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  1. Blackrocksrock

    Gardening thread

    Love the Orchids - mine flower every year at the same time which is now - one is open and the other has buds - I had one given to me and it flowered every year for 12 years before I lost it. They are just so nice and so easy. Mine gets a dribble of water once a week and never fed. We have 2 at work and one has flowered every year for the 3 years we have had it given by a client who lost her dog and it is nice when she comes in and its flowering once more - and the other one is a new one flowering right now.
  2. Blackrocksrock

    Two hours to new chickens

    They are lovely - enjoy them to the full and hope the others get on with them ok - I never had a problem integrating mine at all - I was lucky! beautiful colours
  3. Blackrocksrock

    Has anyone spotted actinic purpurea?

    Sorry, no had to look it up but it's just cause our skin thins as we get older I believe. One more thing for us to get ready for!!!
  4. Blackrocksrock

    Bet she’s got grapes in her pocket!

    That is just magic - love it!
  5. Blackrocksrock

    Frustrating weekend ahead

    You are getting it done - try WD 40 to soak into the bolts to loosen them up a bit and try again tomorrow after they are soaked. Will be great once finished
  6. Blackrocksrock

    Frustrating weekend ahead

    Thats very frustrating indeed - is there anyone else who could help you at all? Be careful with the glass. Hopefully he will manage to help at least one of the days to shift it. Maybe you will be too busy to cook this weekend too!!!
  7. Blackrocksrock

    What have you all been making...part two...

    Thanks ladies - dont think there will be enough hours in my day to do all I want to do! Cannot match the wonderful crafts on here and the talent
  8. Blackrocksrock

    What have you all been making...part two...

    Beautiful quilt - I now feel so lazy but retire in 18 working days!! roll on quilting! That is really beautiful as is the crochet back pack you are very talented.
  9. Blackrocksrock

    My herbs are gone

    Especially the husband!!!!
  10. Blackrocksrock

    My herbs are gone

    Dont you just love them - I have no grass left! it was all scratched up but now no chickens hopefully it will grow back!
  11. Blackrocksrock

    The Recipe Thread

    This is the boiled fruit cake I used from way back on here Report post Mrs Cluck's mothers boiled fruit cake Hi I tweaked my recipe it is as follows Boiled Fruit cake 1lb mixed dried fruit - cheapest does just as well 1 cup water - I use 1 cup port 1 cup dark brown sugar 6 oz butter 1 teasp bicarb throw in some chopped nuts 1tablespoon treacle boil for 15 minutes allow to cool - can leave overnight add 2 beaten eggs 1 cup self raising flour 1 cup plain flour 1/2 cup cherries chopped and dredged in flour to stop sinking Put in baking tin which is lined with parchment Bake at 150 for about 2 hours - mine is usually a fast baker so takes less time - is a wonderful moist cake with such a flavour from the port. Enjoy. ps I use proper usa cup measures for mine.
  12. Blackrocksrock

    The Recipe Thread

    Me please although I am using unsweetened Soya milk.
  13. Blackrocksrock

    In the kitchen

    Goodness I missed that bit, many thanks. I remember seeing it long ago must try it now.
  14. Blackrocksrock

    In the kitchen

    Cannot open the recipe!
  15. Blackrocksrock

    In the kitchen

    Love that you have resurrected a cooking and food thread. I love the boiled fruit cake and use it every xmas tarted up with cherries and treacle and nuts and also instead of the liquid I use port to boil the fruit with the butter and treacle - it really gives it a fantastic flavour - We still have some left and its still lovely and moist and did not need brandy in it as it has the port. I would love the lemon tart recipe which was Poets if someone still has it - would be grateful.