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  1. Have you tried Akamuti website = they do some powders which you can use and its not shampoo - I have just bought them and although it seems as if you are washing your hair with gravy granules - its not soapy but my hair is lovely and clean
  2. Try visiting Akamuti site - its wonderful and I have just sent for some powder stuff instead of shampoo for my hair - I have used the black soap liquid for ages on my hair instead of shampoo - its great. Their skin products look great too
  3. Hope you decided to get 2 Ali. Peace in the village remains with the cockerel gone before he decided to make the early morning wake up calls then !! Susan
  4. Well done on a recon - I have just heard on Monday 8th that they had none at the moment so I just missed out. Hope to join you all as soon as I can get one myself. Not looking forward to the bad weather though.

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