routine can be done as its a bit daunting when you first start out. The lovely Eglutine was a font of knowledge for me. Thanks Eglutine
  10. Hi I use apple cider vinigar for a week once a month and vermex for three days once a month. I use a poultry tonic for the two weeks in between (when I remember) One week acv One week three days vermex four days fresh water Two weeks poultry tonic It's all confusing to start with but you will get into a routine. You can do the weeks in any order you want to, a lot of it for me is when I remember as none of its written in stone
  11. Hello Snowfearn Sounds like you are doing all the right things for your girls They are still quite young so will take a while for them to get into a rythem of laying. They do take the odd day off a week for a rest. I have a hybrid that layed for a couple of months and then never layed again, she is now six years old. Happy hen keeping
  12. Sorry, I should have added that you won't taste the lemon in the finished loaf.
  13. Hi It's the flour failing due to poor harvest. If you add two teaspoons of lemon juice to the mix it will make the gluten work harder and it will stop it failing. Your loaves will return to normal.
  14. Hi There will be plenty of space. I have LF Orpington and Brahma plus a hybrid in mine. So far there isn't a problem with the nestbox even with a broody in it. She just waits for the eggs to be laid then scoops them under her. I do turf broodys out though.
  15. I thought the big clue was in Miller saying to Susan "How could you not know what your husband was doing?" It came back to her when the lads Mum said "How could you not have known?" I told my OH it is him but I didnt know the reason why.
  16. Ahh the unexpected Christmas card. I used to send one to my Mum every year from a couple called Sam and Ella. They got up to all sorts. I lost my Mum last year so I have had to let Sam and Ella go on their merry way but I have Winnie and Wilf waiting in the wings for my new chosen victim. (yet to be chosen) I love the oo the ell are they! It makes my christmas
  17. Hi I have seen these a couple of times with my hens and i have put it down to new feathers coming through, especially as this time of year is for moulting. I have some new young hens and I pulled out the dropping tray a couple of weeks ago and it was covered with the tubular/flaky white bits. (Hasn't happened since) Hope this helps.
  18. So sorry to hear that Shirley. I bought four chicks in and they showed signs of cocci of which the vet confirmed. I lost two of them but managed to pull the other two through. Like yourself I felt as if I had killed them but you and i would have done everything possible to help them survive. I too will think twice about buying chicks in again, although the breeder did everything she could to help me. It was an expensive mistake on my part.
  19. Its not just me then I took a bag of baby clothes freshly washed and pressed all buttons present and correct into my local charity shop. I was met with WHY HAVE YOU BOUGHT SO MANY CLOTHES IN! and had them snatched off of me with the woman telling the other helpers LOOK WHAT SHES BOUGHT IN, REALLY SOME PEOPLE! all said in a loud shouty voice. Needless to say I have never been back to a charity shop. I now drop and run outside their doors or I get someone else to take it. They need to modify their attitudes Im afraid as I can be volatile and she got off lightly but out of respect for the other helpers I didnt even answer her.
  20. Two of my hens were like this and I thought they had marks. I took them to the vet and she had to pts one of them and did an autopsy. She was full of worms one of which was quite nasty. She tried to save the other one but sadly she died in the night. She said to be that bad they had them for months but I had only had them three weeks so they must have had them at the breeders and to be fair they did try to help me. I was worming them as well but it didn't help. I hope it turns out well for you.
  21. Hi I thinks its terrible that you were told it could be your fault. It certainly is not! Worms arnt waiting for you to forget to worm before pouncing. I have used pumpkin seeds but it wasnt effective as I have a hen at the vets with a worm burden that they are dealing with. Hopefully shes home today. (A recently purchased hen) I bought my flubenvet in pellets from Happy Chicks so you may be able to get some from there online. Wishing you all the best with your new hens.
  22. Stand in your garden and loudly tell your OH you will be glad when the awfull medication you are giving them will be finished as then it will be save to eat the eggs as it would be dangerous to eat them. See if they come round to find out what will happen to you if you eat them
  23. I have just bought my flubenvet in pellets from Happy Chicks on line. They sell it in 5kg packs.
  24. Hi She could have hurt herself from jumping or landing awkward. Have you felt from her toes right up to the top of her leg. It might just be muscular and will right itself. One of mine showed these symptoms and when I picked her up and felt all up her leg she did appreciate it so I masssaged it for a while.
  25. Hi I have two young hens gurgling and a bit sneezy at the moment. I have started the Herban as its brilliant stuff. I am also dosing them with mint and garlic granular for the anti viral properties. Mine also have no other problems so hopefully this will pull them round.

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