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  1. Hi I have been taking femerelle for quite a while now and it seems to be working for me. I have virtually no flashes, headaches, joint pain or mood swings. I feel as if I am on an even keel. Thanks for the heads up on buy one get one half price
  2. I'm pretty certain you can. I would if my girls needed it. I have also seen it being sold on a poultry supplies site for wounds so I would definitely say its ok.
  3. Hi It can and has happened to some people on here. Chickens are attracted to shiny things and there's nothing like a glistening eye to them. I am always aware it could happen so I am usually ready for it. I put thing down for them with a really stretched out arm to give me a chance of getting out of the way. If I remember rightly there was a lady on here who's chicken actually caught her eye. Hope it clears up soon for you
  4. Hi I have baby hens at the moment. When I sit in the garden for a cup of tea I take a small cup of garvo alfamix mixed with a few meal worms. I drop a few handfulls near me and they come near to feed. Yesterday I actually got to stroke them. The y will eventually trust you. It took me about two weeks to get to touch them.
  5. Didn't he walk well in those high red shoes. I too find him quite delicious even though he's a little frayed round the edges.
  6. Hi When my girls go to bed I sprinkle Biodry or StalosanF around the run as it dries out any poops and it seems to help. I am not being troubled with flies this year so much. I can second the redtop fly trap, the are good but they do need to be placed away from your house. I also find they attract everyone elses flies into your garden. One year I had so many flies I had two redtops on the go and it didnt help. I was worried about the neighbours being cross with me and thinking it was my chickens but then I found out one of them had a dead syrupy fox in their garden and it was creating a stink and fly problem. And there was ME worrying.
  7. Hi I am with Patsylabrador with this as well. I have a standoff approach with my girls and they have always looked after themselves quite well. If I get a broody, I let her get on with it. Occassionally I might lift her off the nest to have some treats if I am giving any to the other hens. Otherwise she takes care of herself. Obviously if there is a problem with any of them I step in really quickly and deal with it. Worms and Lice I will treat if necessary. ( I prefer the natural approach) My hybrids since gone lived long happy illness free lives and I now have orpingtons and brahmas all being treated the same and all really healthy. It works for me and my hens and I enjoy them all the more for it. With all the rain we have been having I find the girls find a dry spot and hang out there so their not daft I hope you can find your love of them again soon and as mentioned maybe you could downsize as thats a lot of cleaning you have got there.
  8. Hi I have just introduced four hens to my two that I had left. One was broody which left the other one quite lonely as she wandered around on her own. When they arrived I put them in a penned off part of the garden infront of the run and let the lone chicken watch them for the rest of the day. When the lone chicken went to bed I picked up the four new ones and put them in the coop. I made sure that there was absolutely no light getting into the coop early but was still ventilated. In the morning I let them all out and the lone one just went off free ranging as usual and the broody snapped out of it quick time and is busy showing the new chicks the ropes. Its as if she thinks she has hatched them. I think their chirping is music to her ears I do keep a watch to make sure there is no bullying and so far they have all been fine. You might find your original hen will be quite vocal to start with but she is lonely and hopefully will accept them pretty quickly. I did throw a few treats in during the day to keep them all occupied and I did scatter them far and wide in the run so that they found bits and kept them looking for longer. Perhaps keeping them busy is the key. Good luck with your intros and your lovely new birds.
  9. I find mine are doing this as they are drinking a lot due to the hot weather and makes them urinate more than poop
  10. Well done I was there today and saw all of the birds. The game birds were fabulous and exhibited beautifully. It was nice to see naked necks as well as I have only seen them in books. And aren't some af the cockrals enormous. I even congratulated your little girl on her winning Once again, well done!
  11. Hi I become really anxious when I am on the London underground platform and the air starts moving because the train is coming. I get worse and worse until the train busts out of the tunnel then it all subsides all while Im standing there making out Im not bothered.
  12. Hi I had an eight week old puppy (shes two now) and I think you will find that in his learning process the chickens will become part of his world. I taught her to go to the toilet on the grass and let her observe the chickens for about a week and she was facinated as they are with everything when they are babies. I then let them all out together and said a firm NO if she looked like she might run at them. After a while we would see a group of chickens walking past the patio windows closely followed by a puppy. She was with them so much we even found her in the run with them. They didnt care. I now have the added bonus that when they are free ranging she is out there with them and enjoying every minute Also, she never caught anything off of them germ wise or lice or anything. Hope you have a great time with your puppy and it would be lovely to see photos
  13. Hi I have a buff orpington doing exactly this as you discribe. She is the last one out in the morning and does nothing but sit all day every day. I was quite worried about it but I have been observing her for a couple of weeks now and nothing has changed. I picked her up and checked her from head to foot and I can find nothing wrong. She is eating well and nothing is wrong at the other end. She is in the scrum for treats as usual but as soon as its all gone she sits down again. I have come to the conclusion that mine is just lazy.
  14. Hi everyone My advice to cards from people you dont know is look closer to home. I sent my mum a card from Samual and Ella every year with a little note just to let her know how they were getting on. It was all drunken parties, police chases and self inflicted illnesses ( Ella was ordered by the courts to have cooking classes as they feared she might kill Sam with her cooking) My Mum showed me these cards and I had to act bemused and shocked and inspect the envelope and yes Mum it has your name on it so it must be someone you know. My Mum died this year in August and I asked my sisters if they had seen the cards Mum recieved every year and they had. Its the only time I have and will admit it was me as I will be looking for another victim
  15. Well done That looks lovely. I found one year that my hens always huddled outside my window looking at the christmas tree lights when they were on, so we bought them their own and decorated their run. They are twinkling as I type
  16. I really enjoyed that Sadietoo. I like the lead up to the singing and what a singing voice he has. Well done that group
  17. Im not having a good time at the moment but when I looked across at my lovely dog she gave me a cheeky wink as if to say we'll be ok
  18. Same here with mine but I didnt get in until three. Needless to say he has never done it since as the consequences were dire
  19. Hi So sorry to hear that you are having such a bad time at the moment and it sounds like you have been badly let down by the people that should be there to help you. I had PND and like you I didnt get any help from anyone not even my GP, HV , Midwife or family. Looking back I think the best thing I could have had was time out. Looking after a baby, toddler, husband and house is a full on job. Make time for yourself. Hand you children over to your OH for probably an hour a day and do anything you want to. It will give your OH time with them to see how it all works and you will feel they are safe with him. I didnt have chickens at the time but if I were you I would wrap up warm get a cup of coffee and go and sit with them and think of nothing else except your chickens. You need to break away from the cycle you are in to help those awfull feelings to subside. (people might think Im crazy and I think my baby hates me) these are words we have all used in our PND and got tetchy with our OHs. There is light at the end of the tunnel as every one that has responded to you has got through it and find that we all love our babies to bits. Mine is now 33 and hes still my baby. Just look at your babies and be very proud of yourself. Wishing you well very soon
  20. Hi Chestnutmare Shes picking on you because your new. If you had a dog or rabbits instead of chickens they would be in her sight for complaint. I expect you will find out at a later date that she annoys most of your neighbours and they are just putting up with her for a quiet life. I know it annoys to be spoken about behind your back but just weather it for now and she will find someone else to have a moan about. I found that no reaction ended moaning quite quickly as they do tend to want a reaction and when they dont get it they go some where else. (Im speaking from experience and I feel sorry for the people who have her as a neighbour now) I have recently had an awful neighbour and she suddenly need my help quite urgently and ever since she smiles and waves to me. Madness isnt it
  21. Hi I know how you are feeling about the noise. I have been through it too with my girls. In my case its always young hens that are noisy and when they are older they settle down. (I call it the teenage stage) I must say that I was mortified when mine kept sqwarking in the early morning until a neighbour also got chickens. When they started to get noisy I couldnt really hear them. I was surprised how muted they sounded. I had to go outside to hear them as I was interested that someone else had chickens. It took me a while to find who had them and they were only over the fence Maybe we are finely tuned into them making any noise. I found that to keep the noise down in the morning I needed to keep the light out, so I threw an old blanket over the coop. Also I faced the door away from the rising sun. It did work for me. Hope this helps
  22. Hi I was wondering if your mum was probably having menapause symptoms given her age. I say this as I am 55 and get the racing heart and mind and just wondered if it could be this. My OH has an underactive thyroid and I do understand what she is going through possibly on both sides. Just a thought.
  23. Anyone heard of the predatory mite that can be put into the chicken coop to eat the red mite? I have been reading this with interest, apparently its safe for chickens and humans but not red mite.
  24. Its most likely that they are enjoying all of the new feelings, sights and sounds around them. They sound very happy with their lot.
  25. Hi I was just wondering. Is your neighbour the complaining type. Its just that she said 'we all need our beauty sleep' and someone who has decided to voice their opinion wouldnt probably have backed off. It might have been a bit of friendly banter. I think we are all so worried about upsetting our neighbours that we think the worst (Me included). Your girls will settle really quickly and as to the ones you are getting in september the days are shorter so there wont be a problem of any one not getting any sleep. Also a lot of people will sleep through it anyway as they do the crows, magpies and such like. My neighbours have just got some chickens and when they are sqwarking its not as bad as I had always imagined it was with mine. Just a thought

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