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  1. Goodness time flies when having fun - he is still so cute and obviously sees more of you than before - good going for the cafe - it looks fantastic!
  2. Blackrocksrock

    Meet Flo

    HEHE - they are hilarious - I just love cats and what they get up to - mine is always into something - a noisy talkative Bengal! who thinks he is my wee dog and follows me everywhere
  3. I had Zeneca for first 2 and Pfizer for Booster - sore arm with Pfizer one only so🤞🏻
  4. Blackrocksrock

    Meet Flo

    Poor Red he obviously doesn’t mind her too much though. They are both beautiful
  5. Happy 2022 to you all and do hope it changes by this time next year.
  6. Don’t stay up any more either now. No one on the go here. I am usually awake and the kids (grown up) message after the bells!
  7. Oh Bless - hope 2022 is a better year for you both. 🤞 that it is - take care.
  8. Oh no! Hope that's all the symptoms he gets and that you stay negative. At least being xmas you can all isolate together - plenty rations in. Wish all on the forum a Happy Christmas and a healthier New Year for all.
  9. Oh no! Just when you don't need this. Hope his PCR is negative. I do LFT's regularly too - just keeps you safer and everyone else too. 🤞all will be ok with your family.
  10. Blackrocksrock

    Meet Flo

    Very cute - enjoy the kitten stage🤣
  11. Not really been out and about to notice grumpy folks but love my Mask as can cuss and no one can see you!🤣🤣🤣
  12. Glad you have a kitchen - I had to have one too after an April kitchen flood! Only finished a month ago so glad that finished - waited 6 months in a real mess but super pleased with it and my new built in double oven - no more bending. (Arthritic knees!) hope the builder makes it ok!
  13. If I remember they were having an extension built hopefully to be finished by Christmas! Hope it is nearly done.😄
  14. I feel the same in this weather - snow then rain coming straight down - would love another dog but walking in this is not my idea of fun!
  15. Scotland never relaxed the masks in any retail or inside setting unless you are eating or drinking at your meal.
  16. Yes from Monday no free ranging in the UK
  17. Either male or female are equally lovely and rather than something poo why not try a shelter for the same thing a mixed breed which is basically what these fancy bred ones are too. There are so many of them looking for homes - both puppies and older doggies. I always had labradors and the last one we had was a 10 year old rescue ex breeding *****. She was so lovely with the cat and thought her name was "Leave it" when out near the chickens LOL!. Good luck with whatever you decide and would love to see some photos!
  18. This is the one I used every year for Xmas cake Boiled Fruit cake 1lb mixed dried fruit - cheapest does just as well 1 cup water - I use 1 cup port 1 cup dark brown sugar 6 oz butter 1 teasp bicarb throw in some chopped nuts 1tablespoon treacle boil for 15 minutes allow to cool - can leave overnight add 2 beaten eggs 1 cup self raising flour 1 cup plain flour 1/2 cup cherries chopped and dredged in flour to stop sinking Put in baking tin which is lined with parchment Bake at 150 for about 2 hours - mine is usually a fast baker so takes less time - is a wonderful moist cake with such a flavour from the port. Enjoy. ps I use proper usa cup measures for mine.
  19. My hubby has COPD and still wears a mask when in hospital for appointments etc and he has not gone into any shops since lockdown - if he can wear a mask while waiting and at one time he was waiting in A & E for 3 hours then most folks can wear them and most people are just not wearing them as they dont want to! It certainly does help to not spread germs around and with flu on the go too then it makes sense to wear a mask. Incidentally when walking along the street I absolutely loathe those folks vaping and blowing their smoke laden germs my way, When they exhale the stuff you can see how far it spreads!
  20. I am due my 3rd (booster ) beginning December. We have more cases now than we had last year in this area. Visitors??? We still wear masks in shops and I think visitors from South of the border forget that!
  21. That urn is beautiful not seen ones like that. . My last Bengal puss is in a wooden sleeping curled up cat urn - its sat under the tv and so she is always with us. Looks just like an ornament!.
  22. So very sorry to read this, beautiful cat and it breaks your heart when they have to go over the rainbow bridge. Hugs
  23. Would love to take part but husband not great, grown up son waiting on test results which might not be good. Had kitchen flood few months ago and new kitchen going in starting Monday. Have painted most of it but will have bits to do when finished so right now a bit much on my plate as I am the only one able to clear out, shift and lift ! Indoor Bengal cat going to cattery tomorrow for a week so don't have to worry about him - he is the only one! 😊 Maybe next time ladies.
  24. Not got chickens any more but our food waste is overrun every year with slugs and we have out front on the paving slabs - slime trails - Yuk - have you tried nematodes - they help to cut down the numbers and I must admit we had none in the treadle feeder we had but loads of earwigs - they are double yuk!! Nematodes are safe with chickens.

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