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  1. I have a small karcher one - I love it but the other one from Karcher we had we kept in the garage and the frost damaged it - Now I clean and dry this one and keep it in the box in the house and its been fine - No eglu anymore but use it for the paving slabs outside and love it. Its plenty power for what you need.
  2. Blackrocksrock

    What have you all been making...part two...

    Your machines are fabulous and what a difference when you get inside and clean them all up. Also your patchwork is really lovely too. Not done much patchwork lately but have done some key fobs as an order.
  3. Blackrocksrock

    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

    Very well done on the graduation and also the job - nice to be near to home to start with = have lots of fun! All the best.
  4. Blackrocksrock


    Clean aired linen on the bed ready for the next occupant and the spare linen in the cupboard folded up or kept where you have madespace for it - Mine under the beds is easy to just take out and make up the bed once I have stripped it for washing and the next lot goes under the bed once aired and ready again. It was not always so!! - I had a very messy airing cupboard when we all lived here - kids and my mum and husband and myself - when you opened the door - things would definitely tend to escape! Also the cat learnt to open the sliding cupboard door and enjoyed making a nice bed amongst the nice clean linen and towels! the latest cat still does it to the towels!.
  5. Blackrocksrock


    I have drawer divan beds with each bed having the spare bedding in a drawer underneath it. Helps a lot, usually into thr airing cupboard for a day to air off then under beds. I am a lot more organised these days!!
  6. Blackrocksrock

    Yucky roosting bars

    Showing my age here but used to get similar called Vim or Ajax both powder forms. Similar to Bar Keepers friend. I remember doing our bath and sink at home with these.
  7. Blackrocksrock

    Bat boxes

    Where we lived in our last house - we had the largest pipestrelle bat counted colony in Scotland - probably as we were the only ones to sit outside at night and count them coming out of the tiles in the roof, Females live in a colony and we had loads - the droppings in the loft were dry so never cause a problem and we just put a large bin up there and we emptied it every so often. The males hibernate alone separate from the female colony. We also had long ear bats in the steadings beside the house and we had someone from the Bat conservation trust net and catch one to check it was that and let us see they were amazing - looked like they had 2 sets of ears!. Not sure about putting up boxes but I am sure they will find them and use them. Look under Bat conservation trust putting up bat boxes for some help as they have good tips there. They have a bat box information pack.
  8. Blackrocksrock

    Yucky roosting bars

    When I sold mine I put the glug, grub and the roosting bars in the dishwasher, after an initial big scrub and then ran it at the hottest setting afterwards - they came out sparkling - I had a already tried everything else but nothing worked - wish I had known earlier and would have done it before. Miss my chooks but the garden is not so messy!!!!!
  9. Blackrocksrock

    Gardening thread

    Love the Orchids - mine flower every year at the same time which is now - one is open and the other has buds - I had one given to me and it flowered every year for 12 years before I lost it. They are just so nice and so easy. Mine gets a dribble of water once a week and never fed. We have 2 at work and one has flowered every year for the 3 years we have had it given by a client who lost her dog and it is nice when she comes in and its flowering once more - and the other one is a new one flowering right now.
  10. Blackrocksrock

    Two hours to new chickens

    They are lovely - enjoy them to the full and hope the others get on with them ok - I never had a problem integrating mine at all - I was lucky! beautiful colours
  11. Blackrocksrock

    Has anyone spotted actinic purpurea?

    Sorry, no had to look it up but it's just cause our skin thins as we get older I believe. One more thing for us to get ready for!!!
  12. Blackrocksrock

    Bet she’s got grapes in her pocket!

    That is just magic - love it!
  13. Blackrocksrock

    Frustrating weekend ahead

    You are getting it done - try WD 40 to soak into the bolts to loosen them up a bit and try again tomorrow after they are soaked. Will be great once finished
  14. Blackrocksrock

    Frustrating weekend ahead

    Thats very frustrating indeed - is there anyone else who could help you at all? Be careful with the glass. Hopefully he will manage to help at least one of the days to shift it. Maybe you will be too busy to cook this weekend too!!!
  15. Blackrocksrock

    What have you all been making...part two...

    Thanks ladies - dont think there will be enough hours in my day to do all I want to do! Cannot match the wonderful crafts on here and the talent