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  1. Oh no - hope you don't feel worse than you do now - hopefully just like a bad flu/cold. Keep warm and safe.
  2. To stop mine eating my orchids I buy him a living lettuce - loves it!
  3. Blackrocksrock

    Meet Flo

    Oh Flo will you ever learn? Doesn't seem to stop her! She is a real cutie.
  4. I buy all my cat food and litter from Zooplus too - they are very good. My cat tree came from there too! Join the yearly scheme and save 5% on every purchase. Delivery is quick and cheap or free if order enough.
  5. Does she carry a toy at home? If so she might carry it on her walk as a kind of security blanket? Just an idea. Probably as so diddy she will hopefully get better as she grows a wee bit more!
  6. Blackrocksrock

    Meet Flo

    Oh bless her - hope the cream works
  7. Mine were sticking and my joiner who used to work with UPVC firm told me to buy silicone spray and use that - it has helped and I could lock the patio door easier and he told me to use it on all the window hinges etc too. I THINK THIS IS A VERY VERY OLD POST AND I HAD NOT SEEN THE DATES
  8. Blackrocksrock

    Meet Flo

    Oh Bless her even her eye looks half shut. Hope it's better tomorrow
  9. Sterimar spray is also good it's salt water. Steam too and w3 used to use menthol crystals but now it's not used ( I still have a stash!)🤣
  10. You can buy Fortiflora from other places cheaper than the vets. My Bengal gets some of the cat one sprinkled on his food. He unlike others I have had has never had a problem. He only gets about quarter sachet and not every day. It's easier then Prokolin.
  11. Blackrocksrock

    Meet Flo

    She is loving being outside- growing up fast
  12. I had issues with a kitten with diarrhoea - used pure pumpkin purée canned and it worked. Froze in small lots and fed every day till got sorted out - worth googling.
  13. Hope she gets sorted out this time. We had dogs for 40+ years and in the very beginning it was tinned meat and biscuit. Then complete dry food came along. Easier to store, no flies round a bowl and we then fed ours splitting it twice a day. Once you get one that suits her tummy they don't mind which flavour it is! That teacher doesn't sound a good puppy parent!

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