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  1. I tried to do this over a year ago. The only substitute for meat I liked was the quorn mince! The cheeses were not nice and it was difficult when I was out and about (was in USA on holiday) I have to cook it for husband at home so eat some but have lots of non meat stuff for me too. Thank you M & S for some good things! Thankfully I love vegetables - well most of them not including eggplant! And could live on beans and fruit and veg/ rice/ couscous.
  2. I went to buy a chicken the other day - was faced with 4 choices. Well no choice for me other than free range but there were £3.50 chickens, freedom to roam chickens, free range chickens and organic chickens. Will there be another kind when the chlorinated chickens come along? I know people have to eat and a lot cannot help buying the cheap chickens but for that price obviously its you get what you pay for..
  3. Good lord these people who have bought hens over the lockdown are unreal - do they not look up all about housing, keeping and medicating chickens in their care - I dread to think what they are being fed also after the breast milk post!
  4. Would not have one in the house - saw that it recorded what happened in the house and sent to someone else outwith the family!. Not sure if that was true or not but was enough for me. Too much "Big Brother" for me. Ooh a "NO Yoker" never had that either, be good for meringues!
  5. Oh good Lord! Should not have animals far less hens!
  6. Nice to see someone reported her and the police spoke to her - its only right - maybe some folks in the street have not seen their relatives either for a long long time and also grand children and watching that is like a red rag to a bull. We have had so much coming and going and I am sure the family up the road who have lads are drug dealing by the running up and down the road to the village and back all the time!
  7. Yes very ashamed of how some of our society is behaving - particularly in shops. I had a hospital appointment yesterday some way away and took the opportunity to nip into a Marks and Spencers shop = folks all over the place and what was worse a shop assistant obviously shopping for herself or someone else not observing any social distancing rules and coming right behind us and along side us. What is the point of the marks on the floor if you dont observe it - I had a mask on and so had some but not all customers - its not law till friday this week but may as well start it now. The other shameful members of society are the ones who litter - they go out for the day laden with goodies and tins of beer and juice and then have a lovely day and leave all their rubbish behind them where it lies. To be honest I would not like to see their houses!. There are those who are very responsible and yes looking out for others and helping neighbours and I applaud them - they are doing a great job. What happened to the values our parents and teachers (in the days) taught us - now they dont listen and the teachers cannot chastise them without the parents standing up for their little treasures - rant over too.
  8. Sorry to read this about your sister - what about a firm sending a meal round once a week to save them cooking!
  9. Yes spray them with the dye used Somewhere else and then as takes a while to wash off can charge them all at later date! The Glasgow incident was really bad Too and I am glad they shot him as if he killed two and injured The rest why should the taxpayer pay To keep him in food for the next however many years! The country has gone mad. Is it lockdown mania?
  10. After seeing the DOrset beach fiasco I think I wont be going anywhere anytime soon. People are not conforming and they are just pigs leaving the litter around - it is happening up here too and leave tents and rubbish everywhere. Even the hairdressers I will hang back a bit till things recover a bit,
  11. Supermarket home deliveries every 3 weeks have kept us going. Phone call to butcher for big order just go collect, home vacuum seal and into freezer. Local Co-op for small top ups and fresh berries and this has been no problem. Could start this being my way of shopping now.
  12. You are brilliant at those photos . My phone and iPad don't do wildlife justice really.
  13. Thats a wonderful photo. We have them all the time just now at the peanut feeders in the garden but not seen such a young one as that. They are beautiful birds. There is a robin nesting in an old tree stump in the garden about 4 inches from the ground and she has 4 or 5 tiny tiny babies with bright yellow mouths - they are sweet but difficult to get photos as so dark at that part of the garden. A sparrowhawk had nabbed a blue tit this weekend unfortunately but I suppose they have to eat too🙁
  14. We had ducks in the 1980's - never ate them as eggs but baked with them and they were good to bake with very rich. I think you got a duff one!🙁
  15. Goodness to the hail. Must live in the frozen North!! We just have rain but was doubled up to 14 degrees from 7 yesterday!

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