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  1. Blackrocksrock

    The Recipe Thread

    Me please although I am using unsweetened Soya milk.
  2. Blackrocksrock

    In the kitchen

    Goodness I missed that bit, many thanks. I remember seeing it long ago must try it now.
  3. Blackrocksrock

    In the kitchen

    Cannot open the recipe!
  4. Blackrocksrock

    In the kitchen

    Love that you have resurrected a cooking and food thread. I love the boiled fruit cake and use it every xmas tarted up with cherries and treacle and nuts and also instead of the liquid I use port to boil the fruit with the butter and treacle - it really gives it a fantastic flavour - We still have some left and its still lovely and moist and did not need brandy in it as it has the port. I would love the lemon tart recipe which was Poets if someone still has it - would be grateful.
  5. Blackrocksrock

    What has happened to the forum?

    Yes I remember spending many days nearly spraying my computer screen with my coffee too - It was a very nice forum with lovely people, many passed by now but willing to share news, views, recipes, good times, bad times and more - I found though that some people who had been on here longer than some of the rest of us thought that they knew absolutely everything and they were right all the time and seemed to down the rest of us - I therefore did not post much for quite a while and when the forum changed it was not a case of cannot be bothered I just did not like it so I do check in now and again but not often - Omlet changed the whole forum which in turn lost them members in my view - and yes before I get shot down it is my own view not everyone elses. Cooking and eating are a hobby of mine too Andy!!!
  6. Blackrocksrock

    What has happened to the forum?

    Snap I loved the old forum so Maybe that makes me a dinosaur too - loved the section where we shared recipes (still use Mrs Clucks mother's xmas cake recipe) and also showing what people were making. Miss the old names whom I remember too. Maybe it's just getting old, it's certainly not lack of computer skills as use them every day. It is a shame so many are not here and it did get worse when the forum changed.
  7. Blackrocksrock

    Dog owners travelling to the EU beware!

    Yes working in a vets we had to issue that letter to our clients too. My understanding of it is as it was before pets passports that once you had your certificate to show rabies titre as acceptable and as long as you keep up the rabies shots you will be fine and a fit too travel cert before you go. No need for further blood tests.
  8. Blackrocksrock

    Desperately Seeking Trousers!

    I have a long back and like my jeans high waisted too to cover a multitude of sins! Have you tried Tu high waisted jeans I buy the straight leg ones at about £14 or they were and the are a great fit.
  9. Blackrocksrock

    Forum upgrade?

    I hate the new layout and have rarely been on here. I have no chooks now and just sold my eglu to a lady not too far away. I used to love coming on to see what people had made whether it be sewing, crochet, knitting o4 cooking. It's too mixed up now for me and so long to scroll down but would still like to see all the home makes. It used to be so much fun and we all learnt different things.
  10. Blackrocksrock

    What have you all been making...part two...

    Wow, the wire chicken is amazing, you are very talented. I have just been paper piecing xmas cards ( a first for me and I love it) table runners, triangular pouches and tissue holders for Xmas, oh and kitchen towel hangings with t towels and pot holders ( bought in America last week). Also microwave bowl cozies. My patchwork has gone out the window right now.
  11. Blackrocksrock

    New kitchen

    My friend got a quote for Howdens - very expensive and managed to get their kitchen at Wicks instead and they do everything themselves.
  12. Blackrocksrock

    ISA/savings question

    I wanted to open an account for my grandson and could not as the parent would have to and I wanted to save it for him for when he was older, and when they were an adult they had to do it themselves. Hope this helps but best to ask in case it has changed any since then.
  13. Blackrocksrock

    Screw in paw.

    Poor dog - you do really need to give the antibiotics as its a puncture wound and the dirt would have gone in to the wound even though they flushed it out you need to finish the course of antibitotics - no need for the Metacam if dog is fine though.
  14. Blackrocksrock

    Fox attacks - a list of what happened?

    Oh that is so sad - I love the hedgehogs so much and they are in such decline. I was feeding ours the left over cat food each day until that b fox came along
  15. Blackrocksrock

    Fox attacks - a list of what happened?

    I agree that a human fed fox is the worst - they do lose their fear and it is hard to chase them away - if people did not feed them and protected their rubbish bins then they would go away - I am in the country and so its not urban foxes we have and the neighbours quite a way away are feeding the thing. Unfortunately it has also scared off their squirrels from the nut feeders and it went for our hedgehog in the garden and we chased the fox away - the poor hedgehog was dead on the road in the morning so that was also scared away. They really are vermin and if not fed will happily go elsewhere and hunt for themselves. We have had 10 and a half years of free ranging in our garden no problems till now.