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  1. The joys of being a 60 year old

    Happy Birthday hope you had a wonderful day - the cake looks fab and I think I would be strangling mine with the Zimmer!!. We get free prescriptions up here anyhow and after 60 free bus travel anywhere in Scotland too. All the discounts to get in places are great too!. Enjoy the rest of your cake and have a tipple or two!
  2. New Layout & Forum Software

    Thats great but It has sadly died a death for me I used to go on the crafty forum but I am not scrolling down for ever to look for it so I will sadly not bother now.
  3. New Layout & Forum Software

    Maybe I am just set in my ways and dont like change. But I also think if not broke don't fix it.
  4. New Layout & Forum Software

    Another forum which will die a death now. Why.put these sub categories all together? There is no logic.
  5. Forum Updates February 2018

    Yep I do that too. Or the unread posts.
  6. Children standing in Shopping Trolleys

    Worse is the husband putting the stuff on the belt and the wife is still collecting shopping! - I just have to bite my tongue!
  7. Forum Updates February 2018

    Dont have patience!!!
  8. Forum Updates February 2018

    Hope thats not it!! Change looks not great when crafty bit is merged in nesting box, Actually will make me go on less on here. The old one worked - why change it? Most forums are using facebook these days. Along with the photo posting which is awful now it woukd be easier on fb!
  9. Christmas swap 2017 - Nearly time to open !!

    I'll pass, thanks. I am aways so in awe of this group of swappers - would love to join for Easter but although I make things - they are not really so great to give as gifts!. I am sure you can make something - doesnt need to be sewn at all.
  10. Christmas swap 2017 - Nearly time to open !!

    It is a beautiful frame and such a gorgeous gift you received. Easter - well maybe!!
  11. Trish

    Oh that is sad - so sorry to read this - condolences to her family. Thank you for telling us on here. The forum has really begun to decline here - not a lot of posts anymore.
  12. Looks good - looks like my cats lidded cat litter box and it has a lid that comes off for cleaning - may be an option for someone if that works. Hope it works ok
  13. Dog chews

  14. Dog chews

    Dental sticks are the equivalent of us eating a bar of chocolate and so not really required, quite high calories and dont last long - but you can get hide chews which help but puppies you have to be careful of them swalowing big bits and then having a blockage. Lots of tuggers (raggers are great) and other toys which are her own would be good.