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  1. For the oily hair. Ethique do a St Clements bar shampoo for oily hair. Love their products and shampoo bars last ages I have the little plastic box to store it in. Also love their face stuff too. Sold in Holland & Barrett.
  2. Why should they go out if they don't want to wear a mask. Letting them download the exemption card themselves is ridiculous. They are just being lazy. Also the short time they are in a shop would not kill folks to wear one even asthmatics.
  3. Just don't get me going about masks.😡
  4. Traditional Scottish porridge here. Oatmeal soaked in water overnight and cooked with salt - never sugary stuff ! Serve with separate bowl of milk.
  5. I also have used this recipe for last few years. Add port instead of water, treacle, mixed chopped nuts and cherries. It keeps very well.
  6. Oh Soapdragon thats not good but hope you can get skype appointments and get to where you need to be with your hip. Its really bad here to get a doctor to be seen - not happening or a phone call - they never phone back! My husband has COPD and had a really really bad couple weeks about 3 weeks ago and we phoned twice one day wanting to speak to the doctor for different medication - he could not get his breathing under control at all and it was very scary = after a day of no response I phoned for ambulance and they were really really good - sorted him out and then spoke to the doctors who eventually phoned him back 2 hours later to see how he was and give new prescriptions. Have had to follow up phone calls ourselves and basically demand medications. Its dire. He had a CT scan this morning and has to wait 10 days before phoning for results. I hope all keep safe over the christmas period and that 2021 is a better year for all of us.
  7. Ali's girls that sounds terrible for your friend. In Scotland we all go into Tier 4 Boxing Day for 3 weeks. Fed up now! Also what an exodus from London yesterday.
  8. There is an outbreak in Orkney birds dead or culled and lots of wild birds in Aberdeenshire dying with possibly the same. Keep safe.
  9. Gosh you are very talented drawing on your windows - they are stunning.
  10. Only 2 packs of loo rolls in Asda!! Here we go again.
  11. Goodness I could have sent you loads of oatmeal - all our shops up here have it obviously as we scottish folks like our porridge!! Parkin sounds great,
  12. I was off school a lot with tonsils and ear problems till they were removed after I was more off school one year than I was at school but also remember having to be home for bad colds and had to recuperate also before was allowed back to school. Those were the days most mothers were stay at home with the children mothers unlike today where the mothers have to work to make ends meet ( as I did also). I would imagine that is why most kids are back to schoool a bit too early really.
  13. Oh as I live here I did not realise it was the case only here - its so confusing being between all the devolved governments. Everyone and their families have come to Scotland in camper vans in the last month or so - fed up of it - wild camping and rubbish everywhere. We have just been in our little world at home for most of the pandemic - OH has COPD and we have kept away from people anyway. Getting fed up seeing folks on holiday complaining about having to come home and self isolate and equally fed up of the large parties that are going on despite being told not to - can people not really just do what they are asked to and let us get this under control again. Really its not that tough. The folks with masks under their noses in the local shops and in our local co op folks coming back up the aisle when its one way. Maybe I am just turning into a grumpy old woman these days!!!
  14. Children under 12 do not count towards the 6 from what I heard!

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