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  1. 🤣 well spotted and dealt with
  2. I hope do as she is very very cute and bet she is a great companion to your mum
  3. The thread is 3 years old,
  4. Had it with the pop up / obviously they don’t want us to post unless we subscribe and I have had it - had to use phone as computer no submit button as hidden with pop up.
  5. I am 67 and had no problems on the AZ vaccine - if touched my arm could feel it a bit sore but no other symptoms at all- roll on 2nd jab! And all I have is arthritis.
  6. Nice to see it though - my girls used to love it and I made them paths. This was my snow 2 weeks ago.
  7. I had my first vaccine on Tuesday - no problems and the people on the door marshalling everyone were very pleasant and everyone was calm and no stroppy folks here - it was very well run - never felt a thing and only was tired on Wednesday and am fine now. Arm is ok.
  8. In front of my house this morning = hoorah we are free again
  9. Really looks beautifully warm and cosy, you are the crochet queen!
  10. I like my window open all night too - but not managed this last couple nights - hate to sleep in the warmth but the house stat is set at 23 as my husband feels the cold badly. Our house we built in the 90's and had new UPVC windows put in later but there is still some condensation but probably from using water in kitchen and the dryer on and off. Last night it got to the giddy heights of -7 so today its -1 but with a wind and feels much colder than the other day at -15. It is not a well insulated house but it is also the only house in the area with a full roof of snow left on - due to being tiles instead of slate roof. Keeps the house warmer!
  11. Actually Braemar not too far away the coldest place in uk overnight with a low of Minus 23 = coldest in 25 years - we used to get winters like this so fairly used to it.
  12. Plenty radiators here its just cause we have big windows and its really really cold and snowy. The heating is usually not on at night but last night and tonight it will be - we have oil and a one year old economical boiler so its nice and cosy. Born and brought up with no central heating and in a colder place - always lovely frosted single glazed windows every winter - you got used to it and the mopping up of window ledges each day! Coal fire and oil filled radiators if really cold. We really have it soft nowadays!
  13. Brr... Minus 15 here this morning heating been on all night and still ice inside double glazed windows.
  14. He and his era have seen and been through so much in their lives and what wonders they have seen from wars to air travel, men on the moon, space stations and now the dreaded Covid. He has had a wonderful life - did not deserve to die of the virus and he really really did leave us quite a legacy. May he rest in peace.

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