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  1. Only 2 packs of loo rolls in Asda!! Here we go again.
  2. Goodness I could have sent you loads of oatmeal - all our shops up here have it obviously as we scottish folks like our porridge!! Parkin sounds great,
  3. I was off school a lot with tonsils and ear problems till they were removed after I was more off school one year than I was at school but also remember having to be home for bad colds and had to recuperate also before was allowed back to school. Those were the days most mothers were stay at home with the children mothers unlike today where the mothers have to work to make ends meet ( as I did also). I would imagine that is why most kids are back to schoool a bit too early really.
  4. Oh as I live here I did not realise it was the case only here - its so confusing being between all the devolved governments. Everyone and their families have come to Scotland in camper vans in the last month or so - fed up of it - wild camping and rubbish everywhere. We have just been in our little world at home for most of the pandemic - OH has COPD and we have kept away from people anyway. Getting fed up seeing folks on holiday complaining about having to come home and self isolate and equally fed up of the large parties that are going on despite being told not to - can people not really just do what they are asked to and let us get this under control again. Really its not that tough. The folks with masks under their noses in the local shops and in our local co op folks coming back up the aisle when its one way. Maybe I am just turning into a grumpy old woman these days!!!
  5. Children under 12 do not count towards the 6 from what I heard!
  6. I am not surprised at the 14 day quarantine from France as you stated new cases have risen significantly and the situation is not good - why should we have this brought back to the UK - we all knew this may happen and I think people going on their summer holidays to these places knew the risks. Goodness I have hardly been away from home at all since March and would not even consider going 45 miles to a local big town yet far less eat out! Have only been to town 14 miles away to click and collect and go to diy store to do same. Disposable masks are expensive so why not make or buy cloth ones - they are cheap to buy and wash well and also easy to make. I see disposable ones are being disposed of all over the place and not in bins so why dont they take them home and dispose of them there. The pictures on Facebook show this and are not good. The littering photos are very disappointing and show that some people love to travel to the countryside but then leave it like a pig sty. Sorry rant over.
  7. Woman in the DIY store this morning had mask down below her nose, completely pointless. I said so to the girl on the till and she agreed that some people "just don't get it"
  8. Wonderful to buying a house exciting - Congratulations. I would get the one which opens on to the wall as that would be much easier and no I would not pay for ice dispenser and the plumber to fit it but I dont use ice much and will depend where the water supply is coming from, whether far from the space or not. If you use it loads it would probably be worth it for you.
  9. Love hedgehogs too - not had any in the garden for a wee while - was one couple years ago when I was trying to catch a fox and it ended up the in the cat trap eating the cat food!!. Then saw the fox take an interest in it and chased the fox away which also meant the hedgie disappeared too. I love the hedgehog B & B house - thats neat and hope they use it - if not I think you will end up with mice in it! Did not realise how fast they could actually run - they are very quick off the mark. How great to be so near the Tiggywinkle hospital - wish I could go see them there.
  10. I was listening to the news and Wales have to wear face masks on public transport and yes 3 layers - I have made 2 layer masks for me and friends but not 3! Suppose one could put a soft handkerchief in as the 3rd layer! Never heard of that up here!
  11. Also face masks or face coverings don't need to be 3 layers.
  12. Made a Harris Tweed bag for a friends mum.
  13. Oh goodness you need something to keep you going, always have a cat I will not be without one I dont think. No more dogs - bit more of a tie and we have no chickens now. Probably just as well as poorly husband for over a year so the cat keeps me going. Quail eggs are so nice. I remember you had lots of chickens.

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